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Congress Moving to Improve Health Care Law

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC Mark Begich says the U.S. Senate now has the votes to repeal an unpopular provision in the...

Oil tax credit bill on its way to the Senate, with ultimatum from House

After hours of debate on the state House floor, an oil tax credit bill is on its way to the Senate. Listen now

Major General Thomas Katkus Responds To National Guard Sexual Assault Allegations

Governor Sean Parnell has been responding to allegations that sexual assault crimes within the state’s National Guard were reported to him four years before he requested a federal investigation. The Governor says as soon as he had specific information, he acted. Parnell’s commissioner of the Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs, Major General Thomas Katkus says the federal investigation should help improve the system. Download Audio

Unofficial results reveal Richard Beneville as Nome’s new mayor

With the polls closed and preliminary results in, it looks like Nome will be saying “Hello Central” to a new mayor. With 352 votes for Richard Beneville and 229 for Denise Michels, Beneville will replace Michels, who has held the job since 2003.

Senators want to forever bar offshore rigs from Arctic

Fourteen U.S. senators sent a letter to President Obama today, asking him to keep drill rigs out of federal waters in the Arctic forever. Listen Now

Anchorage LIO decision on hold for now

To buy or not to buy... that is one of the questions the Legislative Council wrestled with at an almost five-hour meeting on Saturday in the Anchorage Legislative Information Office. Download Audio

‘Enough is enough’: Attorney General Barr hears from Native leaders about rural justice problems

Barr will spend four days traveling around Alaska, learning about the unique challenges rural areas, particularly villages, face.

Bills Offer Potential For New Natural Gas Access

There’s no short term energy relief from the state legislature, but two bills approved by state lawmakers offer potential for new access to natural gas.

State Supreme Court Hears Case To Remove Pebble Initiative From Ballot

The health of the Bristol Bay watershed and its salmon fishery is an issue of statewide importance: That's the position the State of Alaska took when defending its decision to certify a citizen's initiative that would add another obstacle to the development of Pebble Mine. Download Audio

Higher oil prices help, but don’t solve the state’s budget problem

Lawmakers could spend one more year relying on savings, or tap into the Permanent Fund to cover multi-billion budget deficit. Listen now

Former Mayor of Sitka Ben Grussendorf Dies of Illness

Ben Grussendorf, a former speaker of the Alaska House of Representatives and a former mayor of Sitka, died Friday morning after a brief illness. He was 69.

With Months To Go, Oil Industry Spends $1 Million Against Referendum

Two years ago, oil companies spent over a million dollars to defeat an initiative that would have revived Alaska's coastal management program. They're on track to spend even more this election cycle to protect the new tax system they lobbied for. Download Audio

Honeman Tries to Slow Labor Overhaul Down

Anchorage Assembly member Paul Honeman is trying to slow down the process to pass a controversial Anchorage ordinance that would limit unions. He introduced a resolution at a work session at city hall Friday. Download Audio

Westlake widens lead in District 40 primary

The unofficial results of a tight House primary race are in. Dean Westlake of Kotzebue appears to have won the Democratic nomination for House District 40 from incumbent Rep. Benjamin Nageak of Barrow.

As Oil Tax Referendum Nears, Dems Try Making Bet With Governor

A pair of Anchorage Democrats are calling on Gov. Sean Parnell to pass legislation serving as a guarantee that the new oil tax system will lead to more production on the North Slope.

Muni Clerk Warns Voters to Check Precincts

If you live in Anchorage, you may want to double check your Assembly precinct before voting Tomorrow (4/1). The Anchorage Municipal Clerk's office says redistricting has shifted the boarders of precincts in three areas of the city. Download Audio

As Field Season Ends, Gasline Becomes Focal Point In Gubernatorial Race

Just about every major gubernatorial candidate since Jay Hammond has made advancing a gasline part of their platform. This election is no different. With early field work being done on a project, Republican Gov. Sean Parnell and unaffiliated candidate Bill Walker are sparring over who can negotiate the best deal and who can close it.

Social Security Major Issue in Senate Race

Ellen Lockyer, KSKA – Anchorage Social Security turns 75-years-old this year, and the venerable program is under attack by some already in Congress and...

RUNNING: State House, District 18 Bases/Eagle River

Martin Lendeke (D), Dan Saddler (R) and Bill Cook (R) write-in are running for State House, District 18 Bases / Eagle River...

Alaska Dispatch Hosts Arctic Imperative Summit

The Arctic Imperative Summit, now meeting in Girdwood, is a gathering of political and civil interests, all of whom are interested in how to best deal with the fast changing Arctic environment.