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Alaska signs brief supporting same-sex marriage bans

Alaska's Attorney General has signed on to an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court that says same-sex marriage bans should be upheld. Download Audio

Alternative Public Education Opportunities

For many years policy leaders have been talking about ways to bring more education choices to rural Alaskans. Now those options are beginning to appear. Legislation has passed to benefit charter schools and boarding schools around the state. APRN: Tuesday, 5/6 at 10:00am Download Audio

Southeast Fishermen Lobby for Stricter Salmon Habitat

Commercial fishermen and tour operators from Southeast Alaska are in Washington D.C. this week, lobbying Congress to strengthen the protection of certain areas of the Tongass National Forest.

State Working To Implement Affordable Care Act Requirements

Alaska is one of several states suing to overturn the Affordable Care Act- President Obama's health care overhaul. But behind the scenes, state agencies are quietly working on implementing various requirements in the law.

Crime Summit Taking Place In Juneau

The Crime Summit meeting in Juneau Wednesday gathered reports and ideas from agencies and outside organizations working in and around the state’s criminal justice system.

Begich will not enter race for U.S. Senate

Former U.S. Senator Mark Begich says he will not mount a write-in campaign in the race for Senator Lisa Murkowski's seat.

Feds Release Affordable Care Act Insurance Rates

Alaskans will be paying some of the highest premiums in the country for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Download Audio

Anchorage Democrats Push Bills Combating Sexual Assault, Retaliation in National Guard

Anchorage Democrats Chris Tuck and Bill Wielechowski introduced a packet of legislative measures revising reporting procedures, revamping the Guard's internal protocols, and creating a mechanism for private companies to give veterans hiring preference. Download Audio

Rep. Young named ‘chairman emeritus,’ loses power of the gavel

For most of the past 20 years, Alaska Congressman Don Young has been either a committee or subcommittee chairman. But now he wields no gavel. Listen now

High Court Throws Out Petition Case

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed a challenge to Alaska's signature-gathering laws because of lack of standing. Download Audio

Permanent Fund bill stalls in House Finance Committee

Since the Senate passed the bill last week that would draw money from the Permanent Fund to pay for state government, two things have happened. One is that many Alaskans have raised concerns with the part of the bill that would cut Permanent Fund dividends in half,( from $2,000 to $1,000). The other is that the bill was sent to the House, where it’s having a harder time moving. In fact, it might not even get out of the Finance Committee. Download Audio

What’s next for the legislature after narrowly avoiding a shutdown?

The Legislature avoided a state government shutdown by passing an operating budget on Thursday, eight days before the deadline. But they haven’t addressed the capital budget, or other important issues facing the state’s future. Listen now

Both chambers of Alaska Congress prepare to vote on budget

The path to setting Alaska’s state government budget enters a new phase this week, as both legislative chambers prepare to vote on different versions of the spending plan. As the House heads into a debate on the budget Thursday, it’s eyeing a proposal that includes a 280 million-dollar reduction from last year. Download Audio

Assembly Appoints New Leaders Amid Ballot Scandal

The Anchorage Assembly heard emotional public testimony at their regular meeting Tuesday evening. Representatives of the Anchorage chapters of the NAACP and the ACLU, as well as 17 voters called on the body to appoint an independent investigator to look into possible voter disenfranchisement during the April 3 Municipal Election. Instead, the Assembly went about business as usual.

Talk of Alaska: Joe Miller, Republican U.S. Senate Candidate

In the primary election, Republicans and undeclared voters have a choice between incumbent US Senator Lisa Murkowski and challenger Joe Miller. Joe Miller says he...

Rep. Young joins motley cannabis caucus

Alaska Congressman Don Young says he’s never smoked marijuana. But Young says he wants to change federal law to help marijuana entrepreneurs do business. The issue has Young joining forces with congressmen of different stripes. Listen now

State Announces Winners Of Oil, Gas Rights Lease Sales

The State of Alaska announced winners of oil and gas rights in a lease sale held in Anchorage on Wednesday. The state took in more than $14 million.

Shutdown Could Mean Total Loss for One Biologist, Big Financial Hit For His Pilot

Among the many Americans affected by the government shutdown, are scientists who rely on federal funding for their work. But that money doesn’t just go to the scientists. Lots of it trickles down into the community.

Judge Stops Logging Projects, Pending Review

Four Southeast Alaska logging projects are on hold after a judge found the U.S. Forest Service didn't fully comply with a prior court order.

U.N. Passes Global Arms Treaty That Faces Opposition in Senate

The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly passed the Global Arms Trade Treaty this week. The three no votes came from North Korea, Iran and Syria. But there's more opposition in the United States Senate.