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EPA says Pebble may be riskier than study says, rekindling hope for mine foes

The Environmental Protection Agency has weighed in once again on the proposed Pebble Mine, and it has mine opponents cheering.

New U.S. Senate candidate in Alaska touts credentials as doctor, fisherman, grizzly-slayer

Al Gross, an orthopedic surgeon from Petersburg, announced Tuesday that he's running as an independent against incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan.

Dunleavy veto cuts school project debt reimbursement in half

Governor Mike Dunleavy’s vetoed half of the state’s contribution towards debt service for school projects. Local governments will likely dip into reserves, or raise taxes, to make up for the nearly $49 million shortfall.

In the Alaska village where ANWR is the backyard, many see drilling as an opportunity

Many of the Alaska Native residents of Kaktovik, the one small village inside the refuge, see oil development as an opportunity -- though some remain deeply skeptical.

Gov. Dunleavy eliminates funding for low income Senior Benefits Program

Alaska’s low-income seniors stand to lose cash assistance from the state. That’s following Governor Mike Dunleavy’s line item veto eliminating about $20.8 million for the Senior Benefits payment Program.

Governor vetoes funding for Ocean Rangers cruise ship inspectors

Funding for Alaska’s on-board cruise ship inspectors has been eliminated by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. The Ocean Rangers program was created by a ballot initiative and is paid for by cruise ship passengers.

‘It won’t be easy’: Universities, Medicaid hit hard as Dunleavy vetoes nearly $400 million from budget

Gov. Mike Dunleavy says the cuts were necessary to balance the budget by next year, while still paying full permanent fund dividends under the formula in state law.

Alaska state budget vetoes cut homeless shelters, services

Anchorage homeless shelters and services are bracing for cutbacks and closures after Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced hundreds of millions of dollars in line-item state budget vetoes Friday.

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy wields veto pen to attack state Supreme Court over abortion ruling

For years, the Alaska Supreme Court has stymied conservatives' efforts to limit state-funded abortion. On Friday, GOP Gov. Mike Dunleavy employed a new tactic: He vetoed $335,000 from the Supreme Court's budget, in a move that critics say threatens the judiciary's independence.

Justice department pledges $10.5M in emergency funds for public safety

U.S. Attorney General William Barr declared a law enforcement emergency in Alaska on June 28. The announcement follows a visit to the state where he saw firsthand how many rural communities have little to no public safety.

Rep. Don Young files for re-election once again

Republican Congressman Don Young, the longest currently serving member of the House of Representatives and the longest-serving Republican in House history, today filed for re-election.

UA president: Dunleavy vetoes ‘will impact everything we do’

Governor Mike Dunleavy’s vetoes include a $130 million reduction in state support for the University of Alaska system. That’s additional to a $5 million cut to UA approved by state legislators.

Gov. Dunleavy unveils line item vetoes and signs operating budget

Gov. Mike Dunleavy unveiled line-item vetoes the administration says amounts to another $391 million in cuts beyond the Legislature’s budget.

Alaska AG: Dunleavy could have state troopers bring legislators to Wasilla

Alaska’s attorney general and the Legislature’s top lawyer are at odds over whether the governor is allowed to set a special session’s location.

EPA reconsiders restrictions on Pebble

The EPA is officially reconsidering the proposal it made during the Obama administration to essentially block the Southwest Alaska project.

Former Alaska lawmaker disappointed with retroactive per diem payments

Former Alaska state Rep. Jason Grenn sponsored an ethics law last year that affects legislators’ per diems. He called a recent vote on retroactive per diem payments “sad.”

Legislators defy Dunleavy, announce Juneau as special session location

Legislative leaders say the floor sessions would be held at the Capitol in Juneau, while most of the meetings would be in Anchorage at the Legislative Information Office.

Legislators, Dunleavy administration expect school funds to be paid during potential lawsuit

The Legislative Council voted unanimously on June 13 to authorize a lawsuit against the Dunleavy administration over education funding.

Dunleavy to lawmakers: PFD formula must be approved by popular vote

Dunleavy and lawmakers are engaged in a worthy discussion over the future of Alaska Permanent Fund earnings and dividends.

Time for Murkowski to take a stand on Pebble? She says not yet.

Opponents of the Pebble Mine are doing all they can to get Sen. Lisa Murkowski on their side. But Murkowski is not ready to make a declaration about the mine, for or against.