The Trump administration has proposed a vast increase in offshore waters available for oil drilling nationwide. That could mean that more waters off Alaska’s shores will be offered for oil and gas development than ever before. Listen now

About 2,000 people participated in the March for Science in Anchorage on Saturday. Participants carried signs talking about scientific contributions to medicine, such as “Got the Plague?! Ya, me neither! Thank a scientist!” Other signs addressed the impacts of climate change saying “There is no Planet B” and “The oceans are rising and so are we.” Listen now

The Bristol Bay Native Corporation announced plans to acquire Katmailand, Inc., a long running sport fishing and bear viewing operation in and around Katmai National Park. Download Audio

The Norton Sound Commercial Crab Fishery closed last week, recording more than 41 thousand pounds of red king crab. That pales in comparison to last year’s record-breaking catch. But it was enough for Nome’s Pingo Bakery Seafood House to host its annual crab leg lunch during Iditarod.

Members of a University of Alaska Fairbanks mountaineering class are recovering after being hit by an avalanche in the eastern Alaska Range. The incident has raised questions about the university taking students into the mountains.

The State Department of Transportation opened bids Friday for a project that will help protect the Glenn Highway from Matanuska River flooding.

Fairbanks hit 90 degrees last week for the first time in four years. The heat was very localized to the Tanana and Yukon river valleys. We asked Brian Brettschneider, with our Ask a Climatologist segment, which areas of Alaska usually see the hottest temperatures in the summer. He says the warmest temperatures are almost always found in the Interior.

The U.S. Forest Service is moving forward with a project to restore a stream damaged by decades-old logging and road-building south of Petersburg. The work will likely mean logging some other trees on another part of the island, and that’s generated some opposition.

Ancient microbes, unusual ice structures, mammoth bones — there’s a lot happening below the surface in the Fairbanks Permafrost Tunnel Research Facility. The underground laboratory, operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, is kept at a constant 27 degrees Fahrenheit.

A top scientist resigned late last year to protest what he saw as a threat to the agency’s scientific integrity. The deputy secretary of Interior was pressing the USGS to allow a preview of its findings on the oil potential in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Listen now

As of Wednesday evening, the McHugh Fire was estimated at 842 acres, and 250 crew members from Alaska and the Lower 48 were working on stopping its growth. The community gathered to get more information. Listen now

Environmental groups filed separate lawsuits Friday challenging the federal government’s December lease sale in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. Listen now

A Petersburg project is one of the finalists in Sealaska’s Path to Prosperity contest. For the second year, Petersburg’s tribe is in the running for $40,000 to grow the business of making compost.

Most people wouldn't expect coral to thrive in Southeast Alaska. But it exists in the silty waters of glacial fjords. Now scientists are wondering if the coral, which serves as important fish habitat, could be in danger from an invisible threat — ocean acidification. Listen Now

Researchers say Pavlof volcano is still rumbling and exploding but is no longer sending up massive ash clouds. Download Audio

Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources has delayed renewing a two-year land use permit for the Pebble Limited Partnership to give state regulators more time to review an “extensive” number of public comments. Listen Now

Cooperation across the Bering Strait was recently strengthened when the U.S. and Russia signed a joint wildlife agreement. Download Audio

Thousands of vessels every year move through Alaska's waters. If something goes awry, their cargo and fuel could end up in the ocean. Cleanup efforts for past groundings near Unalaska have proven difficult and costly.

A top Interior official in Alaska has confirmed that on Monday, the Trump administration plans to sign a deal to build a controversial road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. Listen now

Sen. Murkowski did not ask confrontational questions of the embattled EPA administrator, but she did not leap to Pruitt's defense, either. Listen now