Bering Air buys eight new planes to replace older Caravans

Bering Air is upgrading its fleet with eight brand-new airplanes — Cessna Caravans worth about $2.5 million dollars each.

Alaska Supreme Court Hears Juneau-Petersburg Boundary Beef

The state Supreme Court heard arguments in a local boundary case Wednesday morning that could redraw lines around a Delaware-sized chunk of Southeast Alaska. The contested land is almost completely uninhabited national forest – Juneau “estimated” the population at one – but with the land goes potential federal receipts, some property and sales tax revenue, and local authority.

Staggeringly low forecasts for king salmon in the Stikine

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game expects considerably lower numbers of Chinook salmon for the Stikine and Taku Rivers. Listen now

The weird, wonderful world of Nome after Iditarod

For nearly a week, racers continue arriving ahead of the banquet that officially concludes each year's Iditarod. For some, that means days of free time. And plenty of fun, strange events to fill it. Listen now

Alaska Native’s discuss what ‘Eskimo’ means to them

After Alaska Airlines unveiled a new look for their airplanes and website many Alaska Natives took offense to a phrase they with their new marketing campaign. The phrase that sparked a controversy and a new round of conversations about what the word “Eskimo” means to Alaska Natives. Download Audio

Is Alaska’s Economy Grounded?

Alaska’s economy slowed in 2013. On Thursday, two economists offered different takes on what that means for this year at the World Trade Center Alaska‘s annual statewide economic forecast talk in Juneau. Download Audio

House Ethics panel: Young Misused Campaign Funds, Accepted Improper Gifts

The U.S. House Ethics Committee today issued a letter of reproval to Alaska Congressman Don Young for accepting multiple hunting trips as gifts in violation of the House Gift Rule. The committee says he should repay $59,000 for gifts and expenses related to 15 hunting trips between 2001 and 2013.

Sen. Wilson disciplined for retaliating against aide in press conference

Human resource manager wrote that Wilson undermined an investigation by claiming the incident didn’t happen.

Klukwan, Inc. Closes Haines Office

Klukwan, Inc. closed its Haines office late last week. The board of directors for the native corporation met over the weekend, and there is a possibility they could re-open the office at a later date.

Aleutian Marketplace Competition Aims to Spur Innovation

Two groups in the Aleutian Islands are looking for the region’s next great start-up business. The inaugural Aleutian Marketplace Competition opened last week, in search of innovative ideas from residents of the region’s 12 main communities.

Walker faces possible legal opposition for PFD cuts

Anchorage Democratic Senator Bill Wielechowski wants the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation to defy Gov. Bill Walker’s veto roughly halving this year’s dividends. Listen now

Board bans spotter planes, holds off on Chinook conservation plans

Following a 4-3 vote, commercial salmon fishermen are now banned from using spotter planes in Southeast waters. Listen now

Mat-Su emergency services director resigns with incendiary letter

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough's emergency services director has resigned in a fiery, accusatory letter to the borough.

Alaska News Nightly: June 3, 2011

Fuel Prices to Rise in Bethel, Lawmakers Scramble as Coastal Management Program Begins Shutdown, Washington DC Turns Attention to Alaska’s Other Minerals, an Iditarod Veteran Missing in Talkeetna, and more...

Gold Star in the Chugach: Iraq vet honors survivors

A mountain on the edge of Anchorage has a new name, Gold Star Peak, thanks to Army vet Kirk Alkire. Talking to Gold Star families "means the world to me," he said. Listen now

Red Fox Expansion Causing Problems On North Slope

As the winter approaches, many animals are migrating south, but there’s one sly creature that scientists say in recent years has started to remain in the high Arctic in the winter. Red foxes have not only expanded their habitat into the far north, the charismatic, bushy tailed mammal is out-competing the native Arctic fox and causing problems at oil field dumpsters in Prudhoe Bay. Download Audio

Oil Industry Puts $10M Into Oil Vote

The referendum was the most expensive issue race over a ballot measure in the state history, with the oil industry putting in more than $10 million to defeat the measure. Referendum sponsors spent a fraction of that amount, with a little over half a million raised. Download Audio:

Lt. gov. candidate Grunwald was fired at height of National Guard scandal

In 2014, Parnell said the dismissal of Grunwald and two others was related to an investigation done by the National Guard Bureau’s Office of Complex Investigations. Listen now

Five rules for investment from Alaska’s Permanent Fund Corporation

Alaska’s Permanent Fund Corporation invests billions in private companies and risky startups around the world each year. It’s a relatively new and, so far, successful strategy, but how do they pick the next big winner? Listen now

UAA Students Cope With Finals Week

It’s finals week at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and that means many students are crunching a very large amount of work into a very short amount of time. An Anchorage woman has found a creative way to help students beat the stress of the week. Download Audio