Alaska senators sometimes split on recent votes

The US Senate took some big votes last week, and Alaska's senators sometimes split over them. Alaska Public Media Washington D.C. correspondent Liz Ruskin talked to Alaska News Nightly host Casey Grove.

Juneau residents are noticing an extra charge on their Amazon receipts. Here’s why

At the start of the new year, Amazon shoppers in Juneau started noticing a new charge on their purchases — city sales tax.  After the...

How do you rebuild a dying town in remote Alaska? Ask the 20 residents of Red Devil

This is the third of a three-part series reported from a village of 20 people on the Upper Kuskokwim River that stands to gain the most from the proposed Donlin Mine. Red Devil was built by mining almost 100 years ago, and now carries a toxic legacy of mine pollution. But to its residents, the Donlin Gold mine represents hope. Like so many communities in Alaska, resource extraction is at once a lifeline and a risk.

Ketchikan ‘shutdown family’ met with kindness, empathy

As Alaskan families with federal government jobs weather the partial government shutdown, some say local businesses — small and large — are stepping up to help.

Fishing vessel takes on water near Adak

The United States Coast Guard said the Alaska Juris, a 229 foot fishing vessel, was reported to be taking on water this afternoon in the Aleutians. The Coast Guard reports 46 people in survival suits abandoned ship in three life rafts. As of 4 p.m., the Coast Guard was on the way to the ship which was 174 miles from Adak. Listen now

On Alaska’s stately birds, some ponder the beguiling raven

There are flutterings of a small movement taking wing in Alaska to change the state bird from willow ptarmigan to raven.

Alaska Dispatch News drops Associated Press

Citing primarily cost, Alaska Dispatch News Executive Editor David Hulen said his company dropped its contract with the Associated Press on Thursday. Download Audio

Problem ‘Ender Cards’ create election headache for Sitka House race

The outcome of Sitka’s House District is in question following a technical failure with a key element of the voting machines. The error was widespread across Southeast. Listen now

Trump signs bill to relax air quality rule for Alaska diesel generators

Village power utilities say the equipment needed to meet the so-called "Tier 4" emissions standard is impractical.

‘Little slice of heaven’ Juneau subdivision threatened by river erosion

The neighborhood can’t seem to agree: As the erosion gets worse, who should pay for it? Listen now

Changing climate pushes polar bears toward more dangerous interactions with humans

Human-polar bear interactions are part of life in Arctic communities, but as melting sea ice forces polar bears onto dry land, they are becoming more common and potentially more dangerous. This is the message of a recent scientific paper. Listen now

Anchorage School District teacher contracts include updates for ‘academic freedom.’ What does that mean?

Anchorage School District teachers have a new contract after months of negotiation. While there's been a lot of focus on the salary increases, many teachers are just as interested in a change that allows for more flexibility in developing lessons.

Alaska News Nightly: January 2, 2015

Traffic Deaths Jump To Highest Level Since 2007; Walker Plans To Stick To Marijuana Implementation Schedule, But Other Delays Still Possible; Over $63 Million Worth Of Marijuana Sold In Washington State In 2014; New Charges Filed In Homer Sexual Assault Case; Prince William Sound Black Cod Fishermen Likely Facing Lower Harvest Limits; Delta-area Birders Spot Species New to Interior During Christmas Bird Count; Ambler Road Would Have Mixed Impact on NW Arctic Caribou; AK: Puppet Town; 300 Villages: Kasaan Download Audio

Microplastics found in Sitka mollusks

Researchers in Sitka have been looking at the impact of microplastics on local shellfish. Their findings illustrate a possible connection between microplastics in butter clams and household laundry.

In Sitka, Indigenous Peoples’ Day a prelude to broader ‘reconciliation’

As many Sitkans gear up to celebrate the 152nd anniversary of the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States on Oct. 18, others are working on reframing the holiday to include the idea of “decolonization.”

Investors are backing Southeast’s largest oyster farms

The largest ever oyster farms in Southeast Alaska could be coming soon. Silver Bay Seafoods wants to lease 182 acres of seafloor in Sitka Sound. The state sees potential for a thriving industry, but local reception has been cool.

National Native news outlet Indian Country Today announces Alaska bureau

The online news site is one of the largest news organizations in the country solely dedicated to Native journalists reporting on Indigenous issues.

AK: Scavenger Hunt

Small towns like Unalaska can be pretty close-knit. Grown-ups take care of kids who aren’t their own, and teenagers have adults to turn to when they need them. One local high schooler wanted to make those relationships stronger. So she planned something special: She put students and adults into teams, and sent them on a town-wide scavenger hunt. Download Audio

PHOTOS: Inside AFN’s Customary Native Arts Show

As Alaskans from around the state gather in Fairbanks for the annual Alaska Federation of Natives convention, 170 artists filled the Carlson Center for the popular Customary Native Arts Show.

Findings released regarding governor’s bid to fire head of state oil and gas watchdog agency

The report supports some, but not all, of the governor's charges against the chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Hollis French. French believes the report exonerates him from what he calls "the most serious charges."