With knowledge of his ancestors, young leader looks to ANCSA’s future

Aaron Tolen has tribal and ANCSA regional corporation affiliations across the state. He aims to balance a modern education with the values and traditions of his people, so he can continue to feel grounded in his culture and also experience success in a contemporary way.
Dave Bronson at an Assembly meeting

Bronson vetoes 2 ordinances aimed at asserting Anchorage Assembly’s authority

ly Wednesday. The ordinances were aimed at asserting the Assembly’s authority over the chamber and the city’s mayoral appointee confirmation process.
A courtroom with a lawyer testifying

Alaska Supreme Court explains ruling on governor’s appointees

If the Alaska Legislature wants to reject a governor’s appointees, it will have to take a vote on them, the state Supreme Court said in an opinion issued on Friday. 
TV host talks with guests via Zoom.

As more nations eye the Arctic as a strategic resource, what is the U.S. military’s plan? | Alaska Insight

Alaska's Arctic region is opening to increased vessel traffic and global interest. What are the American military’s plans to ensure security?
W white man with a t shirt and mask and baseball cap hugs a girl wearing a red face mask with blond hair

Hundreds of Juneau kids are getting COVID shots this week. Here’s how a few of them are handling it.

“I don’t know why, but COVID reminds me of Voldemort,” said one child at a vaccine clinic in Juneau recently.

Alaska’s cannabis industry increasingly competitive, with most retail shops per capita in U.S.

Insiders say the industry is very competitive and cannabis entrepreneurs have to be shrewd to keep their businesses alive.

How Anchorage’s ‘flufftastic’ snowfall exceeded forecasters’ expectations

National Weather Service climate researcher Brian Brettschneider -- back for our Ask a Climatologist segment -- says there are a couple reasons for that.
Lt. Gen. David Krumm sitting in a chair in an office

The military sharpens its focus on the Arctic

As the Arctic warms, it increasingly has the potential to become an arena where world powers compete for dominance. While Russia and China are beefing up their Arctic presence, the Pentagon has been slow to make the Arctic a priority. Alaska Public Media’s Liz Ruskin reports that may be changing.
A woman calls up into the air as she beats a drum in front of a mountain town

How learning an Indigenous language leads to healing

During the pandemic, some Indigenous language learning groups saw a boost in enrollment.

Anonymous ‘Alaska abusers list’ is an outlet for survivors, but some warn of collateral damage

Last week a woman in Anchorage went public on social media with an allegation of sexual assault, prompting other people to share their stories. By...
A tall snowy mountain, its peak peaking out through the clouds.

Failed Denali summit and serious accident lead to false report charges for Utah doctor

Dr. Jason Lance is an Ogden, Utah-based radiologist who now faces charges of interfering with a government employee, violating a lawful order and making a false report.
A man in winter clothing stands on ice near a hole with a stick that he's using to ice fish.

New research shows how Alaska subsistence harvesters are having to adapt to climate change

Kristen Green, an Alaska-based Ph.D. student in environment and resources at Stanford University, says a lot of research on subsistence adaptations due to climate change has been theoretical, so she and her fellow researchers went to interview the harvesters themselves.
Woman talks to guest on TV monitor on a television set.

Rural Alaska communities have largely been left behind in the digital revolution — until now | Alaska Insight

Better internet access is coming to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, but other regions of the state are still waiting to bridge the digital divide. How will new technology and funding resources help?

A digital revolution arrives in rural Alaska, thanks to the pandemic

Rural Alaska communities have largely been left behind in the digital revolution -- until now. Akiak will be the first community in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to bring high-speed broadband internet to all its residents later this month on November 15.
a row of cars lined up behind a sign that reads "covid-19 drive-thru testing"

Alaska’s case rate remains high, but data shows declining COVID numbers

Test positivity, hospitalizations and daily new cases have all been declining from their highs in September and October.
two staff from CITC lead a class on suicide intervention as a student takes notes

Thousands of Alaskans are considering suicide. You can learn to help them choose life.

Thousands of Alaskans seriously consider suicide every year. Learning to talk directly about it can help people intervene and stop someone from trying.
The Anchorage Assembly chambers at the Z. J. Loussac Public Library in Anchorage.

Assembly votes to suspend plastic bag ban during its calmest meeting in weeks

After weeks of combative meetings marked by bitter conflicts, raucous behavior and even a few arrests, discussion returned to more mundane topics like liquor licenses, utility rate increases and whether to charge for single-use plastic bags. 
Television show host talks to guest via Zoom on set.

Redistricting is underway in Alaska. But who gets to decide where the lines fall? | Alaska Insight

Redistricting is a lengthy process that takes place every ten years. Various draft proposals have already come under fire. Will the redistricting board be able to avoid litigation this time around?

Eating disorders are on the rise in Alaska, but local resources are scarce

The number of Americans with eating disorders has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Alaska does not have enough resources to help them.

Redistricting could reshape the Alaska Legislature. Here’s how.

Every ten years, a State board redraws the boundaries of Alaska’s legislative districts. The process is long and technical, but there’s a lot at stake. It can determine which party controls the state legislature. Alaska Public Media’s Annie Feidt explains.