Anchorage Still Cleaning Up Election Mess

The Election Commission will hold the final public canvass session to count ballots from the troubled municipal election in Anchorage Thursday. The ballots were found uncounted in a closet in city hall in July. After nearly four months, Anchorage officials say they hope the canvass will begin to shut the door on a messy chapter in the city's election history. The canvass will be followed by final certification of the election, later this month.

Executive Order Stops Deportation Of Many Young Immigrants

In June, President Barack Obama issued an executive order that stops deportation of many young immigrants who are in the United States without documents. It's meant to address the issue of children being brought into the U.S. by their parents at a very young age without documentation. Listen for the full interview with Alaska Immigration Justice Project Executive Director Robin Bronen in English or Spanish.

Outlook Bleak For Law of the Sea Ratification

The outlook for ratifying the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea this term in Congress is not good. Opponents have long said they worry about the treaty’s infringement on the nation’s sovereignty. Specifics to what that means are hard to come by.

Gov. Parnell Frustrated With Senate’s Bi-Partisan Majority

Governor Parnell has said he’d like to see the Senate bipartisan working group broken up and he’ll strive to help more Republicans get elected this fall. Part of the Governor’s frustration with the group centers around his failed efforts to get his oil tax reduction legislation HB110 passed. Parnell’s efforts are being challenged by members of the resurrected Backbone organization that is working to support the bipartisan group. But the Governor says the coalition is bipartisan in name only.

Sen. French Asks State To Withdraw Proposed Abortion Payment Condition Regulations

Anchorage Democratic Senator Hollis French says he wants the state to withdraw proposed regulations for abortion payment conditions. French says the regulations may be unconstitutional, and are narrower than the current standard. French has requested a legal opinion on the regulations.

Committee Approves Money For Inspection Of State Capitol Building

The committee that handles the year-round business affairs of the legislature approved money for an in-depth inspection and report on the structural integrity of the state Capitol in Juneau on Wednesday. The Legislative Council agreed to pay $149,000 for design development to follow up on studies done in 2006 and 2010. Those studies found problems with the old masonry and were heightened recently when a legislative staff employee was nearly hit by a falling piece of the building.

US House Passes Bill Speeding Up Alaska Oil Lease Sales

The U.S. House passed a bill this morning that would replace President Barack Obama’s outer continental shelf drilling plan. The bill would speed up existing lease sales in Alaska.

Rep. Young Endorsing Hirono In Her Democratic Primary

Congressman Don Young is crossing the aisle. And despite that difference in party, Young is endorsing Hirono in her Democratic primary for the United States Senate.

Lawmakers Ponder Options For More Natural Gas-Powered Cars

Lawmakers in Washington are considering what it would take to use natural gas in more cars. There’s some potential for using Alaska’s gas, though there are huge barriers.

Groups Push EPA Over Clean Air Waiver for Shell

Environmentalists are urging the E.P.A. to block Shell’s request for a waiver from the Clean Air Act for its Discoverer vessel. Groups have collected hundreds of thousands of signatures opposing the so-called compliance order.

Native Leaders Urge Lawmakers To Pass Climate Change Legislation

Alaska Natives are in Washington, D.C. – urging lawmakers to pass climate change legislation. Some believe that’s the best way to get federal money for relocating several villages.

Gov. Parnell Letting Federal Government Run Health Insurance Exchange

Governor Sean Parnell has decided to let the Federal government run Alaska’s Health Insurance Exchange. The exchange is required under the Affordable Care Act. It’s an online marketplace that will give consumers an easy way to buy pre-approved insurance plans. Parnell says setting up a state- run exchange would be too costly.

Native Leaders Seek Federal Help In Dealing With Climate Change

Alaska Native leaders are in Washington, D.C. They’re advocating for federal help to deal with the effects of climate change.

Senators Say More Money Needs To Be Allocated For Debris Cleanup

The federal government is allocating a quarter of a million dollars to Pacific states to deal with debris washing ashore from the Japanese tsunami. Alaska’s senators say the amount is astonishingly low, and more needs to be on the way.

‘Law of the Sea’ Opponents May Have Enough Votes To Block Ratification

Opponents of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea believe they have the necessary votes to block ratification. Supporters say election year politics are slowing the process.

141 More Ballots Found in Closet at Anchorage City Hall

Just when everyone thought the messiest chapter in recent Anchorage voting history was closed, Municipal Leaders confirm that they have found more than 100 uncounted ballots leftover from the flawed April 3 Municipal election.

Muni Election Officials Find Possibly Uncounted Ballots

Last Wednesday the new Anchorage Municipal Clerk opened a room and discovered a bunch of election ballots that may not have been counted. Assembly Chairman Ernie Hall waited until after Friday's news deadlines to announce that the Assembly is going to have to put the election back on its agenda and take another certification vote. He said first the Election Commission will meet to review the 141 ballots.

Congress Reignites Tax Debate

Weeks before it takes more than a month off to campaign, Congress is reigniting the debate over taxes. Lawmakers are taking votes to bolster campaign talking points.

Delegation Seeks Federal Disaster Declaration To Address Subsistence Needs

The Chinook salmon runs are turning out to be poor on both the Yukon and Kuskowkim Rivers this season. Alaska’s Congressional Delegation is seeking a federal disaster declaration to address subsistence needs in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Officials Seek Help Remediating NPR-A Wells

Officials from the State of Alaska urged a U.S. Senate panel today for help in remediating wells in the National Petroleum Reserve. The hearing illustrated a deep divide between a state and federal agency.