Scientists Say Funding Cuts Threaten State’s Tsunami Preparedness

The federal government is proposing at least a million dollar reduction in funding for tsunami programs in Alaska. The agency in charge says the cuts are necessary and won’t hurt the state’s tsunami preparedness, but some scientists and officials disagree. They say the reduction in funding will weaken Alaska’s tsunami programs and leave the state’s coastal communities at risk.

Republicans Declare Romney Winner with Hundreds of Votes Yet to be Counted

Alaska Republicans met at locations across the state yesterday to vote on who they thought should be the Republican Presidential nominee. There are still hundreds of ballots to be counted and just 425 votes separate Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, but, as Daysha Eaton of member station KSKA reports, that doesn't seem to be stopping Republican Party Officials from declaring it a Romney victory.

Polls Open Up For ‘Super Tuesday’

It’s Super Tuesday. 437 delegates are up for grabs in 10 states, including 24 in Alaska. Tonight people across the state are turning out at polling places to vote in a ‘Presidential Preference Poll’.

Negotiations For New Labor Building Lease Break Down

Mediated negotiations between the state and the owner of the Alaska Department of Labor building in Juneau have ended without a deal to extend the state’s rental agreement.

State Gives Money To Central Council Tlingit, Haida Tribe’s Child Support Unit

The State of Alaska agreed to release more than $50,000 to Central Council Tlingit and Haida Tribe’s Child Support Unit. The court agreement allows the Council to disperse the money to some families who have been waiting for years to see it.

Ron Paul Visits Alaska

Republican Presidential primary hopeful Ron Paul made a last minute campaign trip to Alaska over the weekend. Paul spoke to packed houses at ‘Town Hall Meetings’ in Anchorage and Fairbanks to rally voters before ‘Super Tuesday’.

Bear Snaring Opponents Gather Over 3,000 Signatures

Opponents of a bear snaring proposal have gathered over 3,000 signatures in an effort to get the state game board to drop it. The Department of Fish and Game proposal would allow the public to snare bears in a wide area of the state, primarily in the interior, as a way to reduce predation.

Bill Could Allow Legislature To Approve, Deny Pebble Mine

The Alaska Legislature has been wary of getting involved in the debate about the controversial Pebble Mine for a number of reasons. However, a bill under consideration would basically give the Legislature the power to approve or deny the mine because it could impact the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve created by the Legislature in 1972.

BLM Releases Draft Environmental Impact Statement For Resource Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management has released a draft Environmental Impact Statement for a Resource Management Plan for millions of acres in the eastern interior.

Shell Requests Declaratory Judgment On Arctic Spill Response Plan

Shell Alaska has taken an unusual step in asking a federal court Wednesday for a declaratory judgment on their Arctic spill response plan that was approved by the department of Interior in February. Shell is seeking this judgment against a number of environmental and conservation groups in an effort to end run the litigation that will likely challenge the process that was used to approve their plan.

Ron Paul Visiting Anchorage On Sunday

Texas Republican representative Ron Paul is planning a last minute campaign visit to Alaska, just before the statewide Presidential Preference Poll on Super Tuesday. Paul's campaign staff confirm he plans to visit Fairbanks and Anchorage Sunday. They say he will attend a one hour rally in each city. The Fairbanks rally starts at 1pm. The Anchorage rally starts at 6pm at the Denaina Convention Center.

Chief Justice Talks About ‘Smart Justice’

Chief Justice Walter Carpeneti on Wednesday took the opportunity of his final address to the legislature to ask lawmakers to consider some alternatives to the judicial systems that have developed in the state. He referred to a new concept – called Smart Justice – that considers the possible result of every action taken by the justice system.

Adak Expected To Lose Jet Service As Part Of EAS Cutbacks

Last year, Alaska’s congressional delegation fought hard to keep the Essential Air Service program alive. They argued that without it, over 40 Alaskan communities could lose the planes that connect them to the rest of the state.

Senators Strike Back At Parnell’s Oil Tax Bill Claims

Members of Alaska’s bipartisan Senate Majority fired back at Governor Sean Parnell and his allies today (Tuesday) for calling the Senate’s proposed revision of the state’s oil tax structure an “increase.”

Alaska Republican Caucuses Approaching

By the time Alaska’s caucuses comes along, it’s usually clear who’s going to be the next presidential nominee. But this year, the race is close, and those Alaskan votes might hold more sway than usual.

Senate Begins Hearings On Port And Harbor Expansions, Improvements

The Senate today began hearings on improvements and expansion of the ports and harbors around the state.

Community Leaders Gather Data On Potential Eielson F-16 Move

Community leaders have begun compiling data they say will prove the Air Force won’t save money by moving an F-16 fighter squadron, and up to 1,500 military and civilian workers, from Eielson to Anchorage, but base employees are still worried.

Education Committee To Pass Pre-Kindergarten Expansion Bill

The Senate Education Committee is ready to pass a bill expanding the number of Pre-Kindergarten programs in local schools across the state.

Bill Protects Anglers’ Access to Fishing Streams

The state has a chance to protect anglers’ access to fishing streams under a bill that unanimously passed the Senate today. The bill by Anchorage Democrat Les Gara passed the House last year with no opposition.

‘Americans Elect’ Offers Alternative To Standard Primary Process

While Republicans squabble about their choice for a presidential candidate to go head to head against Democrat Barack Obama, a third party process has quietly gained ground through the internet.