Redistricting Board To Redraw Southeast Districts

The Alaska Redistricting Board will start redrawing Southeast Alaska’s legislative districts on Monday.

Redistricting Plan Foes Face Off In Supreme Court

Attorneys for the state Redistricting Board and for those opposed to the Board’s latest plan faced off in oral arguments Thursday before the Alaska Supreme Court.

Coast Guard Head Warns Of Major Need For New Ice Breaker

The head of the Coast Guard is warning members of Congress it is unprepared for a changing landscape and increased traffic in the Arctic off the coast of Alaska. A major need is a new ice-breaker, and there’s debate about where it will come from.

Debate Over Consultation With ANCSA Corporations Continues

The debate over federal consultation with corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and tribes continued today at a meeting of the Federal Subsistence Board. The Chairman said the policy on consultation with ANCSA corporations is based on an addition to a 2005 appropriations bill, so the board has to follow the law.

EPA Prepares To Make Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment Public

The next chapter in the controversial Pebble mine debate is right around the corner as the EPA prepares to make public the draft version of its Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. KDLG’s Dave Bendinger looked at differing views on what effect this Assessment might have.

Assembly Chair Hall Fires Deputy Clerk Duke

Anchorage Assembly Chair Ernie Hall has fired Deputy Clerk Jacqueline Duke. The firing comes on the heels of Hall appointing an independent investigator to look into what went wrong during the messy Municipal Election. On advice from their attorney, no one on the Assembly is saying much about the decision to fire Duke.

Anchorage Assembly Appoints Election investigator

The Chair of the Anchorage Assembly has appointed an independent third party investigator to look into what went wrong during the April 3rd Municipal Election. A retired judge investigate the matter. Chair Ernie Hall made the announcement at Tuesday's regular assembly meeting, along with other election updates. KSKA's Daysha Eaton was there and has this report.

Tribes Fear Road Maintenance Money Won’t Be Distributed Equally

Lawmakers held their first meeting in Washington DC Tuesday to decide how to pay for the nation’s roads, bridges and highways for the next few years. Money for tribal roads could increase, but some fear the money won’t be distributed equally to the state’s tribes.

J-1 Program Safe Until November

Changes to the J-1 Visa program were announced Friday by the State Department. While some changes take effect immediately, Alaska’s seafood processors- which rely heavily on the workforce the program provides- won’t be affected until November. It’s a relief for the processors and fishermen who are preparing for salmon season, but it’s not great news for local cannery workers in Kodiak who are struggling to make ends meet.

Redistricting Plan Headed Back to Court

Thursday morning, Alaska's Supreme Court will hear arguments on which voting district map will be used for this year's elections. Earlier this month, the...

Agreement Allows All Alaska Veterans Care At Tribal Clinics

A new agreement signed today between 14 Alaska Native tribal health programs and the department of Veterans Affairs will allow both Alaska Native and non-Native vets to receive health care services in tribal clinics in various parts of Alaska, so they won’t have to travel to Anchorage or Seattle to receive services.

Judicial Council Holding Hearing On Judge Retention

The public will get a special opportunity to talk about judges next week as the Alaska Judicial Council will hold a statewide hearing to get opinions on the 26 judges up for retention votes this fall.

Lawmakers Approve $2.9 Billion For Statewide Construction, Maintenance Projects

Juneau and the Southeast region fared well by the 27th Alaska State Legislature. Before the regular session ended, lawmakers appropriated $2.9 billion for construction and maintenance projects statewide, and $450 million in general obligation bonds to be approved by voters next November.

Assembly Certifies Anchorage Election, Orders Hand Recount

Exactly one month after the chaos of election night, the Anchorage Assembly voted to certify the Municipal Election Thursday evening. But the certification will be subject to the results of a hand recount of ballots. KSKA's Daysha Eaton was there and filed this report. Read More...

Group Files for Hand Recount

One month after the Anchorage Municipal Election ballot fiasco, the Assembly is set to consider certification of the April 3rd election. A group of voters says that should not happen before a hand recount and independent investigation, but the Assembly has released a report by an outside attorney supporting certification.

Methane Hydrates Could Prove To Be Vast Untapped Resource

The U.S. Department of Energy says it was able to safely extract a steady stream of natural gas from methane hydrates this winter on Alaska’s North Slope. The agency partnered with oil companies to test new technology to remove methane trapped in ice crystals beneath the sea floor. The federal government calls methane hydrates a vast untapped resource with enormous potential.

Parnell Blames Unresolved Oil Tax, Gas Line Bills On Senate

Governor Sean Parnell is laying blame for the failure of the Special Session squarely on the state Senate. The session wrapped up Monday evening when the Alaska House followed the Senate’s lead and adjourned. That left the in-state gas pipeline bill unresolved. Earlier, the governor pulled his oil tax bill from consideration. Lawmakers did pass one bill to strengthen the state’s human trafficking laws.

Report Shows Growing Arctic Militarization

Tuesday, a think tank issued a wake-up call about growing militarization of the Arctic. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions released a report on the security implications of an Arctic Ocean with less sea ice. The report documents a dramatic increase in policy actions by Arctic nations, many of them military.

Finance Committee Meets To Address High Energy Costs

The state Senate’s Finance Committee held a special meeting late last week to take another look at what can be done to address the high energy costs in Alaska.

Subsistence Rights Top Concerns At UN Hearings

The Women’s Symposium coincided with a visit to Alaska by a UN official who held hearings in Anchorage and Chickaloon this weekend to assess the human rights of Alaska Natives. This is the first time the UN is formally investigating the U.S. treatment of Alaska Natives. The right to subsistence resources topped the list of concerns.