New Alaska smartphone feature allows for anonymous reporting of COVID exposure

The service COVID ENX was developed by Apple and Google to allow users to anonymously report that they’ve tested positive for COVID-19. 
An old white man with white hair in a suit seen in profile in front of a blue projection that says "covid-19 response'

You’ll be able to order free at-home COVID test kits starting on Wednesday

Orders for up to four tests per household can be placed using a website, beginning on Jan. 19.
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The flu makes comeback in Alaska amid omicron spike

While 957 flu cases is a lot compared to last year, it’s dwarfed by an average, pre-pandemic, Alaska year. Health officials say a normal year in the state would see around 7,500 cases. 
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Juneau elementary school closed indefinitely after damage from flooding

Teachers haven’t been back into Riverbend yet to fully catalog everything that’s been damaged. In the email, the school district said they’ll have to pack up their classrooms and move everything out of the way so that construction crews can come through. 
A photo of a multi-story building.

Alaska Legislative Council seeks to fund per diems after Gov. Dunleavy veto

The payments to lawmakers from outside of Juneau supplement their salaries and cover their living expenses during the session. They receive $293 per day. 
A person's bear arms with an IV drip coming from the window

Omicron wave prompts rationing of COVID medications in Alaska

With fewer monoclonal antibody treatments available that work with the omicron variant, it's tough for Alaskans to find treatment if they find themselves sick with COVID-19.

Petersburg police officer fired after Nazi-themed social media post

The post appeared to be supportive of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, but the former officer says it was a reference to a comedy film that was taken out of context.

After four special sessions, Alaska’s budget solutions remain elusive

As Lawmakers prepare for this year’s session, Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter looks back and reports that, despite the lengthy process, lawmakers didn’t make much progress in 2021.
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Winter storms stress Hydaburg Dam, imperiling Southeast Alaska city’s water supply

An eight-foot dam on Prince of Wales Island is at risk of failing. Officials said Thursday there’s minimal risk to life and property but a breach could knock out the city of Hydaburg’s water supply.
A row of post boxes in a deep snow bank

Governor issues disaster declaration for storms in Southeast Alaska

That disaster declaration opens a pot of money for communities, federally recognized tribal organizations and some private nonprofits to apply for reimbursement for funds they spent combating the storms. 
A truck on ice.

Traffic is heavy on the Kuskokwim Ice Road, which stretches from Napakiak to Kalskag

There's way more traffic on the ice road this year because of flight delays and cancellations. "Sometimes in the day in the Bethel area it's comparable to the Glenn Highway around Anchorage," said Mark Leary, who helps maintain the road.
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Fort Greely Missile Defense Base evacuated last week, but leaders won’t say why

North Korea test launched a missile the same day of the evacuation, but military officials wouldn't answer questions about whether that was the reason for the evacuation.
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Supreme Court blocks Biden’s vaccine-or-test mandate for large private companies

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Biden administration's vaccine-or-test rule Thursday, declaring that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration had exceeded its...
a moose

Alaskan kids ‘do everything except pull the trigger’ in class moose hunt

The outdoor exploration class is not unique in Alaska, just as hunting for food is a normal way of life here. But to many readers of the New York Times, which recently published a story about the class's successful hunt, it was a surprising and unfamiliar topic.
A school.

Kodiak borough schools switch to remote learning amid coronavirus spike

5% of the Kodiak Island Borough’s population is known to presently have COVID, using the data from the latest census in 2020.   
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From living rooms to landfills, some holiday shopping returns take a ‘very sad path’

It's peak season for returns, which are setting a new record. Some end up back on shelves or get resold to other merchants, and some wind up in landfills or sail overseas.
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Mask debates, staff shortages stress Anchorage teachers as omicron spreads

School districts around the country are debating mask mandates, COVID testing requirements, and whether schools should move to remote learning as omicron spreads. In Anchorage, student and staff absences are increasing, and teachers are frustrated. 
A person weaving.

Qawalangin Tribe uses traditional craft as a route to wellness

Beginner weaving, beading and embroidery are just a few of the themed craft nights that have been hosted so far.
mostly empty store shelves

Grocery store shortages are back. Here are some of the reasons why

Bare shelves at supermarkets are attributed to omicron, a labor shortage, climate change and other reasons. "We're really seeing the perfect storm," one industry expert told NPR.
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Anchorage Police Chief Ken McCoy to take job promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion at Providence

Providence announced McCoy’s hiring in a statement Wednesday, just over a month after McCoy abruptly announced his retirement from the police department with no explanation.