Alaska’s rate of sexual assault is four times national average, according to latest FBI numbers

Though reports of crime nationally are generally on the decline, by most measures Alaska is bucking that trend.

The future of agriculture in Alaska

It's planting time for farmers and backyard garden enthusiasts. What's new with the changing ag scene in Alaska and what will it mean for raising more food right in our state? And how will a changing climate affect food production?
Red shirts hang in front of the capitol building

Posts about missing and murdered Indigenous people disappeared from Instagram. The company says it was a mistake.

The morning after Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Awareness Day, Iñupiaq advocate Jacquii Lambert noticed that half of her stories she’d shared on Instagram about that day had disappeared. The company says it wasn't targeting advocates.

Girdwood gathering leads to 5 COVID cases and concerns of more to come

Five individuals tested positive, but other attendees are showing symptoms of COVID-19. Officials say further spread is likely.

220 Anchorage teachers receive layoff notices

Two-hundred-twenty teachers in the Anchorage School District on Wednesday received layoff notices. The pink slips were issued as legislators contend with a $2.5 billion budget deficit, leaving education funding levels for the coming year uncertain. Listen now

Strong earthquake hits Southcentral: Here’s what we know

According to the Alaska Earthquake Center, the quake hit about 10 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska's most populous city. The event started at about 8:30 a.m., with multiple aftershocks following.
A teacher wearing a face mask, stands in front of a class of students who are also wearing face masks and sitting behind plexiglass shields.

Fully vaccinated people can stop wearing masks indoors and outdoors, CDC says

The loosened guidance should make it easier to reopen schools and workplaces. Mask requirements are still in place for public transport and health care settings.

Following a series of earthquakes, Unalaska tested its tsunami sirens. Half failed.

Only three of the seven tsunami sirens in the Aleutian community worked, despite high seismic activity in the last week.

Hilcorp shuts down third pipeline in Cook Inlet

The federal agency charged with regulating pipelines and hazardous materials is looking into another natural gas leak on a Hilcorp platform in Cook Inlet. Listen now

State fines Hilcorp $20K, cites pattern of violations

Hilcorp Alaska is facing a $20,000 penalty from the state for unsafe use of equipment on the North Slope. It's the latest in a string of violations for Hilcorp, which a state agency says has developed a pattern of regulatory noncompliance.

DEC to spend $4 million on Wrangell junkyard cleanup

The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation announced on Sept. 21 that it will spend about $4 million to clean up a former Wrangell junkyard site with high levels of lead contamination. Download Audio

Cyberattack forces shutdown of some Alaska health department online services

Services like vital records, a background check system, and a count of available beds at mental health providers were taken down in response to the attack.

Real estate remains real stable in Alaska’s largest market

In an annual presentation to city officials on property values, Anchorage's municipal assessor showed a steady rise in overall property values.
A beige and clay-colored building.

‘Governor’s going to have a fight’: Pioneer Home resident suing state

Ketchikan resident Eileen Casey is one of three Pioneer Home residents taking the state to court to prevent it from hiking monthly rates by as much as 140 percent.

Preventing problems with exercise for elders

Many parts of Alaska lack enough accessible care for older people. It's a problem without a solution. But there are ways to prevent the problem in the first place. Exercise for elders.
Smoke billows from a dark green fofrested area

‘Zombie wildfires’ appear to be increasing in the Arctic

A recent study conducted by UAF and another university in Amsterdam, points to more than 40 overwintering wildfires reported in Alaska since 2005. Climate change is suspected to be a key factor.

After dog gets sick, a reminder that Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning isn’t just for humans

A veterinarian said that there have been at least four cases of PSP in dogs since August of last year.

Bethel sees spike in stolen vehicle reports

In the past month, reports of stolen vehicles in Bethel have more than doubled — despite the fact the community's off the road system, and there are only so many places for drivers to go.

UAS launching Riley/Freer scholarship in honor of friends, public servants

Fundraising is underway for a University of Alaska Southeast scholarship in the memory of two statehood pioneers. Burke Riley and Dick Freer, of Yakima,...
Bright-red, thin strips of salmon hang like streamers.

Low salmon run forecast for Yukon River

A forecast points to a run of between 102,000 and 189,000 Chinook, putting it potentially in line with some of the weakest runs in the past 20 years.