LISTEN: Primaries or ranked choice? Vote Yes and Vote No make their case on Ballot Measure 2.

Ballot measure 2 seeks to make changes to the state’s election structure by replacing the political party primary and by selecting candidates through ranked choice voting. What would it mean for elections and what do you need to know about the measure before voting on it?
A woman in a white suit holds a blue surgical mask.

LISTEN: Where can you get COVID-19 info you can trust? A local infectious disease specialist weighs in.

As the pandemic continues it is easy to become fatigued with information. Where can you even get information that you can trust?

LISTEN: The fallout from Pebble recordings continues

Pebble Mine opponents say CEO's resignation is just scapegoating. Gov. Dunleavy denies he served as Pebble's messenger to the White House, and Sen. Murkowski is furious.
A face shot of an Alaska Native woman wiith black small plastic glasses. She is smiling slightly.

Missing Nome woman is “loving” and “stubborn,” friends say

Friends and family describe "Flo" as kind and sophisticated, but her upbringing was marred by family tragedy.

Ask a Climatologist: What to expect when you’re expecting La Niña

Alaska is fully into fall now, which means winter is right around the corner. And that, of course, means pondering what sort of temperatures and snow we'll see in the months ahead.
Occupational therapist sitting beside young child participating in physical therapy

LISTEN: Not all healthcare heroes wear scrubs. What careers exist outside of doctoring?

There are many exciting clinical careers aside from Doctors and Nurses. If blood and guts are not for you, you can still enjoy a blood-free clinical career in healthcare.
screen shot of the cover slide for the tapes with an image of water and land from the air

In secret recordings, Pebble Mine execs say Donlin mine is too expensive to build

On September 21, an environmental group leaked footage of top mining executives discussing the proposed Donlin Gold mine. ( Environmental Investigation Agency)

Alaska’s pro-oil Republican governor is quietly pushing green energy projects too

Even as climate change threatens to impose steep costs in Alaska, Dunleavy is still promoting the state's oil industry. But he says he's excited by the plummeting cost of renewable power sources, and their potential to bring down electricity prices and recruit more business to the state.
A rainbow above a gravel road with mountains in the background

After dry summer, Nome sets daily rain record

Nome recorded 1.27 inches of rain on Sept. 14
Two blue bladders coming out of tubes

Unalaska PA’s ingenuity doubles available ventilators for COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic hit Alaska, physician's assistant from the fishing community of Unalaska did what she could to make sure her community was prepared.

Pebble execs tell ‘investors’ Murkowski and Sullivan are no barrier to controversial mine

In secretly recorded calls, the CEO of Pebble Partnership told men posing as investors that Alaska's senators' public doubts about the project weren't genuine.
a river with a small town on the oxbow as seen from an airpllane.

Buckland sees large spike of COVID-19 with 11 new cases

All of the cases are currently isolating in Buckland, according to local health officials.

COVID-19 almost sank the Haines bookstore. A local author’s national fans saved sales

Kane opened in March, a week before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down retailers for months.
A fighter jet refues under a larger plane in blue skies

Uptick in Russian aircraft flying near Alaska shows ‘probing’ for weakness, Sullivan says

U.S. jet fighters have scrambled at least a dozen times so far this year to intercept Russian military aircraft that fly into airspace off Alaska’s coasts.
A glacier seen from the air with large bowed striations coing out iniot ht ebay

Could the melting Malaspina Glacier create a new bay on Alaska’s southern coast?

What’s happening at the Malaspina Glacier may be the largest landscape transformation underway in the United States, according to researchers.
A woman in a white suit holds a blue surgical mask.

Why does Alaska have the country’s lowest COVID-19 death rate? Doctors explain.

Doctors say early, aggressive restrictions have helped keep the number of deaths in Alaska tied to COVID-19 low. But, they caution, the numbers can change quickly and it is not time to let your guard down.
A few small buildings and gravel pits are seen from across blue water below mountains

Red Dog Mine tightens protocols after COVID-19 cases

The mine shut down flights to regional communities after several employees tested positive in the last weeks.
Al Gross stands on a boat dock holding fisherman's jacket over his shoulder, looking at the camera

LISTEN: U.S. Senate candidate Al Gross is here to answer your questions

Making his first run for public office, Al Gross wants to win the race for Alaska's U.S. Senate seat, currently held by incumbent Dan Sullivan. Gross is running as an Independent with support from state democrats.
A musher sleds below a spruce tree covered mountain. Dogs are in orange vests

Race officials say the 2021 Iditarod is still on

The Iditarod says it will work with an infectious disease epidemiologist to develop a plan for holding the 1,000-mile race during the coronavirus.