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LISTEN: Alaska’s chief medical officer says we need to remain vigilant, ‘it’s darkest before dawn’

Among the most immersed in all things related to COVID-19 is Dr. Anne Zink, the state's chief medical officer. Zink has been as much of a public face for the state's response as the governor himself, while still occasionally doing some work as an emergency room physician.
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Legislation seeks to move Census deadline back to end of October

Alaska Rep. Don Young introduced the legislation in response to the Census Bureau's decision to shorten the counting season.
Green, spruce covered mountains drop into the blue ocean.

Forest Service revives Prince of Wales timber sale blocked by court

A federal judge ruled last year that the Forest Service had failed to provide site specific information in advance of the timber sale.
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Bethel cab drivers get unwanted duty of enforcing testing mandate

Cab drivers say having to enforce a mandate to unwilling customers puts them in an awkward position.
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Board of Fish nominees get chilly reception from commercial, subsistence groups

A Sept. 3 meeting drew pointed questions from lawmakers on Gov. Dunleavy's appointments to the Board of Fish.
A green school with metal siding and a walkway leading to the front door.

In wake of scandals, Y-K school district revamps protocols for sexually inappropriate behavior

The policy proposals identify specific examples of what “sexual grooming” behavior is, and it spells out how the district should respond to reports of such behavior, following the arrest in 2019 of a Bethel school principal on charges of sexual abuse.
A blue warehouse building with a small entry building oustdie where employees in hazmat equiipment wait

Unalaska’s biggest fish processor sees new COVID-19 cases

But the five employees who tested positive didn't interact with others, according to company officials.
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For Denali area tour operators, canceled season means fewer dog cuddles, economic uncertainty

Many Denali Borough businesses rely on a cruise ship visitors who didn't show up this year. But there are some signs that things could improve next year.
picture of three high school male students playing League of Legends in an eSports lounge at the University of Alaska Anchorage

With fall sports canceled, Northwest Arctic Borough schools look to form eSports teams

ASAA began conducting competitive eSports last year in Alaska schools, and with in-person sports on hold in the Northwest Arctic, now could be their time to join.
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Seafood Trade Relief Program offers help to fishermen hurt by U.S.-China trade war

USDA will provide cash to Alaska fishermen based on last year's catch: 16 cents a pound for salmon, 4 cents a pound for herring and a whopping 76 cents per pound for geoduck clams.
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LISTEN: U.S. House candidate Alyse Galvin is here to answer your questions

Challenging Alaska's lone and long-serving U.S. House representative for a second time, Alyse Galvin is running as an independent with support from state Democrats.
The Ninglik River shoreline is mere feet from houses in Newtok on July 26, 2019. As Newtok residents await relocation, the infrastructure erodes as quickly as the land. (Photo by Katie Basile, KYUK - Bethel)

3-week power outage in Newtok leads to spoiled meat in freezers

Families have seen a summer's worth of subsistence catches go to waste.
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Kuskokwim 300 sled dog race is still on

But there will be some changes to the Bethel-based race that has grown in popularity in recent years.
About 50 buildings next to an airstrip and some rivers as seen from the air.

Kasigluk’s only store burns down

The village has closed off entry, but residents will now have to travel to nearby villages in order to get groceries.
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LISTEN: The number of couples divorcing late in life has more than doubled since the 90s. Why?

Since 1990 there has been a 250% increase in divorce rates for people older than 50. What are the reasons behind this rising trend? What are the mental health implications on both divorcees and their adult children?
A line graph shows historical jobless rates by race in Alaska

LISTEN: What can history tell us about which Alaskans face the greatest barriers to employment?

Nationally, Black and Asian Americans are facing a much greater increase in the unemployment rate, compared to white Americans.

LISTEN: Woman propositioned by former Lt. Gov. Mallott breaks silence in ADN report

The woman, former Village Public Safety Officer Sgt. Jody Potts, says she wants to set the record straight after false reports and rumors led to the harassment of her daughter.
Supporters wave signs on a bridge on a sunny day. Many are wearing tie dyed shirts and rainbow colors.

Ketchikan assembly asks state for LGBTQ protections after overriding mayor’s veto

In a nonbinding resolution, the borough assembly asked for state protections for sexual orientation and gender identity, as the city's resolution doesn't necessarily apply to outlying areas.
Ruts in the dirt lead up a mountain where hikers are visible

Alaska parks system stressed with new pandemic crowds and old funding shortages

Erosion, parking and trail access problems have worsened due to the pandemic as the park system copes with 5 years without capital funding.