Delta variant of the coronavirus could dominate in U.S. within weeks

The variant, first identified in India, is the most contagious yet and, among those not yet vaccinated, may trigger serious illness in more people than other variants do, say scientists tracking the spread of infection.
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A pandemic rule change could make it easier to get treatment for opioid addiction in Alaska

Alaska doctors have temporary permission from the state to use telehealth to prescribe a controlled, but life-saving drug used to treat opioid addiction. State officials say they’d like to make the change permanent.
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LISTEN: How to avoid a negative bear encounter in Alaska this summer

Despite negative encounters in the news, bear experts say, most of the time, bears don't want to mess around with humans, and they say there are some things you can do to keep it that way.
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Here’s what you need to know about the Legislature’s stalled budget process

The Alaska legislative special session ended on Friday without an agreement to avoid a state government shutdown on July 1. Gov. Mike Dunleavy called the Legislature back into a new special session to start on Wednesday, June 23, with the goal of reaching agreement.
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Hooper Bay has biggest COVID outbreak in Y-K Delta in months

The current outbreak began in May, and 63 individuals have tested positive since then.
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Alaska agency moves to spend $1.5M on Arctic Refuge development, setting up clash with Biden administration

The state agency that holds Alaska's oil leases in the refuge wants to spend $1.5 million on studies, data collection and permitting needed in advance of what’s known as seismic exploration: using heavy equipment to map areas under the earth’s surface to see how much oil could be there.

Nice try, pollock: How Alaska’s most prolific fish almost won the state’s ranked choice mock election

The humble pollock was, for a few hours, the frontrunner in the state's mock election. Alaskans smelled a rat.
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Ravn Alaska to purchase fleet of electric aircrafts

But the company that builds them first has to finalize its aircraft design. Airflow CEO Marc Ausman said he hopes to have Airflow’s planes ready for service by 2025.
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State workers receive layoff notices as governor calls Legislature’s budget ‘defective’

Gov. Mike Dunleavy announced that layoff notices are being sent to state workers on Thursday. He said that’s because the budget the Legislature passed is “defective” because it won’t go into effect by July 1.
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Pebble: Appeals Court revives case challenging EPA’s removal of watershed protection

In an opinion released Thursday, the panel said EPA could remove the protection adopted by the Obama administration "only when an 'unacceptable adverse effect' on specified resources was not 'likely.'”
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Alaska’s brewing industry continues to grow, despite pandemic challenges

New breweries have been popping up in Alaska for years, and, despite earlier predictions that growth would plateau, it hasn’t let up yet. vv
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Senate GOP hails new Interior deputy as ‘voice of reason’

The Senate easily confirmed former Obama administration official Tommy Beaudreau as deputy secretary at the Interior Department on Thursday, a rare bipartisan moment in an increasingly bitter fight over President Joe Biden’s policies on energy production and climate change.
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Senate passes budget, motion funding $1,100 PFD fails

This year's Permanent Fund dividend will be $525 if the legislature doesn't add more funding later.
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Commercial aviation is essential to life in Alaska. It’s also home to a growing share of the country’s deadly crashes.

Alaska’s terrain and infrastructure pose unique challenges when flying. Some say the Federal Aviation Administration has been slow to account for these hazards, leaving pilots and customers to fend for themselves, sometimes at risk to their lives.
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Anchorage government forgot to budget money for its mayoral transition. Now that’s being fixed.

Up to now, mayor-elect Dave Bronson's transition team was relying on volunteer labor and donated supplies. Members even brought in printers from home.
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After bruising campaign, Bronson says he’s looking for common ground in Anchorage

After a fraught year and a contentious election, Anchorage mayor-elect Dave Bronson represents a return to conservative leadership in the city. A 30-year resident of Alaska who has never held elected office before, he’s described as sharp and principled by observers.
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Voting rights bill seems doomed in Senate, without Murkowski on board

Lisa Murkowski is the most likely Senate Republican to be on board. She’s not.

Hiker missing after being charged by bears near Palmer

A search is ongoing for a hiker near Palmer who was reportedly charged by bears on a local trail.
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Bronson administration details plans for large, city-funded shelter in Anchorage

"This is a sea change,” said Mayor-elect Dave Bronson about the proposal, which for the first time would have the city pay for the construction and operations of a shelter that could house up to 1000 people.

Federal judge blocks Biden’s pause on new oil, gas leases

The Biden administration’s suspension of new oil and gas leases on federal land and water was blocked Tuesday by a federal judge in Louisiana, who ordered that plans be resumed for lease sales that were delayed for the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska.