New House Tribal Affairs Committee aims to advance state relationships

The Alaska House has a new special committee to focus on tribal affairs. The committee will aim to advance relationships with tribes. Lawmakers spent...

EPA, Alaska seek to relax water pollution rules

The Trump administration is quietly reviving a long-stalled effort by state regulators to loosen pollution standards where fish spawn.

Legislators reject six Dunleavy appointees to boards and commissions

The Alaska Legislature confirmed 82 other members to state boards and commissions during a joint session.

US Army Corps extends comment period on Pebble’s draft EIS

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has extended the public comment period on its draft environmental review of the proposed Pebble Mine.

Alaska lawmakers say compromise crime bill repeals Senate Bill 91

The compromise bill, which repeals a controversial criminal justice reform law passed in 2016, would lead to longer criminal sentences. The Alaska Legislature plans to take it up next week.

A stretch of the Denali Park Road sits atop a creeping landslide. And it’s picking up speed.

Officials at Denali National Park and Preserve are studying whether the existing path of the park’s 92-mile road can be spared from a creeping landslide, in what scientists say could be a preview of Denali’s future as its permafrost thaws.

In rural Alaska, school districts deal with a legacy of unaddressed contamination

Typically, when a contaminated site is discovered it’s up to the landowner — or the person responsible for making the mess — to clean it up. But there are dozens of sites where this process has broken down.

Alaska’s divided Legislature fails to override governor’s line-item budget vetoes

While there won’t be a formal way to override the vetoes after Friday, there may be another path to restoring funding for some line items.

IBU strike shuts down Alaska ferries

The largest union representing ferry workers called a strike at 2 p.m. The Alaska Marine Highway System has shut down until further notice.

Russian nuclear power plant afloat in Arctic causes anxiety across Bering Strait

Russia has produced the world's first floating nuclear power plant. A barge mounted with nuclear reactors is expected to begin traversing the Arctic this month, bound for the Chukotka Peninsula. Across the Bering Strait, Alaskans are worried about radiation, though one Arctic security expert also sees room for optimism.

Rep. Laddie Shaw selected to fill seat of late Sen. Chris Birch

Less than a year into his freshman term as a Representative, Laddie Shaw has been selected to fill the Senate seat of the late Chris Birch.

SE Conference takes aim at Gov. Dunleavy’s cuts to state ferries

The Southeast Conference was founded 58 years ago to help establish the state ferry system. Now it's reckoning with a governor who would close the system down completely.

Juneau School Board to Decide if Montessori Borealis Should be its Own School

Montessori Borealis has been part of the Juneau School District for 20 years as an optional program. After a couple years of planning, the Montessori Borealis community submitted a proposal last spring to become its own school. Download Audio

No suspects in West Juneau double murder

The Juneau Police Department is treating two deaths discovered in a West Juneau condo on Sunday afternoon as a double murder -- with no suspects.

In Southeast Alaska, the holiday spirit is diesel-powered

Diesel is running about $2.71 per gallon in Southeast Alaska, but in places that depend on diesel for electricity, there are still households that won’t let the cost dampen the holiday spirit. Listen Now

On-site consumption back on the table for Alaska pot businesses

Alaska is on course to be the first state in the country to allow customers to use cannabis inside regulated businesses. Listen now

When US Senators listen to Arctic voices, only some resonate

Eleven Alaskans testified before the U.S. Senate Energy Committee Thursday, for and against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While senators said they wanted to listen to the people of the Arctic, many seemed to hear selectively. Listen now

Alaska’s Medicaid and public assistance backlog is 20,000 people deep

The House Finance Committee voted in favor of hiring 41 people to reduce the backlog. “The morale in that department is not good,” said Rep. Les Gara, D-Anchorage. Listen now

Legislative Council adopts new sexual harassment policy

The council adopted a separate professional workplace conduct policy. It prohibits a variety of behavior. Listen now