Stevens and Young leading respective Congressional races

It will be several days before the final vote tallies are in for Alaska's seats in the U.S. Senate and House. With more than...

Oil Industry weighs in on Gasline decision

The Governor said her team's analysis shows the best interests of the state are better met by TransCanada Alaska's bid than by the other...

Weyhrauch appeal rejected, corruption case boomerangs to Anchorage federal court

Former state Representative Bruce Weyhrauch lost a decision in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today. The Juneau Republican had been accused of soliciting a...

No oil companies oppose bonds for tax credits, commissioner says

State payments for the credits slowed as oil prices fell. But companies have said the delayed payments have hurt development. Listen now

BP Combats Another North Slope Spill

There’s been another spill from a BP pipeline on the North Slope.  The State Department of Environmental Conservation reports that more than 7,000...

Point Thomson Settlement Seen As Path to Gas Pipeline

Governor Sean Parnell today, (Friday) announced what is likely to be seen as a milestone in the development of North Slope Liquefied Natural Gas,...

Bush administration working to set new Endangered Species rules before Obama takes office

The Department of the Interior is working to finalize a change to the Endangered Species Act. The Bush Administration has less than 30 days...

National ski races underway in Anchorage after cold delays

Cross country skiers in Anchorage for the National Championships finally got the chance to race this afternoon. Temperatures far below zero postponed the competition...

Video: How the landfill in Anchorage harvests gas from trash

Hundreds of landfills across the lower-48 have turned their decomposing trash piles into a source of energy. So far, there’s only one project in Alaska harnessing the power of trash to produce gas. Listen now

Trump order baffles Bering Sea Elders

When President Trump signed an order last week lifting his predecessor’s restrictions on offshore leasing in the Arctic, he also revoked a decree that created the “Bering Sea Climate Resistance Area.” People who worked to get the designation aren't happy. Listen now

Pebble opponents sue Trump administration over EPA reversal

They are challenging EPA’s decision this summer to throw out what some saw as a “preemptive veto” of the proposed copper and gold mine, claiming the agency did not properly justify the decision.

Economist urges lawmakers to address deficit uncertainty

What the Legislature does in response to the state government’s $4 billion deficit could have big effects on Alaska’s economy, according to a leading economist. Download Audio

Initiative to regulate bathrooms likely to appear on Anchorage ballot

The measure seeks to regulate bathrooms, locker-rooms, and other intimate spaces on the basis of biological sex rather than gender identity. Listen now

UAA’s Ulmer Chosen for Oil Spill Commission

University of Alaska, Anchorage, Chancellor Fran Ulmer has been tapped by the White House to serve on the just -formed National Commission on the Deepwater...

Rural Alaska seeks long term solutions to economic challenges

Groceries and fuel dollars are pouring into rural Alaska from as far away as New York and New Zealand.  Village residents say the aid...

Tea Party Endorses Joe Miller for US Senate Primary

Libby Casey, APRN – Washington DC The national Tea Party movement has endorsed Lisa Murkowski’s opponent in the Republican Senate primary.  Fairbanks lawyer Joe Miller...

Nuclear Reduction Proponent Visits Alaska

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski will be key to a vote to reduce nuclear weapons worldwide when the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty or START comes...

Anchorage businesses grapple with sudden electricity bill increase

Many businesses in Anchorage aren't happy with the sudden increase in electric bills. Some are taking their case to state regulators, while others are trying more creative solutions to cut back on electricity costs. Listen now

Sockeye Map Shows Modest Fire Growth For Monday

The fire grew modestly on Monday, to 7,555 acres. (A previous estimate of 8,500 acres was revised downward.) Today's forecast calls for warm, dry weather with possible dry thunderstorms. The Type 1 Alaska Interagency Incident Management Team takes command of the firefighting effort at 7 a.m.

State fines group opposing salmon habitat initiative for violating naming rule

The Alaska Public Offices Commission says the group violated a rule that requires an organization fighting an initiative to clearly state its opposition in its name. Listen now