Alaska Native Contracts Scrutinized at Senate Hearing

Alaska Native Corporations’ special right to get no-bid federal contracts came under scrutiny today on Capitol Hill. A Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight examined the...

Shell ready to drill for Arctic oil as delayed icebreaker arrives

Shell’s wayward icebreaker made it to the company’s Arctic Ocean drilling site Tuesday. The arrival of the Fennica after a month’s delay means the company could get to drill for oil beneath the Chukchi Sea this summer. Download Audio

ASRC, after backing Dunleavy’s campaign, blasts his oil tax redistribution plan

ASRC president and CEO Rex Rock Sr. said: “Trying to balance a state budget on the backs of the Iñupiat people across the Arctic Slope is a wrongsided attack on our region.”

AK: High tunnel greenhouses on the Kenai Peninsula

Alaska, a farming capitol? It seems far-fetched, but it’s fast becoming a reality. In the last six years, a federal cost chare program through the USDA means giant greenhouses are popping up all over the state. Most of them can be spotted on the Kenai Peninsula. Listen now

Sitka landslides: Part of a larger landscape change?

The landslides that struck Sitka early Tuesday morning are the latest in a series of similar events that started in 2011. Although these slides are triggered by a combination of wind and rainfall, forecasters believe it’s too early to correlate these incidents with changing weather patterns -- but that may change.

When US Senators listen to Arctic voices, only some resonate

Eleven Alaskans testified before the U.S. Senate Energy Committee Thursday, for and against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While senators said they wanted to listen to the people of the Arctic, many seemed to hear selectively. Listen now

State House, Senate call for each other to give ground, Walker hopes for compromise

Talk on the first day of the legislative special session focused on whether the House and Senate can compromise on a plan to balance the state’s budget in the future. Listen now

State heading out to inspect bridge near Denali Park

The State will conduct a special inspection of a bridge that's similar in design and age to the one that collapsed in Minneapolis. The...

Ferry In Southeast Struggles Financially

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority was barely staying afloat when it made a decision to dramatically cut back its service. That’s according to IFA General Manager Bruce Jones, who discussed the IFA’s financial difficulties during Tuesday’s session of the Southeast Conference annual meeting.

Supply boat sinks under offshore platform in Cook Inlet

An oil industry supply boat sank near an offshore platform in icy Cook Inlet today after it began taking on water in the early...

Budding Local Market For Local Blooms

The local food market in Alaska is well established. But there’s a quieter movement gaining momentum in Alaska agriculture: flowers. Peonies make up the largest share of flower farming in the state, and they’re exported around the world. And at Anchorage farmers markets zinnias, sunflowers and dahlias have moved in alongside the kale and potatoes. Download Audio

Palin Wants Changes on Spending Plan for Stimulus Funding

The Palin administration today (Tuesday) presented changes it wants in the way the legislature spends the federal economic stimulus money that the state can...

How Murkowski crafted an energy bill that 80 senators have a stake in

The U.S. Senate is the final resting place for a lot of legislation, but today it passed a broad energy bill. It's passage is a political coup for its sponsor, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who says she had lots of co-authors. Download Audio

Governor's AGIA / TransCanada plan exposed to public hearings

Alaskans have until March 6 to submit public comments on the TransCanada proposal to build a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to...

Holy Bible translated into modern Yup’ik

The Holy Bible is now available in the modern Yup’ik orthography after nearly half a century of work put in by fluent Yup’ik speakers in the Bethel area and the American Bible Society. A number of elders were involved with the project. Download Audio

Friends went looking for a missing Southeast Alaska artist. Instead, they found a note.

“To the world and all concerned: This is to officially notify you that Eric and Pam Bealer, by their own choice and free will, have committed suicide,” the note said. “We have gone to some effort to hide our bodies, as we do not want them found. Please do not waste time and money looking. It would serve no purpose. We are gone, leave us to our peace.”

Ask a Climatologist: Tracking “green up” in Fairbanks

Trees and shrubs are starting to turn green in much of Alaska. But Fairbanks is the only community in the state with an historical record tracking the green up date. Listen now

Alaska’s governor-elect makes key appointments

Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy’s cabinet is taking shape with several key positions announced Monday. Only one has worked for a state government.

Foster Chosen For Vacant House Seat

Governor Sean Parnell (R) came to a blizzard-struck Nome on Tuesday to announce his choice for Western Alaska’s vacant House District-39 seat: Neal...

Lawmakers pass permanent fund draw, spar over PFD effect

For the first time in the Alaska Permanent Fund’s 40-year history, the Legislature has adopted a plan to draw money from the fund to pay for state government. Gov. Bill Walker says he’ll sign it. Listen now