Bill would shift Medicaid recipients to private insurance market

Under a measure backed by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Medicaid would pay the insurance premiums for the people who are shifted over to the private health insurance market.

Senate passes budget that ignores most of Dunleavy’s cuts

On a 19-1 vote, the Alaska Senate approved a budget with a $3,000 dividend — and a $1.2 billion gap between what it spends and what it makes.

What the healthcare overhaul at VA means for Alaska vets

The MISSION Act goes into effect on June 6th, and is intended to modernize veteran healthcare as a wave of younger vets are beginning to access services.

As sea ice melts, fish are showing up farther north off Alaska. A federal fishing trip will investigate if they’re sticking around.

Two summers ago, federal scientists discovered something shocking: The Northern Bering Sea was teeming with cod and pollock. Those two commercially valuable species had never been found in such large huge numbers that far north.

Federal audit finds gaps in Alaska ‘critical incident’ reporting

After a recent review from a federal watchdog agency found Alaska health care providers failed to correctly report and monitor critical incidents involving people with developmental disabilities, state health officials are making changes in an attempt to close the gaps.

Constituents use Wasilla special session to lobby Alaska lawmakers on Gov. Dunleavy’s budget vetoes

Monday’s special session in Wasilla wasn't just a meeting for Alaska’s Republican legislators. It also gave road system Alaskans a chance to offer their opinions about the huge dilemma facing lawmakers right now: whether to uphold Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy's major line-item budget vetoes.

New house bill sets permanent fund dividend at $1600

The House Finance Committee raised its proposal for the permanent fund dividend to sixteen hundred dollars. A new version of a House Bill 2001 setting the dividend amount would also restore funding for most items vetoed by Governor Mike Dunleavy.

Fires north and south of Anchorage close highways, trigger evacuations

High winds, dry conditions have caused the fires to grow rapidly.

Alaska’s sales pitch: Vast resources and a melting Arctic

It was the first time the annual meeting has been held in the United States, and it offered a unique chance for the state to pitch itself as a great investment opportunity to wealth managers from across the globe.

Rule change would allow attorney general to represent governor in ethics complaints

The attorney general’s office says the change would simplify the process for handling complaints. But critics say the proposal could lead to the state footing the bill when top state officials commit violations.

Nestled in massive utility sale, $15M for substance abuse treatment

After hearing feedback and concerns from regulators, a refined version of the ML&P sale came before the Assembly for approval.

Metlakatla, which depends on water, has moved quickly to accommodate the realities of drought

Following a season of drought, the Southeast Alaska community of Metlakatla is navigating a different relationship with water, like a number of other places in the region.

Large turnout at Anchorage rally for Trump impeachment

Around 200 people gathered outside the federal building in Downtown Anchorage Tuesday to send a message to Alaska's congressional delegation ahead of an impending House impeachment vote.

One Anchorage business delivers 150 pizzas a week by plane

There's one Anchorage business flying pizzas hundreds of miles, to far corners of the state.

Group Calls Out Congressman Young for Ties to Militia Leader

Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks Congressman Don Young is being called out for ties to Schaefer Cox.  Young attended a 2nd Amendment Task...

Large crowd greets Celebration paddlers

Dozens of paddlers from Yakutat to Metlakatla and places in between landed their canoes on a Juneau beach on their way to the Southeast Native cultural festival Celebration 2014. More than 500 people waded into the water or watched from the shore as the paddlers ended their journey Wednesday afternoon. Hundreds of others lined a nearby causeway or cheered from parks and bridges along the route. We spoke with some of the paddlers and recorded some of the songs and filed this audio post card. Download Audio

Short $1B, Icebreaker Advocates Consider Leasing, Sharing

Nothing illustrates American disinterest in the Arctic as much as its tiny inventory of icebreakers. Alaska leaders, among others, say the country can’t assert its national interests, or see the economic benefits of a melting Arctic, without more icebreakers. But some now ask, why buy when you can lease? Download Audio

Christmas decorations brighten Sitka after rough year

Mike Romine is a Sitka man with a love of Christmas lights. His home has become an attraction every December with its huge displays, coordinated to musical hits such as “Uptown Funk” and “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen. But this season, as Sitkans work to recover from a deadly natural disaster, the lights hold a special meaning. Download Audio

Homegrown and hydroponic: Veggies are St. Paul’s new subsistence food

St. Paul’s greenhouse isn’t what you’d imagine. There’s no big glass structure. All the windows are covered from the inside. It’s underneath the city’s grocery store on the first floor of the building. Listen Now