International Joint Commission launches ‘fact-finding mission’ into B.C. transboundary mining

International Joint Commission U.S. commissioners Rob Sissons, left and co-chair Jane Corwin listen at an Aug 5, 2019 meeting in Juneau...

Petersburg ferry workers speak out on budget cuts

The ferry union strike might be over but some Petersburg ferry workers are still concerned about the state cuts to the Alaska Marine Highway System and other services.

Alaska ferries resume sailing after striking workers ratify new contract

Members won a 3% raise over three years and concessions on how much they’d contribute towards the health care plan and when.

Rate increases coming for Pioneer Home residents

Depending on the level of care, a resident could see their monthly rate more than double.

State and ferry workers union reach tentative agreement

Negotiators for the state and the Inland Boatmen’s Union reached a tentative agreement late Thursday night, which could bring an end to Alaska’s ten-day-old ferry strike.

Across coastal Alaska, Recall Dunleavy campaign gets underway

A statewide effort got underway Thursday seeking to remove Gov. Mike Dunleavy from office. The first step for campaigners is to gather 28,501 signatures to start a recall petition.

Point Lay sees earliest walrus haul out ever

It's the earliest walrus haul out since it began happening in 2007, according to the federal agency. The haul outs are associated with declining sea ice due to climate change. Paragraph

Dunleavy administration seeks overhaul of Alaska’s cruise ship program

The Alaska Legislature has restored funding for the Ocean Rangers, but the future of the independent cruise ship monitors — as well as the state’s entire cruise ship program — is uncertain.

Gov. Dunleavy chooses new chief of staff, Babcock moved to policy advisor

Tuckerman Babcock stepped down to become a senior policy advisor. And former Senate President Ben Stevens will be the new chief of staff.

Campaign to recall Gov. Dunleavy set to start August 1

Organizers say the governor has made multiple moves that meet the legal justifications for recall, and will begin a long campaign to hold a recall election.
Sockeye salmon like these tend to use many different parts of the Bristol Bay watershed during their adolescence, according to a recent study. (CREDIT JASON CHING / UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON)

This time, EPA decision has Pebble mine developers cheering

The EPA has thrown out a proposal launched during the Obama administration that some called a "pre-emptive" veto of the mine. It's a procedural decision that has bad implications for mine opponents.

UA regents move to consolidate University of Alaska system into one accredited university

The University of Alaska Board of Regents voted 8 to 3 to move towards consolidating the entire university system to a single accredited university. The board discussed several proposals for the university system well into the afternoon in Anchorage Tuesday.

Can Alaska learn anything from ‘the Kansas experiment’?

As Alaskans debate Gov. Mike Dunleavy's budget cuts, a different state occasionally enters the conversation to serve as a kind of cautionary tale: Kansas.
ak legislature

Legislature passes capital budget funding, $1,600 PFD, veto reversals

The Alaska Legislature passed two major bills on Monday. One would fund the capital budget. Gov. Mike Dunleavy said he’s glad it passed.

‘Tired of playing defense’: GOP claims the environment issue. But climate change? Not so much.

President Trump and Republicans in Congress want you to know: Republicans care about the environment, too. That was the message from events this month, at the White House and the U.S. Capitol. But climate change wasn't high on the Republican list.

With ANWR drilling on its doorstep, an Alaska Native village is poised to profit

It’s still too early to know if petroleum even exists in the refuge in commercially-viable quantities. But if it’s found, Kaktovik’s residents are simultaneously positioned to be among the biggest beneficiaries, and to experience some of the biggest disruptions.

Senate Finance Committee sends $3,000 PFD to floor vote

Supporters of a full dividend have said the state should follow the formula in a 1982 law, while opponents have said the full amount would put the future of the earnings reserve and dividends at risk.

‘We’re gonna be out on the streets’: Anchorage readies for a homeless crisis

As the city extends a civil emergency over an anticipated surge in homelessness, families worry they will have nowhere to go after budget vetoes.

Alaska House absences draw attention

Any of four absent members could have changed the outcome of a vote to fund the capital budget this week.

Moody’s sees negative outlook for Alaska’s credit rating

If the state’s credit rating were to be downgraded, it would raise the interest rate for the government to borrow money.