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The bill’s cost could reduce the savings from Senate Bill 91 by roughly 7 percent. Listen now

Department of Corrections officials estimate the new bill could cost between $1.6 million and just over $4.3 million dollars. Listen now

Eleven Alaskans testified before the U.S. Senate Energy Committee Thursday, for and against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While senators said they wanted to listen to the people of the Arctic, many seemed to hear selectively. Listen now

For decades, environmental groups warned Big Oil would plunder the Arctic Refuge if Congress opened the area to drilling. Now, ahead of a Senate hearing, the environmental argument has shifted. A new report claims drilling advocates are exaggerating industry's interest in the refuge. Listen now

Following months of intense public criticism. Frank Kelty has denied allegations that he interfered with the former city manager or forced his resignation. Listen now

The 15-person "Climate Action for Alaska Leadership Team" will be chaired by Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott, and will propose a climate change action plan. Those recommendations are due by September 2018. Listen now

With thousands of alleged violations, the total damages would be more than $50 million. Listen now

Attorney General Jahna Lindemuth said reducing crime will take enhanced collaboration across different departments. Listen now

Funding for CHIP, the low-income children's health insurance program, has expired. Several states are close to running out of money. But the Alaska Division of Health Care Services says the state has enough money to continue funding its CHIP program, called Denali KidCare, until April. Listen now

Rep. Chuck Kopp has proven to be a key vote, largely sticking to Alaska Criminal Justice Commission recommendations. Listen now

The U.S. House has passed the Senate's budget resolution, and with it the seeds of legislation that could open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. Listen now

Alaskans disturbed about rising crime are focusing their anger on a law passed more than a year ago, Senate Bill 91. Listen now

Two Republicans rocked the U.S. Senate Tuesday with harsh criticism of President Trump, for what they call flagrant disregard for truth and debasing the nation. So far, the two senators aren't discussing it. Listen now

The House Judiciary heard a variety of proposed changes to Senate Bill 54. The bill would scale back some of the reductions in criminal sentencing enacted last year. Listen now

Of the two items on the special session agenda, there appears to be more urgency to pass the crime bill. Listen now

President Trump says "Obamacare is dead." That negative advertising from the White House is just one of the obstacles Alaska's navigators have to overcome ahead of the enrollment period that starts Nov. 1. Listen now

Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott’s re-election campaign kicked off Sunday afternoon in Juneau. About 100 community members showed up to Elizabeth Peratrovich Hall for music, face painting and food.

The meeting was public -- sort of. It wasn't easily accessible. There was no way to call in. The legislative information office, or LIO, was closed for the state holiday. So the meeting wasn't streamed like others are during the legislative session.

The prospect of drilling rigs in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge just got a little more realistic. Listen now

A Skagway resident narrowly elected to a seat on the borough assembly violated state disclosure laws three times. That’s according to Alaska Public Offices Commission staff. They determined Dan Henry has failed to disclose his income, debt, and now, gifts from a private company.