Spoken Word Movement 2 Spoken Word is not a new art form, it is seen throughout history in the form of storytelling, oral history and song. Now Spoken Word is unraveling into an international movement, looking to promote the voices of the voiceless, focusing specifically on teens. Read more.

Fishermans Wharf (December 2013) The internet said eighty degree weather in California the first week of December. So, husband Dave and I left our mittens in the car before flying to Los Angeles for a bankruptcy conference and Fall art. Sitting in our hotel room later, I kept hearing Sinatra singing, “hate California, it’s cold and it’s damp.” Catalina Island looked like a cake submerged in whipped cream. Read more.

Kastles Creations Cupcakes Eagle River's Kastle's Kreations, purveyor of quality cupcakes, recently won big on TV's Cupcake Wars with their Lemon Rosemary Smoked Salmon cupcake. Here is the recipe, direct from Kastle's Kreations - in case you're adventurous enough to try it yourself! See the recipe.

Sarah Alvarez Poached Eggs 1 I don't know if a Sunday has ever gone by without my dad eating poached eggs. I've never really been one for traditional breakfast meals and much prefer cereal with berries and yogurt. But, after 30 years, I decided it is time I get on the grown-up breakfast bandwagon. See the recipe.

The annual school Christmas program in Point Hope is a little different than in most communities. Yes, there are seasonally popular songs and carols, but many of them are sung in Inupiaq, the language of the Tikigaqmuit. Read more.

Tarri Thurman has been a metalsmith for 10 years. Originally a hairdresser from Ann Arbor, Michigan, she moved to Alaska in 1995, working a variety of jobs from back hoe operator to arborist to pizza maker. She sold my first piece of artwork as an apprentice, off the bench, before it was completed. Read more.

Chicken Blog Tumult 1 In the past couple of weeks, my chicken house looks like several chickens have spontaneously combusted… it’s a cloud of feathers. But every chicken is, luckily, accounted for. It’s just my Easter-egger going through a late-season molt. Read more.

Jeanne-Waite-Star-Excerpt On their first Christmas together, my parents purchased a simple red aluminum foil star for the top of their small tabletop Christmas tree. In the snapshot they stand on either side of the tree. The star has a large hole in the center, obviously meant for a tree light to be inserted from the back. Read more.

Heidi Drygas Turkey 1 Ah, Thanksgiving. A time for friends and family to gather around the table in love and friendship, so that we may all sit down, say grace, and stuff our faces full of delicious foods drenched in butter and cream. At this point, what I really should tell you about is this delectable little recipe I am sharing with you for your holiday table. But what I really want to tell you about is how I'm getting a turkey on a plane for Thanksgiving. Read more.

Natasha Price DIY 1 Shirts with big hearts are big right now, but despite the fad I actually think they are pretty cool. I’ve had a few old cashmere sweaters awaiting crafting and this was the perfect short-attention-span craft: cut out a heart, sew it on a shirt. Read more.

We surf all over Alaska. And, the real story is the incredible Alaskan coastline with its immense wilderness areas and awe inspiring weather. The video series will show what it's like to venture out into this incredible scenery at times when the weather is not necessarily hospitable. Read more.

Heidi-Drygas-Shrimp-Excerpt There comes a time in every woman's life when her grit, determination, and willpower are put to the test. A time when resolve and fortitude are challenged in a epic battle of skill, creativity, and knowledge. Of course, I'm talking about the Alaska Sustainable Seafood Cookoff! The Challenge: Four duos battle it out in one hour to produce the best seafood dish for 5 local foodie judges. Click for the story and recipe.

Pauline-Reed-Excerpt My friend Pauline died recently. From the time I heard that she was ill, and since she passed, I spent a lot of time thinking about the dynamo that was Pauline and the times when our paths crossed. Pauline and I were friends, but not best friends. We didn’t hang out together, giggle about boys, or share our innermost teenage angst. Were we not classmates at Anchorage High School, we most likely never would have met. Read more.

The production of Marian Call's Good Morning Moon music video spanned the world and then left it behind completely. The space footage came from NASA archives and the time-lapse photography of Earth came from the International Space Station. Read more.

Jamie Woodside Geese With all of the leaves gone, the weather is starting to feel less like fall and more like winter, and I'm somewhat surprised that there is no snow on the ground yet. I've been taking full advantage of the un-frozen earth, however, and am still enjoying the harvests from the garden. Read more.

Cutterlight Salmon Mushrooms Soup 1 With or without lobster mushrooms (see photo below), this quick, easy seafood soup is one of our wintertime favorites. Other iterations have featured broiled or grilled salmon, smoked salmon, and Alaska shrimp. We enjoyed this soup with homemade biscuits. Click for the recipe.

Once they enter fresh water chum salmon stop feeding and morph into an aggressive creature intent only on mating. After spawning, they die and their bodies become a source of nutrients for everything in the forest and sea. More.

Paramotoring over Eklutna Lake and Twin Peaks near Anchorage, Alaska - the golden fall scenery is amazing in September.

Don Griffith, 1940′s. “I packed one suit, two shirts and two ties,” Dad said to Mom the night before he left Portland. He had accepted a job with the Bureau of Land Management in Anchorage and needed to be presentable for work, but had little room in the old Plymouth for much of anything in addition to camping equipment, food, fishing gear and his beloved guns. Read more.

Gurney works while observing the scene out the window of a train. James Gurney’s famed Dinotopia series, enchanting adventures juxtaposing mythical creatures and humans against fantasy backgrounds, morphed into his how-to book, Imaginative Realism. Imaginative Realism’s sequel is Gurney’s Color and Light. Written in a convenient cookbook style, he imparts artistic elements, rules-of-the-road, that take painters on a journey, becoming keener observers while perfecting their artistic endeavors. Read more.