Interested in volunteering, but not sure where to start – or even what’s available? A new website from United Way of Anchorage makes it easy for you to find out how you can make a difference in Anchorage. makes it easy to make a difference. Read more.

Lack of skilled health care providers and a lack of access to medication is the everyday experience of those in developing nations. Midwives for Haiti is a non-profit organization training locals to be skilled birth attendants in rural Haiti. Alaska FIlm Forum is partnering with one of those midwifes, to make a documentary film about her experience. Read more.

You are watching exclusive live footage from Alaska's Brooks River in Katmai National Park. Every year over a hundred Brown Bears descend on a mile long stretch of Brooks River to feast on the largest Sockeye Salmon run in the world. Click for more.

The Sadler's Alaska Challenge is the toughest and longest Handcycle race in the world. The 7 stage race was held in Alaska, July 15-21. The Alaska Teen Media Institute documented the race. Read more.

Anchorage Park Foundation Russian Jack Park 2 The polar bear playground at Anchorage's North Russian Jack Springs Park is officially open for play. This section of park has undergone a complete transformation from an abandoned and frightening area to a vibrant and bustling community recreation hub. Read more.

Barber Cabin near the Russian River Campground Four walls can really help you sleep in bear country! You can rent a public use cabin and have a great camping adventure. Read about the cabin and see what items you need to bring as each of them are unique. Here is a little primer for you before your first cabin camping adventure. Read more.

Our former resident rooster, Roo Paul. Today, for the first time in many years, my yard was silent. There was no 4 am crow to incorporate into my dreams, as so often happens in the summer, and no crow to greet me when I came out to feed the dogs and chickens. Roo Paul was gone – taken away yesterday by the Rooster Remover, because yes, I am too "chicken" to dispatch problem birds myself. Read the full story.

Food Mosaic Sopa Azteca 1 The smell of chicken stock simmering with spices, tomatoes and potatoes brings Rebeca Barbosa right back to her childhood kitchen in Central Mexico. She now prepares Sopa Azteca regularly at her home near Westchester Lagoon. This is her mother's traditional recipe. See the recipe.

Construction of the Cultural Center in Downtown Wrangell, June 2013 A small island town with economic roots in the fishing and logging industries, Wrangell is nestled in the heart of the Inside Passage at the mouth of the mighty Stikine River. Wrangell’s cultural heritage is rooted in the traditions of the Stikine Tlingit and Haida tribes, a cultural connection that the Wrangell Cooperative Association has been working to revitalize and reestablish in the close-knit community of 2,300 residents. Read more.

Woodside Sunchoke 2 For those of you who don't know, a Sunchoke, or Jerusalem Artichoke, is a perennial related to the sunflower with a tuberous root that is very edible and quite tasty. I have been hearing about Sunchokes and their cold temperature hardiness for many years now, and they seem like a great perennial vegetable for Alaska, yet I've never seen them planted in the gardens around here. Read more.

AIFF Logo The Anchorage International Film Festival announces the Great Alaskan Short Film Contest. This is a new contest meant to encourage filmmaking in Alaska by Alaskans. Films must be between 15 and 25 minutes in length and not have screened anywhere previously. Winners will be awarded cash prizes. Read more.

Alaska_Owl_small Imagine following a guide as he swims through Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. He holds up shells for you to see and points out colorful fish. You wave your hand to get his attention and ask a question. After listening to the answer, you continue exploring together: You and the other 50 people seated in Muldoon Neighborhood Library’s community room. Read more.

A group of St. Paul Island 6th and 7th grade students have been studying the seabirds native to their island. For their final project for the Seabird Youth Network, the young students teamed up with Alaska Teen Media Institute to make a video documentary. Click here for the full story.

Anchorage Food Mosaic Word Map The question was simple: why is gardening (in Alaska of all places!) important to you? The responses were thoughtful, witty, and it quickly became clear to me that a garden represents something different to each person. It is a small, yet powerful act of self-sufficiency, localism, and in some cases rebellion. Read more.

Chugach National Forest Summer Jobs 1 When Alex Zimmerman was young, she loved the outdoors and told people she wanted to be a “bug scientist” when she grew up. But her career plans really began to take shape last year when she was accepted into Youth Employment in Parks. Read more.

Thread Early Learning Too many children in the United States arrive at the kindergarten door already behind their peers. But where do we start if we are to make sure our children are ready for school? Earlier than you think! From the moment of birth, babies start on a path of learning and discovery that determines how confidently they step over the kindergarten threshold and beyond. Read more.

Summer of Heroes Excerpt Alaska Communications is happy to announce the third annual Summer of Heroes program in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska. The program recognizes five young Alaska heroes who are making a difference in Alaska communities. Read more.

Karen Nickoli is a playful 10-year-old from Russian Mission, a small Yup’ik village near Bethel. She woke up with a fever one day and found out she had cancer the next. Providence houses the only children’s hospital in the state so Karen would be staying in Anchorage for her care. Scared and far from home, Karen and her mom could hardly wait for the rest of their family to join them. Learn more.

Sitka basket and textile weaver Teri Rofkar has been named the 2013 Rasmuson Distinguished Artist. The $40,000 award recognizes an artist with stature and a history of creative excellence. Learn more.

The warehouse that will house Anchorage Community Works in the Ship Creek area. Anchorage Community Works is a concert venue, art studio, shared classroom and collaborative workspace that is opening in Anchorage this summer. With a mission to provide a community center for local creatives and small business owners, “The Works” will connect and collaborate with locals who care about art, music, culture, learning, politics, and health. Learn more.