Republican Talerico falls one vote short of becoming House speaker

The vote was the latest action in a stalemate that’s preventing Alaska’s House of Representatives from beginning work this session.

The state’s new budget director is a well-known fiscal hawk

Donna Arduin has worked on cutting spending for governors in six other states. She’s expected to propose deep cuts to address the $1.6 billion hole in the state’s budget.

Shutdown cripples, but doesn’t sink Alaska Marine Science Symposium

The federal shutdown made waves last week at a major conference on Alaska’s marine research that may have repercussions for the coming research season.

Southeast Alaska tribe takes initial steps to create their own tribal court

A Southeast Alaska tribe has taken the initial steps to begin creating their own tribal court.

UA president says drastic actions would have to happen to cover Dunleavy’s proposed $134M in cuts

The Governor’s budget proposal lops $134 million from state support for the University of Alaska, reducing the general fund allocation from the current year’s $327 million dollars to $193 million.

For Anchorage’s Ed Wesley, sense of duty to civil rights activism runs deep

Ask Wesley about his history as an African American leader, especially in the context of Black History Month, and he mostly defers to give credit to the contributions of others. But Wesley does tell a story that shows -- from his arrival in Alaska with the Army, to working security during construction of the pipeline and later settling in Anchorage -- he has a sense of civic responsibility that formed during the civil rights movement that has stayed with him over the years.

For Nome cemetery, radar survey offers new insights — and prompts new questions

A summer survey with ground-penetrating radar revealed a possible 403 unidentified occupants in the Nome Municipal Cemetery.

Musher chases bison off trail, with an ax

Wildlife are a common occurrence on the Iditarod trail, and they sometimes have chance encounters with mushers. Now, in this year’s Iditarod, one more musher can say they’ve come across bison along the trail. Listen now

Prospect of commercial fishing in central Arctic Ocean poses big questions for science

The first legally-binding, multilateral agreement to prevent commercial fishing in the central Arctic Ocean was signed last year. A key part of that agreement is collaboration on scientific research, which could underpin a management plan later.

Nuclear power in Alaska? Experts say it’s not as far-fetched as you think.

Nuclear power has been explored in Alaska before, in the Interior village of Galena, and went nowhere. At an Anchorage conference this month, the Resource Development Council, an industry group, took another look.

This Juneau man built the fully electric boat of his dreams

The Tongass Mist can fit up to six passengers. Next summer, it could give tourists a new way to experience an excursion on the water. Listen now

Alaska Remains #1 Chlamydia State

Alaska still ranks number one in the country for Chlamydia according to a report released today (12/13) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Black box recovered from crashed Southeast flight

An air ambulance company says it has recovered the cockpit voice recorder for its plane that crashed in Southeast Alaska’s Frederick Sound in late January.

Which Native voices? On Arctic Refuge, lawmakers practice selective listening

It's all about who you ignore. Rep. Don Young told his colleagues to disregard the anti-drilling Gwich'in witnesses while pro-development Inupiat witnesses accuse Democrats of erasing them from the land that's been their home for thousands of years.
A blue and white ferry travels through the water on a clear day with mountains in the background

Alaska’s fast ferries are being prepped for sale

State officials confirm the fast ferry Fairweather will be removed from service this month. It’s part of a plan to sell both fast ferries in advance of a $250,000 ferry system study commissioned by the Dunleavy administration.

Hecla mine reports contract employee killed in fatal bear mauling

A company spokesman said this is the first bear-related injury the mine’s had since opening in 1989. Listen now

Republican candidate LeBon joins court case reviewing contentious HD1 ballots

The Republican candidate in the disputed House District 1 election is joining the court case reviewing the ballot count.

UA Regents Approve Tuition Hike

The University of Alaska Board of Regents have voted 9-1 to increase tuition. The board on Friday approved what the university system is calling the lowest increase in over a decade. The board, meeting in Juneau, approved UA President Pat Gamble's proposal to raise tuition by 2 percent for resident undergraduates and a 4 percent increase for non-resident undergraduates. Regents also approved a 2 percent increase to the graduate resident and non-resident rate.

After years shut, a rural tannery re-opens for business

In the small community of Shishmaref there’s a local business like no other. It’s a tannery, set up to process hundreds of seal hides a year sent from subsistence hunters. Listen now

2018 Native Youth Olympics begin in Anchorage

More than 400 high school athletes from across Alaska are in town for the statewide championship, which tests strength, endurance and agility. Listen now