Chignik fishermen stuck ashore as sockeye run fails

There is really only one thing to talk about in Chignik Bay these days: Where are the sockeye? Listen now

Alaska’s Affordable Care Act Enrollment Remains Low

The federal government released numbers today that give an idea of who is signing up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. In Alaska, about 3000 people selected marketplace plans before Dec. 28 and 83 percent qualify for a subsidy to help pay for premiums. But Enroll Alaska has seen a steep drop off in the number of people signing up for insurance in the New Year. Download Audio

Loss of accreditation leaves UAA students unsure about getting teaching licenses

Two-hundred-fifty students in teaching programs at the University of Alaska Anchorage are wondering if they'll qualify for teaching licenses when they graduate. That's because UAA's education program lost it's national accreditation late last week.

Fire Destroys Kivalina’s Only Store

A fire destroyed Kivalina’s only store early Friday morning, leaving the northwest Alaska village of 400 without all the food and supplies that were stored there. Download Audio

Senate Passes Bill To Limit Access To Certain Court Records

If you've ever been charged with a crime in Alaska, it's documented in an online database called "Courtview" that anyone can check. Landlords use it. Employers use it. Some people even use it use it while dating to see if their romantic partner has a criminal history. Soon, those searches could be limited to only cases where a guilty verdict has been reached. Download Audio

S&P says Alaska’s bond rating jeopardized by budget deficit

Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services revised its outlook from stable to negative in a ratings report released Tuesday.

Redistricting Board Awaiting U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Alaska’s Redistricting Board is awaiting the outcome of a United State Supreme Court case that could remove some federal restrictions from state redistricting plans. Wednesday, the nation’s highest court heard arguments over whether states with a history of discrimination need to get Department of Justice approval for state voting maps. Although the federal Supreme Court case was brought by an Alabama county, it has implications for Alaska. The state of Alaska filed a brief in support of the plaintiffs, while the Alaska Federation of Natives filed a brief in support of the federal government.

Delayed ferry heads for Unalaska despite government shutdown threat

The Alaska state Ferry Tustumena spent at least five extra days off the water and missed its first scheduled sailing earlier this month, and it is headed for Unalaska this weekend. But it’s still unclear what a possible state government shutdown could mean if the legislature fails to fund a budget by the start of the next fiscal year.

In downtown Anchorage, election results prompt rapture and shock

While many parts of the country -- and the world -- were stunned by Donald Trump's upset win Tuesday night, there was one place in Alaska where people claimed they saw it coming all along.

Ferry Columbia out for repairs at least one week

If repairs are successful, the Columbia would next head north from Bellingham on Jan. 26 with service to Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Juneau, Haines and Skagway. Listen now

Ancient human remains found in dirt pile in Haines

Employees at the American Bald Eagle Foundation were working on improving accommodations for raptors residing there, when they unearthed part of a skull. Download Audio

6.3 Earthquake Shakes Much of Alaska Tuesday Evening

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake shook much of Alaska Tuesday night. It was felt from the Alaska Peninsula to Fairbanks. According to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake site, the quake occurred just after 6:35 p.m.

Advocacy Group Puts Setnet Restriction Measure on the Ballot

The Alaska Fisheries Conservation Alliance has handed over enough signatures to the state division of elections to get a voter initiative on the 2016 general election ballot. Download Audio:

Denali Commission Money Survives House

Congressman Don Young fends off incursion from fiscal hawks, but the commission remains a shadow of its former self. Download Audio

Police hope to launch drones over Anchorage — with limits

In a presentation to the Anchorage Assembly, APD laid out policy proposals for a narrow set of functions they think unmanned aircraft can improve and expedite. Listen now

Begich Gets Seat On Indian Affairs, Appropriations Committees

When the 113th congress gets to work, Democratic Senator Mark Begich will have some new committee assignments. Begich has secured a seat on the Indian Affairs committee. He will no longer have a spot on the budget committee. Begich also now has a seat on the powerful appropriations committee, he gave up his seat on the Armed Services Committee for the appropriations position.

Schaeffer Cox Given More Time To File Appellate Brief

Convicted militia leader Schaeffer Cox has been given more time to file an appeal brief with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

AK: Options dwindle for orphaned sea otters

In coastal Alaska, a bacterial infection has caused adult sea otter die-offs in record numbers. Meanwhile, researchers have seen a steep increase in the number of orphaned pups over the last several years. Listen now

BLM Meeting With Kuskokwim Communities About Red Devil Mine Contamination

The Bureau of Land Management is meeting with communities along the Kuskowkim River to talk about contamination leftover from the Red Devil mercury mine.

2 Tanana Officials Indicted On Federal Wire Fraud, Theft Charges

Two Tanana city officials have been charged with taking federal property for personal gain. Tanana City manager Alfred R. “Bear” Ketzler and city expediter Alfred McQuestion Fabian have been indicted on federal wire fraud and theft charges. Download Audio