Hometown, Alaska

Local guests discuss community issues and take listener calls during this LIVE call-in show. Hometown, Alaska features conversations with leaders and decision-makers in local and statewide government, social service agencies, educational institutions and cultural groups. Hosted by Kathleen McCoy. If you have a topic that could be discussed on Hometown, Alaska send your suggestion to: hometown@alaskapublic.org

Three women judges anchor the Alaska Court of Appeals

The Alaska Court of Appeals is an intermediate court of appeals in the Alaska Court System, created...
image illustrating help for a climber, metaphor for mentoring

Need: Mentors for youth aging out of the state foster care safety net

Image by Mohamed Hassan, of Pixaby. Used with permission. Alaska has approximately 3,000 youth in foster care, and...

Hometown, Alaska: Perry Merkel, coffee man

He’s the man who brought the first great cup of coffee to Anchorage. Perry Merkel started Cafe Del Mundo before anyone had ever...
Law books

Juvenile justice in Alaska: Issues and challenges

KSKA: Wednesday April 12, 2017 @ 2pm and 8 pm. Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska takes a look at our state's juvenile justice system, with guests representing both prosecution and defense. LISTEN HERE

Loving and learning from jazz

What can you learn from jazz? Find out from these Alaska students, including high school, college and an adult learner, along with their teacher, John Damberg. They'll play a few tunes, too. Thanks for listening!

How citizens can ride along with the APD

This summer solstice evening, Senior Judge Elaine Andrews participated in a citizen's ride along with the Anchorage...

RUNNING: Hear from Assembly candidates for Downtown and Eagle River/Chugiak

Alaska Public Media’s RUNNING series featuring candidates for the April 7 Anchorage municipal election will air on...

‘Extra Tough’ refreshes the Northern story—past, present and future—with women’s values and sensibilities

Plains Cree and European artist Meryl McMaster poses on the northern peninsula of Newfoundland, a first point of contact between indigenous...

Schools: What’s working

This week Hometown Alaska visits with Anchorage School District personnel: a principal, a teacher and a counselor/coordinator, (and if we are lucky, a few students) to hear about programs that work, how and why. KSKA: Wednesday, Feb. 17 @ 2:00 pm and 8 pm. LISTEN NOW

Proposition 10: Should we sell ML&P to Chugach Electric Association?

KSKA: Wednesday, March 14, 2 pm and 8 pm. Voters will decide over the coming weeks if Anchorage will have one electric utility or two. On the next Hometown Alaska, join us as we explore the reasons behind the proposed sale of Municipal Light and Power to Chugach Electric Association and ask your questions, including the impact on rates, taxes, jobs and energy. LISTEN HERE

The Alaska Constitution 101: What you need to know

Alaska's Constitution played a role in our Nov. 6, 2018 election. Some candidates argued to install protection for the PFD by writing it into the constitution. And in another matter, voters chose not to retain one judge over reactions to the outcome of a court case. Today's show is a chance to better understand our state's constitution, and hear the thinking behind the convention delegates' decisions. Thanks for listening!

Surprise: Alaska has ticks, and more are on the way

Image courtesy of the Alaska State Veterinary office. Maybe you are like me. I assumed that Alaska was...

Foragers share their passion for finding wild foods

Spruce tips photographed on a foraging walk through Jeanne Osnas's lower Hillside neighborhood. (Photo by Kathleen McCoy) In...

Taking improv to work

Everybody loves the quick wit, unexpected humor and poignant moments of improv. But more and more, its basic principles are ending up in the work world. Local improv practitioners explain why. DOWNLOAD AUDIO

Happy 25 to Alaska Botanical Garden

The gardening season is short and very intense in Alaska, so it may surprise you to know our community has a botanical garden enjoying its 25th year. In today's show, we'll talk to garden writer Jeff Lowenfels and the garden's executive director, Mike Monterusso, about its history and mission, and how it has shaped and informed gardening in Anchorage and Alaska. Thanks for listening!

Resilience: What does it take?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from a tough blow. Today, we hear three Alaska stories of resilience. Thanks for listening!

Alaskans eat: wild salmon, fresh berries, canned milk, Pilot Bread, cake mix, seal meatballs, pho, Jello, muktuk, spam musubi, pancit…

Image by Brian Kimmel, for the Anchorage Museum's What Why How We Eat exhibition, open through Jan 12, 2020. Julia O'Malley's...
Image of Alaska Pipeline

New book: How Alaska’s pipeline shaped America’s Religious Right

KL Marshall, originally from Texas but currently living in Alaska (thanks to COVID-19 shuttering her graduate school),...

Hometown, Alaska: Entrepreneur, Bob Kaufman

Photo courtesy of Bob Kaufman, Alaska.org The first thing to mention about Bob Kaufman is that he swam across Cook Inlet. But what’s more...

100 Stone ‘pays it forward’

KSKA: Wednesday, June 28, 2 pm and 8 pm. Artist Sarah Davies created the public exhibition 100 Stone by collaborating with individuals who had experienced depression to create body casts. Eventually dozens were installed on the beach below Point Woronzof. Now, Davies and the Alaska Humanities Forum want to fund another compelling work that engages and heals. LISTEN HERE