Hometown, Alaska

Local guests discuss community issues and take listener calls during this LIVE call-in show. Hometown, Alaska features conversations with leaders and decision-makers in local and statewide government, social service agencies, educational institutions and cultural groups. Hosted by Kathleen McCoy and Dr. E.J. David. If you have a topic that could be discussed on Hometown, Alaska send your suggestion to: hometown@alaskapublic.org

RUNNING: Hear from the Anchorage School Board candidates

Alaska Public Media's RUNNING series featuring candidates for the April 7 Anchorage municipal election will air on Hometown Alaska over four episodes. Monday March...

Magistrates strive for justice in rural, urban Alaska courts

Alaska's legal system can seem complex and confusing from the outside looking in. The purpose of today's show is to make one sliver of...

APU’s journey toward becoming a tribal college

APU is a small liberal arts and sciences college located in the U-Med District, just east of UAA and north of the Alaska Native...

Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Awards: Pulling back the curtain on the application process

For more than a decade and a half, the Rasmuson Foundation has stood with Alaskan artists. Their Individual Artist Awards (IAA) nourish the artist...

How understanding childhood trauma influences a Palmer therapeutic court for families

When parents have difficulty in life and marriage, the trouble is not isolated to the couple. New understandings about brain development and childhood trauma,...

Moose are more dangerous than you might think

What scares you most? Moose or bear? The facts are: more humans are hurt by moose every year than by bear. Learn what you need to know to live, hike and drive in moose country.

Reading woes: How busy parents can help

Discouraging reading scores and a K-3 statewide policy to improve Alaska's scores is one of the hot topics in Juneau these days. Governor Mike...

Easing the ride: Anchorage road-bike-transit fixes for 2020

As a bike commuter, the culvert under Arctic Valley Boulevard often has been an exciting transit opportunity. I have rolled through water up to my pedals. But a fix in 2020 — a new culvert — is aimed at better managing Chester Creek overflow near Valley of the Moon park.

LISTEN: These two organizations fight to protect the civil rights of Alaskans

At least two legal agencies work to protect the civil rights of Alaskans. Today's show will look at the particular missions of the Northern...

Alaskans eat: wild salmon, fresh berries, canned milk, Pilot Bread, cake mix, seal meatballs, pho, Jello, muktuk, spam musubi, pancit…

It's daunting to think how far back I go with Julia O'Malley. Think her high school years. Think her column in the feature section...

Three women judges anchor the Alaska Court of Appeals

The Alaska Court of Appeals is an intermediate court of appeals in the Alaska Court System, created in 1980 by the Alaska Legislature as...

What makes a Renaissance Alaskan? Meet one and find out.

Every since watching Shawn Lyons shuffle down my street on his way to a long, slow distance training run, I've been curious about him....

[Recent] art in public places: Who made it? How did they create it? What were they thinking?

Back in September, I visited the UAA Engineering and Industry Building for an art reception. The College of Engineering hosted the event to welcome...

Gratitude: Is it an emotion? A virtue? A behavior?

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to host a program that would guide us toward the right frame of mind. After all,...

4 Alaska Startups: How they built it

An oyster farmer. A salt-from-the-sea company. An airport vending machine for all things baby. Custom-designed and Alaska-tested outdoor wear for women, manufactured right here...

In Memoriam: Conversation with ‘ENCOUNTERS’ host Richard Nelson


How does he even get those amazing natural wildlife sounds, as if he were standing right next to that grunting grizzly bear! As the host of Encounters, Richard Nelson is our guide to the fascinating sights,sounds and behaviors of Alaska’s resilient animals. For an opportunity to talk with Alaska anthropologist and naturalist Richard Nelson, join host Kathleen McCoy on a special edition of Hometown, Alaska on Friday. KSKA: Friday 11/11 at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm

AFN Convention: “Alaska is not a broke state” and protesters have a place

-------------------------------- PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: At 12:30 in the podcast, AFN leaders assert that "Alaska is not a broke state." At 18:30, AFN leaders respond to a singing...

UAA, UAF, UAS faculty discuss university accreditation

What does university accreditation mean? Why does each of the state's three universities have its own accreditation? If UA moved to a single accreditation,...
a white man speaks in front of a man and woman

Meet Chief Justice Joel Bolger, Alaska Supreme Court

Joel Bolger has served on the Alaska Supreme Court since 2013, and was selected by fellow judges to serve three years as its Chief...

Ask the Superintendent

An impressive logistical and operational effort happens five days a week in our town when 46,000 students filter into 130 different schools and programs...