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Tuesdays at 10 a.m. (LIVE) repeating at 8 p.m.This is Alaska’s only statewide call-in forum for discussing the issues impacting life on the Last Frontier. Politics, science, culture and current events are covered by hosts from the Alaska Public Media news team along with guests and callers.

Taking action to reduce substance misuse

Substance use disorders are diseases caused by many factors. Preventing and treating them requires input from everyone, not just law enforcement and health professionals. Those are some of the key messages in the state’s new opioid action plan. On Talk of Alaska we’ll discuss the plan and the ways you can be part of the solutions.

The Norway Model

Norway has saved more of its oil money than Alaska. A lot more. And the government there gives oil leases to the best operator, not necessarily the highest bidder. Could Alaska learn to handle our wealth from Norway? A large delegation of Alaskans recently went to Norway and came back thinking we can do better.

Talk of Alaska: Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Well, it's been quite a year. Sarah Palin steps down as governor. Sean Parnell steps up. Former senator, Ted Stevens, battled in court. Oil was down to...
Palmer Jr. Middle School 7th grader, Shania Sommer, 12, announced the amount of the 2015 Permanent Fund Dividend. (Photo by Josh Edge, APRN - Anchorage)

The history of the creation of the permanent fund

What was the original intent of the Alaska Permanent Fund? A rainy day savings account for Government funding after oil was depleted or a fund to pay citizens a dividend and subsidize programs? What happens if the fund is drawn down to help shore up budget shortfalls? We’ll discuss a UAF course designed to answer these questions with former state government officials who were there during the early days.
Looking east on 5th Avenue at H Street in Downtown Anchorage.

Making communities livable for people of all ages

What makes you want to stay in the community where you live? Is it easy to get around? Do you feel connected to your neighbors? Everything from building new playgrounds to giving people access to computers helps make a livable community.

Talk of Alaska: Combating Childhood Obesity

On the issue of food, it appears that the public is once again ahead of the policy sector. Advice to exercise and eat...

How Alaska Eats

Alaskans take DIY food to the extreme. They fill freezers with wild game, fish and berries that they harvest themselves then transform the raw ingredients into hearty meals like Salmon Pot Pie and moose meatballs. Food blogger and Anchorage Daily News Editor Julia O'Malley is testing classic Alaska recipes for a new project called How Alaska Eats. Listen now

Talk of Alaska: ConocoPhillips' gas line proposal

Alaska lawmakers have announced they want to take a look at ConocoPhillips' alternative plan for a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope. ...

Is it Time for a New Treaty with Alaska Natives?

Once again we are hearing calls to change the 40-year-old Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. The corporations formed under the Act have become major players in the state’s economy, and with their partnerships they are spreading around the world.

Alaska’s employment outlook

For decades people came to Alaska for good paying jobs, but what's the outlook now for the future of our labor economy? With declining oil revenue, what will a great job in Alaska look like 10 years from now? How does this current downturn compare to past financial trouble? APRN: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 Listen Now

Tales of the Movie Business in Alaska

It’s getting so you can’t turn on a television set without seeing or hearing something about Alaska. And a lot of Alaska is getting into the movie theaters as well. Is any of it true? APRN: Tuesday, 12/24 at 10:00am Download Audio

What Will We Be Thanking Alaska Natives for in the Future

Scientists working in Alaska have come to value the knowledge of Native Elders, but do new generations of elders have that same knowledge? With Thanksgiving Day approaching, “Talk of Alaska” takes a look at the current state of cross-cultural communication. The Natives helped the Massachusetts colonists survive. KSKA: Tuesday, 11/22 @ 10:00am

Talk of Alaska: Clean Elections

Alaska's appetite for political reform could result in public funding for election campaigns. There's a move to put it on the ballot and...

Working together to prevent child abuse

A few years ago, residents of the Mat-Su Borough identified child abuse and neglect as one of the area's major problems. In response community organizations teamed up with government agencies, schools and judges to develop a comprehensive solution and build connections throughout the region. LISTEN HERE

Preview: Talk of Alaska for Tue, July 24

Coming up Tuesday, July 24 at 10:00 a.m. on Talk of Alaska... Alaska Native Corporations, in securing federal contracts, have brought billions of dollars to...

Midsummer Celebrations in Alaska

The peak of summer is a time of celebration in Alaska. In Fairbanks, baseball is played under the midnight sun; in Seward, Mount Marathon awaits; in Barrow it will be Eskimo Games; and there are Independence Day parades all over the state. Mid-summer celebrations are the subject, on the next Talk of Alaska. KSKA: Tuesday, July 2 at 10:00am Download Audio
Goose Creek Prison. Photo by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage.

Succeeding after prison

Almost everyone who goes to prison will eventually be released, but without the proper support network, many will likely re-offend. Organizations, individuals, and the Department of Corrections are trying to change that. Listen Here

Talk of Alaska: Environmental Writing

Nature has always been dramatic in Alaska, but now those dramatic changes are coming faster.  Alaska’s nature writers see this as a...

Primary Election: Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Miller

It will soon be decision time for Alaska voters on which of three Republican should face incumbent U.S. Senator Mark Begich in November. The statewide public radio forum, Talk of Alaska has offered each of the three an hour-long live opportunity to answer phone calls from public radio listeners statewide. Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan have had their turn, and next up is Joe Miller. APRN: Tuesday, 7/29 at 10:00am Download Audio

The Permanent Fund and the budget

Lawmakers couldn't pass a budget plan during 121 days of regular session and will now try to break the gridlock in a special session. All current proposals include using permanent fund earnings to fill the deficit. But the idea of the permanent fund is that it will be...permanent and some Alaskans say, don't touch it.