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December 2015 TV Highlights: Tis the Holiday Season

Holiday specials, Ken Burns' Prohibition, a tribute to Frank Sinatra, and a special public affairs presentation by Alaska Public Media highlight the December television schedule.

November 2015 Television Highlights: The Pilgrims; Standing on Sacred Ground

Discover the harrowing and brutal truths behind the Pilgrims’ arrival in the New World and the myths of Thanksgiving in this documentary film by director Ric Burns. AMERICAN EXPERIENCE - THE PILGRIMS explores the history of our nation’s beginnings in this epic tale of converging forces.

October 2015 Television Highlights: Arctic Entries is Back!

One of the hottest tickets in Anchorage is ARCTIC ENTRIES and we are happy to be able to broadcast the entire upcoming season on television. Arctic Entries debuts Saturday, October 3 at 10 pm. We'll air new episodes the first Saturday of every month through next June. We kick off the season with Risks, Rewards and Reckless Abandon.

September 2015 TV Highlights: An Intimate Look at Walt Disney

Walt Disney was uniquely adept at art as well as commerce, a master filmmaker who harnessed the power of technology and storytelling. This new two-part, four-hour AMERICAN EXPERIENCE - WALT DISNEY examines Disney’s complex life and enduring legacy. It features rare archival footage from the Disney vaults, scenes from some of his greatest films, and interviews with biographers, animators and artists who worked on early films, including Snow White, and the designers who helped turn his dream of Disneyland into reality.

Vicious – Season Two Premieres August 23

Join Ian McKellen as Freddie and Derek Jacobi as Stuart as they embark on a new season of humorous mishaps, hideous break-ups and heart-warming make-ups in VICIOUS. With Frances de la Tour as their old friend Violet and Iwan Rheon as their neighbor Ash.

August 2015 TV Highlights: Special Encore – Sherlock!

Did you miss him? Did you miss him? Did you miss him? Yes, of course you did! That's why we are bringing back SHERLOCK for special encore presentations of all three seasons in August and September.

FRONTLINE: Women Who Escaped ISIS

Hear gripping, first-hand accounts of women who escaped the brutal reign of ISIS in this episode of FRONTLINE. This hard-hitting film explores the lives of women who were held as sex slaves, the people who saved them and women who endured—and also enforced—ISIS’ harsh rules.

June 2015 Television Highlights: Lucky Chow Debuts

LUCKY CHOW travels across the United States to explore Asian cuisine's impact on American food culture. Hosted by Danielle Chang, the six-part series explores a wide variety of Asian food and drink — from a famous Japanese noodle dish to Korean kimchi to Chinese fusion — while meeting the new generation of chefs and entrepreneurs dedicated to keeping the traditions alive.

May 2015 TV Highlights: Frontier Scientists Debuts

May showcases a new series - FRONTIER SCIENTISTS - a featuring a range of research being conducted in the Last Frontier. The series follows scientists around Alaska as they explore the mysteries of this vast state. Some of the episodes include: capturing the migratory patterns of birds; the role of supercomputers in research; volcanoes and volcanic activity; the lives and times of arctic squirrels; mapping Arctic waters. The series starts May 6 at 9 p.m. right after NOVA and runs every Wednesday night through much of the summer.

February 2015 TV Highlights: The Italian Americans

Trace the evolution of Italian Americans from the late 19th century to today, with Tony Bennett, David Chase, John Turturro, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Gay Talese and more in February’s special series on Alaska Public Media, The Italian Americans.

January 2015 Television Highlights: Downton Returns

Downton Abbey, the most popular program on PBS, returns for its 5th Season Sunday, January 4 at 8;00 pm on Alaska Public Media. This Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning hit drama of intimately interlaced stories centered on an English country estate is the highest-rated drama in PBS history.

December 2014: Television Schedule Highlights

December at Alaska Public Media means the best in holiday programming. We start the season's celebrations with Holiday Handbells - The Raleigh Ringers - and close the month with Michael Feinstein - New Year's Eve at The Rainbow Room.

TV Highlights: October 2014

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June Television Highlights

June kicks off with some of your favorite classic programs, including: Great Performances: Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration; Alaska, The World, and Wally Hickel; and Alaska Far Away: The New Deal of Pioneers of the Matanuska Valley. We also will be starting a new season of Master Piece Mystery - Endeavor and Last Tango in Halifax.

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June Schedule Highlights

KAKM, Channel 7 television, is pleased to continue bringing quality programming to your home. In this month’s prime time lineup you will find new programming as well as some of your old favorites.

May Schedule Highlights

KAKM, Channel 7 television, is pleased to continue bringing quality programming to your home. In this month’s prime time lineup you will find new programming as well as some of your old favorites.