I am an Alaskan Rapper | INDIE ALASKA

Different rap styles can vary from the West Coast to the East Coast, to down South; and in Anchorage, Alaska, rappers like Tayy Tarantino...

We Are Beach Stone Lamp Creators | INDIE ALASKA

Dan and Chris Fischer are a father/son pair who scavenge for rocks and driftwood along the beaches of Homer, Alaska in order to create...

We Are Passive Solar Home Builders | INDIE ALASKA

Beau Gibb and Cambria Houtte shared similar dreams of building a home in Alaska, but they wanted to do it using energy efficient principles....

First Rehabilitated Cook Inlet Beluga Calf | INDIE ALASKA

Indie Alaska visited the SeaLife Center in Seward, Alaska where they're caring for Tyonek, the first rehabilitated beluga calf from the Cook Inlet. He...

We Are Marine Acousticians in Glacier Bay | INDIE ALASKA

In Southeast Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park, a crew of six researchers spent the summer studying the underwater communication of humpback whales and harbor seals. Ph.D. students Michelle Fournet and Leanna Matthews teamed up with wildlife biologist Chris Gabriele to better understand the relationship between marine mammal communication and vessel traffic, as part of the park's long-term acoustic marine monitoring program.
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INDIE ALASKA: Life at a Remote Research Camp

What's it like to unplug from society and live at a remote research camp in Alaska for a summer? These five researchers take us through the day-to-day life on the shoreline of Tutakoke river in the YK Delta.

INDIE ALASKA: We Are Pulse Dance

Lifelong dancer and choreographer Stephanie Wonchala directs Pulse Dance, a dance company in Anchorage that helps promote dialogue about important issues in Alaska and contributes to creating a thriving Anchorage arts community.

I’m an Underground Explorer | INDIE ALASKA

When Brian Weed was 12 years old, the Treadwell Mine was his playground. Nowadays everything off-trail in Southeast Alaska is his playground. Brian and his team of explorers spend their free time roaming the outdoors in search of clues to Alaska's history and of course adventure.

We Are Super Cub Pilots | INDIE ALASKA

Each year pilots from around the state show off their piloting chops in the Valdez fly-in short takeoff and landing competition. For these pilots flying isn't just means of transportation, it's a way of life. These skills aren't just used for bragging rights, they're essential for flying in Alaska--whether they're landing on a remote beach or taking off of a glacier. Meet four talented pilots with one big thing in common, their love of flying their super cub plane.
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I am an Ice Climber | INDIE ALASKA

John Giraldo constantly sets his sights on new heights. Nothing can stop him...not even a wall of ice. Since his teenage years he's been perfecting the art of climbing. His passion for conquering some of Alaska's highest peaks, has given him the vantage point only few in the world get a chance to see firsthand.