Goose Creek Prison. Photo by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage.

Alaska prisons to open for visitation after year-long COVID closure

The state Department of Corrections plans to open visitation on Wednesday between fully vaccinated Alaskans in its custody and public visitors like family members.
man at a desk before a microphone with his nose visible over the top of his mask

Peninsula lawmakers introduce bill to block vaccination requirements

Alaska’s proposed bill would also block businesses and public entities from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access public areas, services or benefits. That includes public schools and University of Alaska campuses.
Two men in work clothes stand in front of a tyvek home

Portable, Sitka-built ‘mini homes’ could help with Southeast Alaska’s housing crunch

A new “mini-home” project is working to tackle a housing shortage in Yakutat by building the houses in Sitka where costs are lower and then shipping them. The construction company behind the project hopes its idea spreads.
A man with a raven head cap

Indigenous creators hope to share history, cultural art forms through first-ever Tlingit opera

The first Tlingit opera is in production. It's about the Tlingit-Russian wars in Southeast Alaska at the start of the 19th century,...
A white shack in a forest

SpaceX considers Alaska-based stations to improve worldwide internet satellite network

An aerospace and technology company is considering building key parts of a satellite network in Alaska — including Ketchikan, Nome and Fairbanks — that, according to the company, could help improve internet access across the globe.
Above: Many of the pilots who fly for smaller commercial airlines in the state didn’t grow up in the remote communities they serve. Recruiting local Alaskans to become pilots for their home communities is at the heart of a training program housed at Alaska Pacific University. Alaska EXCEL partners with more than half a dozen school districts across the state to offer technical training — including in aviation. Emily Schwing has the story.

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