Senate leaders share interest in a new formula for ‘sustainable’ PFD

Senate President Cathy Giessel said every senator supports permanent fund dividends. She said the question is how to make it sustainable.

Solar energy seems to make sense as power costs rise in Kake, but it’s more complicated than it seems

In Kake high energy costs have spurred growing interest in renewable energy. While installing solar panels has allowed some people and organizations to cut their energy bills, the impact on the local grid is more complicated.

Officials shot three bears, days apart, all eating trash on the same street in Kodiak

About 30 percent of male Kodiak brown bears don’t hibernate at all.

VPSO working group sends final recommendations to legislature

There was only one substantive change to the recommendations: the working group now recommends keeping unfunded mandates for the VPSO program because of the state budget shortage.

Citing population decline, ADF&G closing hunt early for Mulchatna caribou herd

The restriction is a conservation measure following the herd’s dramatic population drop to half the size that it was three years ago.
Above: Most of Anchorage is currently covered in ice, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to ski. Junior Nordic athletes at Russian Jack Park found decent, if not ideal, skiing conditions on Dec. 12, 2019. (Video by Joey Mendolia)

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