Angoon residents, supporters protest Juneau’s annexation petition

A fight over land is reigniting after the City and Borough of Juneau submitted a proposal to annex portions of Admiralty Island to the state’s Local Boundary Commission.

Village of Igiugig one step closer to replacing diesel electricity with hydrokinetic system

“One year from now, we’ll know whether the community would like to own this device,” says IVC President AlexAnna Salmon. “If it really is going to prove itself to be an effective option for providing power.”

Pogo Mine settles in sex discrimination lawsuit

A former underground miner at Pogo Mine in Interior Alaska has won a settlement in a lawsuit against Pogo's owners after the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found she was discriminated against because she is a woman.

Alaska News Nightly: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Working group seeks a path forward on PFDs amid heated debate; Pogo Mine settles in sex discrimination lawsuit; GCI announces state's first wireless 5G network in Anchorage; Federal agency halts proposed 'hybrid energy' project, citing company's qualifications; Village of Igiugig one step closer to replacing diesel electricity with hydrokinetic system; Federal audit finds gaps in Alaska 'critical incident' reporting; Fairbanks City Council unanimously votes down proposal to increase hotel tax; Angoon residents, supporters protest Juneau’s annexation petition; Anchorage to make safety renovations to local Town Square park

Defendant in Anchorage teen’s homicide case now faces federal child porn charges

New federal charges have been filed against two people involved in the June 2 murder of 19-year-old Cynthia Hoffman in Anchorage.

GCI announces state’s first wireless 5G network in Anchorage

The state's largest telecommunications company announced it's building the first 5G wireless network in the state's largest city.

Prosecutors: Indiana man offered millions for Anchorage teen’s murder

An Indiana man is now charged with murder in the death of Anchorage resident Cynthia Hoffman in early June. Prosecutors say he...
Above: There are over 140 landslides along the Denali Park road, the 92 mile road through Denali National Park and Preserve. None are more threatening than the Pretty Rocks Landslide at Polychrome Pass. Roughly 45 miles into the park, Polychrome Pass is steep, windy and breathtaking with sweeping views of valleys and mountains. The landslide is moving the road at a pace of 12 feet per year. Geologists and park officials are constantly working to address the problem to allow bus travel, but the landslide may force a more permanent reroute in the near future. (Video by Joey Mendolia)

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