Seward Highway rockslides increase in frequency, trigger Alaska DOT emergency measures

Rockslides in the mountains south of Anchorage, like one that shut down the Seward Highway on Monday, have occurred more often in the year since a Magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the region.

4 key details in 2019 Arctic Report Card show extent, impacts of warming climate

As the Arctic warms, one effect magnifies the next, and a way of life is threatened.

Nome high schoolers sue mining company after steel cable crash leaves truck ‘mangled’

The students are still recovering from injuries sustained during the accident, according to an attorney representing one of the plaintiffs.

State troopers’ plan to move dispatch to Anchorage draws criticism from Ketchikan borough

The planned move is part of a wider effort to centralize dispatch operations, which also involves closing dispatch facilities in Wasilla and Soldotna.

Two dogs are dead in bear attacks in Sitka and wildlife managers are on the hunt

Officials say at least one local bear has done enough damage to warrant an aggressive response.
Above: When you think of extremely dry conditions, California wildfires probably come to mind. But in 2018, some parts of Southeast Alaska were officially declared to be in drought. The region has gotten enough precipitation in the last few years to flood some parts of the country. Still, it’s not nearly enough to sustain a way of life dependent on rain. (Video by Joey Mendolia, reporting by Elizabeth Jenkins)

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