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Three pPolyneesian women stnad around a table piled with clothing and fold it

Here’s how to help Tonga tsunami relief efforts in Anchorage

The Polynesian community in Anchorage is collecting donations they hope to ship to Tonga as soon as possible.
A man in a suit and tie behind a podium.

Dunleavy calls on Legislature to take action on PFD, state land sale and food security in State of State address

And he urged lawmakers to prove people wrong who say nothing will get done in an election year.
people leaving a building under a sign that says "vote here."

Here’s how Alaska’s unique new election system will work

Alaska elections will be held for the first time this year under a unique new system that scraps party primaries and uses ranked choice voting in general elections.
A white truck cab without any cargo on a snowy road with cargo containers stacked behind it

Alaska trucking companies say their employees are quitting over Canada’s COVID vaccine mandate

The impact to consumers is still unclear, but some companies say they’ve lost the majority of their truck drivers since Jan. 15, when Canada's vaccine requirement went into effect.
A man in a suit walks down a hallway.

WATCH: Gov. Dunleavy set to deliver State of the State address

Our partners at KTOO are streaming the State of the State address live at 7 p.m.

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An illustration of two people and the alphabet

Starting in 2024, U.S. students will take the SAT entirely online

The College Board, the organization behind the test, also announced that the exam will shrink from three hours to two, and students will be able to use a calculator for the math section.
An aerial view of the Olympic village

China’s Olympics aim to keep COVID at bay with armpit sensors, robots and more

Athletes and other attendees will be in a closed "loop" with strict rules about everything from daily testing for athletes to how spectators should respond — no cheering out loud, please!
A person stands on a beach resort, wrecked by a tsunami

Why Tonga is opting for ‘contactless’ humanitarian aid

It's a pandemic predicament. With only 1 recorded case of COVID-19 in their island nation, Tongans are desperate for help after the volcanic eruption — but eager to keep the virus out.


Alaskans advocate for state recognition of Tribal sovereignty | Alaska Insight

What does it mean to be a sovereign tribe and what would state recognition mean for Alaska’s indigenous nations?

Lawmakers hope for compromise and consensus as next Legislative session approaches | Alaska Insight

Long-term fiscal solutions for Alaska’s budget have been elusive so far, and political frustration is boiling over. State lawmakers are returning to Juneau for the regular legislative session starting next week.
Female television host talks to guests via Zoom.

ANCSA at 50 | Special Edition of Alaska Insight

Fifty years ago this December, Alaska Native leaders joined forces with national lawmakers to create legislation that ensured certain native land rights in our state. How has that legislation evolved over the decades? What does the next generation of Alaska Native leaders want to see moving forward?
Above: State legislators were in session for a record 212 days in 2021 as they wrestled with lingering questions over the permanent fund and the state budget. As Lawmakers prepare for this year’s session, Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter looks back and reports that, despite the lengthy process, lawmakers didn’t make much progress in 2021.

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