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Alaska attorneys offer free legal help at annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day clinic

More than 80 people signed up for Monday’s event. Since the event began 13 years ago, the association has helped more than 4,000 low to moderate income Alaskans.
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The eruption near Tonga was so powerful you could hear it in Alaska

How did so many Alaskans hear a sound from so far away? The short answer is that this volcanic blast was so big it traveled thousands of miles.
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Why former Permanent Fund Corp. director believes firing was ‘political retribution’

The abrupt firing of Permanent Fund Corporation Director Angela Rodell in December surprised and concerned many Alaskans, including some lawmakers. Senate President Peter Micciche said this week that he was surprised by Rodell’s firing.
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Ambler Metals says it’s nearly ready to apply for permit to mine in NW Alaska

Company says it will apply for Army Corps permit in early 2022.
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Volcanic eruption in Tonga leads to tsunami advisory in Alaska


tsunami advisory is in effect for much of coastal Alaska after an undersea volcano erupted near Tonga. 

An advisory means a dangerous wave is on the way according to the National Weather Service — the wave is expected to be between 1 to 3 feet.

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A grayscale image of a large gray circle.

Despite huge volcanic blast, Tonga avoids widespread disaster

In its first update since the eruption, the government said Tuesday it has confirmed three deaths — two local residents and a British woman.
A sign says at-home COVID tests are sold out

In the omicron crush, some people pay whatever it costs to get tested

People in the U.S. are paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket for COVID testing because at-home antigen kits and free appointments that offer timely results are scarce.
A postal worker carries a package out of his truck in the snow

From living rooms to landfills, some holiday shopping returns take a ‘very sad path’

It's peak season for returns, which are setting a new record. Some end up back on shelves or get resold to other merchants, and some wind up in landfills or sail overseas.


Lawmakers hope for compromise and consensus as next Legislative session approaches | Alaska Insight

Long-term fiscal solutions for Alaska’s budget have been elusive so far, and political frustration is boiling over. State lawmakers are returning to Juneau for the regular legislative session starting next week.
Female television host talks to guests via Zoom.

ANCSA at 50 | Special Edition of Alaska Insight

Fifty years ago this December, Alaska Native leaders joined forces with national lawmakers to create legislation that ensured certain native land rights in our state. How has that legislation evolved over the decades? What does the next generation of Alaska Native leaders want to see moving forward?
A woman wearing a military uniform stands in front of a small plane.

Search and Rescue Airman uses her training to fly Alaska’s smallest planes | INDIE ALASKA

Jasmine Chavez is an Air Force veteran aspiring to be a bush pilot in Alaska.
Above: State legislators were in session for a record 212 days in 2021 as they wrestled with lingering questions over the permanent fund and the state budget. As Lawmakers prepare for this year’s session, Alaska Public Media’s Adelyn Baxter looks back and reports that, despite the lengthy process, lawmakers didn’t make much progress in 2021.

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