An empty hallway with a long corkboard on the wall that's empty as well

‘It’s the big and the bad,’: Advocates see 220% increase in severe injuries to Alaska children in 2021

Abuse reports are down overall, advocates say it's because there have been fewer eyes on children during the pandemic.
A clearing of trees with sun on the tops

Researchers confirm location of 200-year-old Kiks.ádi fort

A study released this week in the journal Antiquity dispelled doubts about the location of a site where Kiks.ádi held off Russian aggressors for four days.
about a dozen people in zoom boxes

Juneau works to make ‘Zoom bombing’ a criminal offense

City officials estimate that there have been about a dozen instances of what’s known as “Zoom bombing” or disrupting a meeting. Zoom bombers have successfully hijacked other public meetings in Alaska and throughout the rest of the world, often with lewd, racist or pornographic material.

Lamenting Biden’s moves to ‘target’ oil and gas, Sullivan votes no on Yellen confirmation

Sen. Sullivan says the Biden administration shouldn't discriminate against oil and gas, and that all energy sectors matter.
A large Trump flag waves in front of the U.S. Capitol

Alaska US senators split on attempt to derail Trump impeachment trial

Sen. Murkowski is among only five Republicans voting to keep Trump's impeachment trial on track.
Above: The decades-long battle over drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge continues. The Trump administration held the first-ever lease sale in the northernmost slice of the refuge, called the coastal plain, in early January but no major oil companies showed up. And then, on Wednesday, when Joe Biden took office, he immediately slammed the brakes on oil drilling in the refuge. So how did we get here? And, what’s next? Alaska Public Media’s Tegan Hanlon has this look.

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