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49 Voices: Claude Bondy of Cantwell

This week we're hearing from Claude Bondy in Cantwell. Bondy owns and operate the Alpine Creek Lodge with his family.

Alaska News Nightly: Friday, Feb. 15, 2019

Trump's wall could drain money from Alaska military projects; Legislative finance gets ready to release its version of Dunleavy’s new budget; Alaska fishing towns would forfeit $28M in fish tax under Dunleavy budget; Alaska troopers announce cold-case murder arrest; Alaska court strikes down 'medically necessary' abortion law; Multi-partisan House majority takes shape; EPA to establish PFAS contamination level for drinking water; AK: Resurrecting the 52-year-old pipe organ at Fort Greeley's chapel; 49 Voices: Claude Bondy of Cantwell

Dunleavy offers Alaska National Guard support to Trump’s emergency declaration

Gov. Michael Dunleavy issued a short video statement Friday offering the state’s support to President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency.

Anchorage elementary student brings loaded handgun to school, police say

The weapon was found at Rogers Park Elementary School at around 9 a.m. just about when school would be starting.

AK: Resurrecting the 52-year-old pipe organ at Fort Greeley’s chapel

The old pipe organ in the chapel at Fort Greely will soon again be belting out gospel tunes, if Army officials approve the post chaplain’s request to allow a pipe-organ expert from Nenana restore the rare 52-year-old instrument. 

Video by Joey Mendolia.

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