An Iditarod musher poses with two dogs wearing yellow flowers.

‘I’ve dreamed about this my whole life’: Dallas Seavey wins record-tying 5th Iditarod

This is Seavey’s fifth Iditarod win, tying him with Rick Swenson for the most Iditarod victories ever. Swenson has held the record alone since 1991.

Dallas Seavey widens lead on way to Iditarod finish

Just an hour separates mushers Dallas Seavey and Aaron Burmeister, with less than 70 miles to the finish line.

Iditapod bonus: Raymie Redington interview with Quince Mountain

Dog musher Quince Mountain sat down with Raymie Redington, son of Iditarod founder Joe Redington Sr., to talk about dog mushing, the history of the race and a lot more.

‘We got us a dog race’: Iditarod neck-and-neck-and-neck as leaders push toward finish

The Iditarod’s five top mushers were running within two hours of each other Saturday as they started their last push to the finish line, with Aaron Burmeister of Nome seizing the lead in search of his first victory.

Iditapod: Bouncing back to Willow

Since we left off, an Iditarod musher has tested positive for COVID-19 and been withdrawn, Dallas Seavey has taken the lead in his return to the race and, instead of leaving problematic sections of trail behind, mushers are heading back over them, on a modified, out-and-back trail. We talk to three-time champion Mitch Seavey, who's a spectator this year, as well as Iditapod co-founder Zachariah Hughes in McGrath, and we get an Iditarod veteran's take on a listener question about dog booties.


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