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Local: How horses assist in human physical therapy

I learned about this local community group on a long Saturday walk with friends, just for exercise. I was walking next to Jule...

The power of music

Music has the power to make us move, cry, love, feel pain, and can even help us clean the house. But music is much more than a tool to deepen our emotions and inspire feelings.

AK: Ketchikan Arts Council hosts summertime story slams

On a recent evening in Ketchikan, locals and seasonal residents gathered at the Arctic Bar to carry on perhaps the oldest tradition known to humankind – storytelling. It was a chance for residents to tell their deepest secrets and reveal their sillier sides. Listen now

Juneau Police Department to outfit 40 officers with body cameras

The Juneau Police Department plans to outfit 40 of its officers with body cameras to improve evidence gathering, transparency and accountability. Listen Now

Kodiak police focusing on better training following Pletnikoff incident

The Kodiak Police Department is working to improve its staff’s sensitivity towards people with special needs. That includes new approaches to identifying members of the community affected by autism.

‘Simply Awesome’ – Kodiak family opens bakery from their home

There are a lot of small businesses in Kodiak, but few may be as small -- or smell as good -- as Simply Awesome Bakery.

Kodiak police respond to allegations of excessive force

Last Wednesday evening, a little after 5 pm, an autistic 28-year-old Kodiak man walked down his quiet neighborhood street to check the mailbox, as he does most days. His condition is such that it's one of the few tasks that he's comfortable executing and is allowed to do unsupervised. It's unclear what happened next, but when Nick Pletnikoff''s mother found him, he was surrounded by three Kodiak Police Officers who had pinned him to the ground and pepper-sprayed him from point-blank range.

On Love, Adoption and Raising 3 Kids With FASD

Not many people wish to raise a child with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or FASD. Diane Lohrey is no different. But when she and her husband adopted three children, all later diagnosed with an FASD, they accepted the hardships and the rewards. Download Audio

People With Disabilities Find Independence Through Skiing

For 18 years, ORCA has been teaching people with disabilities how to ski at Juneau’s Eaglecrest Ski Area. Its Adaptive Ski and Snowboard program is helping people discover their own potential. Download Audio

Alaska News Nightly: October 8, 2014

Retired Colonel Implicated In Guard Scandal; Troopers Investigate 2 Deaths in Shageluk; KSKA DJ Shot, Killed In Home - 16-Year-Old Foster Son Charged With Murder; Parnell, Walker Spar At Soldotna Gubernatorial Debate; It's Cold Out, But Bethel Shelter Won't Open Until December; Ordinance to Add Prayer In Ketchikan Schools Passes First Vote; UAF Exhibit to Feature Work from Autistic Artist; New Exhibit Puts An Alaska Twist on A Familiar Building Block Download Audio:

Risk and Benefits of Common Immunizations

Line One host Dr. Thad Woodard and two guest physicians discuss the risks, benefits and what’s new regarding childhood immunizations. KSKA: Monday, Sept. 15, at 2:00 and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Line One host Dr. Thad Woodard brings child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Matthew Siegel to the program to talk about severe disruptive behaviors with a focus on patients with autism. Dr. Siegel comes to Alaska from the Tufts University School of Medicine. KSKA: Monday, April 28, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

ADD, ADHD and Academic Performance

Maximizing academic performance depends on the educational system and the student. On the next Line One, host Dr. Woodard will discuss a leading cause of school underachievement, attention deficit disorder, with Dr. Lyn Clark of Anchorage. Topics discussed will include causes of ADD/ADHD, symptoms, diagnosis, other problems often accompanying ADD/ADHD, and treatment options proven to be effective. KSKA: Monday, April 14, at 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Listen now:

Helping the Autistic Child

There is a proven therapy to help children with autism. It is not a cure but it does help. On our next program we discuss the use of Applied Behavioral Analysis in the education and management of children with autism with Rebecca Parenteau of The Alaska Center for Autism and Suzanne Letso of the Connecticut Center for Child Development. KSKA: Monday 12/9 at 2:00 pm and 9:00 pm Listen Now

Accessible Playgrounds in Juneau a Work in Progress

It’s recess at Glacier Valley Elementary School. A dozen kids run straight to a piece of playground equipment that looks like a three dimensional spider web. They climb onto the webbing where they hover ten feet off the ground. Elsewhere in the playground, students crawl up ladders, go down slides, pump their legs on swings. Listen Now

POV: Neurotypical


Watch Neurotypical - Trailer on PBS. See more from POV.

Four-year-old Violet, teenaged Nicholas and adult Paula occupy different positions on the autism spectrum, but they are all at pivotal moments in their lives. TV: Monday 7/29 at 9:00pm

Alaska News Nightly: December 31, 2012

Coast Guard Still Assisting Crew Of Shell Drill Rig; Autism Bill, Other Measure Take Effect Tuesday; Congress Remains In Deadlock On Fiscal Cliff Deal; Suspect In Mail Thefts Arrested; Lance Mackey Wins Top of the World 350; Long-Time APD Officer Retires; Rasmuson Foundation Pledges Millions To Arts In Alaska; Alcohol Abuse Not Always Talked About In Rural Alaska

Chickenpox Outbreak Hits Homer, Soldotna

An outbreak of chickenpox in Soldotna and Homer has state public health officials worried about the high number of local children who are not receiving vaccinations.

Alaska News Nightly: June 21, 2012

Firefighters Respond To Interior Wildfire; Senate Passes Farm Bill With Minor Cuts To Food Stamps; Plankton Bloom Discovery Prompts Scientists To Rethink Arctic Food Web; Officials Issue 33 Citations For Illegal Fishing On Kuskokwim; Yukon To Close To Subsistence King Salmon Fishing; Wrangell Medical Center Board Of Directors Fire Hospital CEO; State Senators Hose Alaska Rocket and Space Summit; Law Will Require Insurers Cover Autism

Dogs That Take Their Jobs Seriously

Service dogs make a difference in the lives of the disabled by providing companionship and assistance. They can play an important role as guide dogs...