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Local corporation sues City of Utqiagvik to halt name-change

Just one day ahead of the official name change, a local corporation filed a temporary restraining order to halt the measure's implementation, alleging a flawed process and fiscal risk. Listen Now

Barrow votes to change name to Utqiagvik

By a margin of six votes, residents of Barrow have voted to change the name of their city back to its Inupiaq name, Utqiagvik. City council member Qaiyaan Harcharek started the process this summer. Listen Now

North Slope elder Ugiaqtaq Wesley Aiken remembered for ‘life of hard work’

Ugiaqtaq Wesley Aiken was born in 1926 in the village, long before the region was driven by oil development.

These were our biggest and most popular stories of 2019

Wildfires, plane crashes, an incredible fraud scheme, the sale of a major oil company and a mysterious disappearance in Southeast Alaska are just some of the stories that found the largest audiences online in 2019.

Goldman Sachs becomes first major U.S. bank to rule out funding for Arctic oil

Other companies that restrict financing for Arctic drilling include Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and HSBC.

Longstanding tensions underlie Arctic Slope Regional Corporation’s withdrawal from AFN

Long before Arctic Slope Regional Corp. announced its withdrawal from the Alaska Federation of Natives last week, there were signs of a schism.

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation to leave the Alaska Federation of Natives

ASRC would be the only Alaska-based native corporation to leave the federation if it withdraw's at the end of the year.

Unexpected repairs to Alaska Airlines freighters delay holiday season shipments

While the jets are under repair, Alaska Airlines has had to put a hold on new general and premium cargo orders to the Alaska communities that use the service, including Kotzebue, Ketchikan, Utqiagvik, Nome and Bethel.

Heavy, expensive wind storms projected to hit Northwest Alaska harder in coming decades, study finds

Historically, Arctic communities have had thick layers of sea ice to help buffer those storms, but as the region warms, that protection is disappearing.
Rainey Hopson 2

In Anaktuvuk Pass, a gardener brings new life to ancient foods with Arctic agriculture

Getting started wasn’t easy. Hopson spent time in Northern California when she was young, working in her grandmother’s garden. But when she applied that knowledge in the Arctic, it failed miserably...at first.

As hunters deal with a warming Arctic, UAF partners with local observers to keep them informed

As climate change disrupts the migration of animals, and the frozen rivers and sea ice hunters travel on becomes less reliable, Alaskans say sharing information is increasingly important.

How a new high-frequency radar system benefits Bering Strait scientists, subsistence hunters

The technology could be used to improve marine and sea ice forecasting, and to track the spread of harmful algal blooms and potentially even toxic spills.

Alaska News Nightly: Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

With winter closing in, whalers in Utqiaġvik haven't landed a single bowhead whale. Also: Unalaska residents brace for at least another 10 days with no scheduled air service. For one mom,that means being separated from her kids.

North Slope choir students perform at Disneyland

It was a unique opportunity for the kids to learn about music at a place where music and magic are synonymous.

Bethel limits alcohol, rejects pot restrictions, reopening public debate about addiction

Bethel is likely returning to damp status. Unofficial results from the election earlier this week show Bethel re-entering local option for alcohol sales. Under local option, voters have chosen to make furnishing alcohol to someone under age 21 a felony. In the same election, voters rejected entering marijuana local option and cast ballots for Bethel City Council candidates, favoring the challengers over the incumbents.

8 key takeaways for Alaska in a major new United Nations report on climate change

The United Nations on Wednesday released a major new report on how climate change is affecting the world’s oceans and frozen areas, like glaciers, ice sheets and permafrost. It contains stark warnings on how rising emissions will affect the environments that blanket most of the earth's surface -- and much of Alaska.

Wanted: Unalaska birders and beachcombers to help track seabird mortalities

Thousands of dead seabirds washed up on Alaska's shores this summer, marking the state's fifth straight year of mass die-offs. Now the Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey team is training volunteers to monitor the trend.
A small community king salmon permit system is underway. (Photo by Shane Iverson / KYUK)

Nome summit focuses on food sovereignty in Alaska

Members of the Inuit Circumpolar Council discussed topics ranging from wildlife management to fisheries.

Judge: case of slain Mountain Village woman shows how Alaska’s justice system is failing

In a blistering order, a Fairbanks judge has declared a crisis in the state’s courts, saying that turnover among public defenders is delaying criminal trials and denying justice for victims and defendants alike.

With ANWR drilling on its doorstep, an Alaska Native village is poised to profit

It’s still too early to know if petroleum even exists in the refuge in commercially-viable quantities. But if it’s found, Kaktovik’s residents are simultaneously positioned to be among the biggest beneficiaries, and to experience some of the biggest disruptions.