The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement
The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement
The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement

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Assemblyman Bill Evans: The Exit Interview

KSKA: Wednesday, April 5, 2 pm and 8 pm After just one three-year term, Bill Evans declined to run again for the Anchorage Assembly. What is that form of public service like? What lessons did he learn? Were there disappointments? Surprises? Would he recommend it to another citizen? LISTEN NOW

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat D, West Anchorage

Highlight reel of candidates running for Anchorage assembly seat D, serving West Anchorage.

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat H, East Anchorage

Get to know your assembly candidates for East Anchorage in this highlight of RUNNING.

RUNNING Highlights | Assembly Seat F, Midtown Anchorage

Highlights from the Assembly Running Program featuring candidates vying for seat F.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat J, South Anchorage

Mark Schimscheimer, Treg Taylor and John Weddleton compete for Seat J of the Anchorage Assembly, serving South Anchorage.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat H, East Anchorage

Forrest Dunbar and Terre Gales run for Seat H in the Anchorage Assembly, serving East Anchorage.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat F, Midtown Anchorage

Ronald Alleva and incumbent Assemblyman, Dick Traini run for Seat F in the Anchorage Assembly.

ANCHORAGE ASSEMBLY | Seat A, Eagle River / Chugiak

Nicholas Begich III and Amy Demboski run for Seat A of the Anchorage Assembly.

Combating Anchorage’s Violent Crime Spike

A recent uptick in deadly shooting incidents and assaults in Anchorage have police and public safety advocates sprinting to organize a response to curb the violent trend. The Anchorage Police Department is organizing a task-force to tackle the problem, but what can communities do to help remedy the problem? KSKA: Friday, 2/6 at 2:00pm and Saturday, 2/7 at 6:00pm KAKM: Friday, 2/6 at 7:30pm and Saturday, 2/7 at 4:30pm Download Audio

Assembly Moves Election to November

The Anchorage Assembly has voted to move municipal elections from Spring to Fall. Proponents argued it would increase voter turnout, which has been low. Critics say local issues will be lost amongst state and national ones.

Assembly Okays CH2M Hill to Lead Troubled Port Project

The Anchorage Assembly approved awarding the engineering firm CH2M Hill a 30-million dollar contract to get the Port of Anchorage Project back on track at Tuesday's meeting. But assembly members had some questions.

Vote on Anchorage Labor Law Set for November Ballot

The Anchorage Assembly finally set a date for a vote on a referendum that would repeal a controversial labor law last night (Tues. 1/28). It won't happen until fall.

Assembly Passes Election Law Rewrite, Weighs Ethics of Election Date Change

The Anchorage Assembly passed a rewritten version of Anchorage's election law last night (1/14 Tues). But some other election issues went went to the Ethics Board for review.

$500 Tickets to be Issued for Spice, Bath Salts

Anchorage has a new law that fines people in possession of the designer drug spice. It's the city's second try at cracking down on the drug...after failed attempts with a narrow law that focused on contents that manufacturers change quickly. The Anchorage Assembly acted quickly Tuesday after hearing public testimony on the damage that spice has been doing.  Listen Now

Election Law Revision Before Assembly

A new version of Anchorage Election law, or Title 28, will be before the Assembly at their next meeting. Officials began reviewing the law after problems with an election in 2012. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has more.

Assembly Approves $4.4 Million for Rec Center, Tennis Courts

Last night the Anchorage Assembly finally decided the issue of a state-funded recreation center with tennis courts. Assembly members approved 4-point-4 million-dollars for the project.

Tennis Decision Postponed, Assembly Questions Funding

The Anchorage Assembly heard final testimony Tuesday on what has become a controversial proposal to build a rec center in the city with indoor tennis courts. The Assembly never asked for money for the project and accusations flew about how the tennis appropriation came about. Download Audio

Officials Say Dirt, Birds Doubled ML&P Project Cost

The cost of prep work on a new power plant that Municipal Light and Power is building is now double what it was budgeted at.Anchorage Assembly grilled the power company's manager the about increased cost at Tuesday's meeting of the Anchorage Assembly. Download Audio

Assembly Holds Off Tennis Court Decision

A decision on whether the Anchorage Assembly will accept money from the legislature to build a rec center with indoor tennis courts was put off at Tuesday's regular assembly meeting. Dozens testified mostly in favor of building the facility.

Anchorage Prioritizes Federal Grants for Affordable Housing

It costs more than $1,000 per month to rent a one bedroom apartment in Anchorage according to the most recent rental survey by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. That number has convinced the city to make affordable housing the main priority in its 2014 Housing and Development Plan. That means money that used to go to social services agencies that serve the poor and homeless will be redirected to projects to help lower rental prices in the city. Download Audio