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Anchorage Assembly: Indoor Tennis Courts On Hold, Labor Law Hearing Wednesday

A plan to build indoor tennis courts was put on hold at the regular Anchorage Assembly meeting Tuesday night.

When Will Voters Weigh in on Anchorage Labor Law?

Anchorage Assembly members introduced two ordinances at their regular meeting Tuesday night that would suspend voting on a controversial labor initiative.

Initiative Repealing Labor Law Could be Heading for Ballot Box

In Anchorage, it looks like supporters of a ballot measure that would repeal a controversial labor ordinance passed by the Anchorage Assembly earlier this year have gathered the signatures needed to put the issue before voters.

Task Force Hears Testimony on Public Hearing Process

A citizen's task force on public hearings held it's first public meeting seeking input from the Anchorage community Tuesday night.

Assembly Revises Bar ‘Safety Hour’ Law

The Anchorage Assembly unanimously passed a new version of an ordinance that allows bars to stay open for an extra 'safety' hour so that patrons can filter out slowly. The assembly hopes the new version of the law will increase participation in a program aimed at curbing problems at closing time.

Testimony Begins On Linking Muni Executives’ Pay To Interest Rate

The Anchorage Assembly heard public testimony on an ordinance that would limit pay for the city's executive workers on Tuesday night. Download Audio

Traini Targets Executive Pay and Benefits

The Anchorage Assembly will hear public testimony  Tuesday on an ordinance that would cap pay for the city's executive workers. Download Audio

Assembly Postpones Public Testimony Decision

Tuesday night, the Anchorage Assembly voted unanimously to postpone indefinitely an ordinance that would have changed the way that public hearings are conducted. Download Audio

Public Speaks Out on Public Testimony Ordiance

The Anchorage Assembly heard from the public on an ordinance that would change the way public testimony conducted, last night. Despite the issue being placed at the end of the agenda and testimony beginning after 9 p.m., many lined up to speak. Download Audio

Hall Proposes New Testimony Protocol, Unions Apply to Hold Referendum

The Anchorage Assembly Chair says he's going to introduce a new ordinance that will better outline how public hearings work. Meanwhile, Anchorage union leaders have applied to hold a referendum that could repeal a controversial ordinance recently passed by the Assembly. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has more.

Write-In Moe, Gives Assembly Chair Run for Seat, Energizes Election

It was hit and miss for Assembly Candidates backed by conservative Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan in Tuesday's Municipal Elections. And the makeup of the Anchorage Assembly seems as though it will be shifting.

Anchorage Assembly Narrowly Passes Labor Ordinance

The Anchorage Assembly passed a rewrite of municipal labor law by a vote of 6-5 at their regular meeting Tuesday night. Download Audio

Mayor Sullivan Rejects Union Offer

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan has rejected an offer to freeze wages of city workers in exchange for tabling a controversial ordinance that would limit unions. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has the story.

Anchorage Bars to Stay Open Until 4am

The Anchorage Assembly has passed an ordinance allowing Anchorage bars to stay open an hour later. But they won't be able to serve alcohol that extra hour. The ordinance is aimed at reducing problems downtown at closing time.

Anchorage Assembly Shuts Down Union Testimony, Extends AO37 Vote

The Anchorage Assembly voted 6 to 3 to shut down public testimony on a controversial proposal that would limit unions last night (Monday, 3/11). KSKA's Daysha Eaton has the story.

Union Workers Testify Against Ordinance

Hundreds of union workers turned out to testify before the Anchorage Assembly Wednesday night, against an ordinance that could limit unions.

Assembly Allows Union Proposal to Move Ahead, Huge Turnout

Hundreds of people rallied at the Anchorage Assembly chambers Tuesday night to protest a proposal by Mayor Dan Sullivan, aimed at limiting unions. Despite the huge turnout to protest the proposal, Assembly members voted to allow it to move ahead to public hearings. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has the story.

Frasca Appointed to Drummond’s Seat on Anchorage Assembly

The Anchorage Assembly appointed and a new member Tuesday. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has the story.

Assembly Approves Redistricting Plan, Passes on Single Member Districts

The Anchorage Assembly approved a final redistricting plan last night (Tuesday 12/18) and rejected proposals that would have put propositions on the April 2nd ballot to create single member districts for the Anchorage Assembly and School Board. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has more.

Assembly Certifies Anchorage Election, Orders Hand Recount

Exactly one month after the chaos of election night, the Anchorage Assembly voted to certify the Municipal Election Thursday evening. But the certification will be subject to the results of a hand recount of ballots. KSKA's Daysha Eaton was there and filed this report. Read More...