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A child stands with a sign that says: I am a future shareholder.

ANCSA at 50 on Talk of Alaska: The next generation of leaders looks forward

As the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act approaches, shareholders in and outside the state are reflecting on the landmark legislation and how it’s evolved over time. Despite the successes, problems remain, including how younger generations of Alaska Natives will be included.

ANCSA at 50: Who will be included in the next generation of shareholders?

Video: Corporations formed under ANCSA are slowly opening up to new generations of shareholders, allowing younger Alaska Native people to have a voice in shaping the future.
A map of Alaska shows ANCSA corporation boundaries.

ANCSA at 50 on Talk of Alaska: The role of Native corporations in Alaska’s economy

Fifty years ago, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act established regional and village corporations throughout the state. In the second of our three-part discussion of ANCSA, we’ll speak with corporate executives about the economic and cultural impact the corporations have on not just Alaska Native lives, but on all Alaskans.

Special Alaska Insight: Celebrating ANCSA at 50 – Nov. 17

Fifty years ago this December, Alaska Native leaders joined forces with national lawmakers to create legislation that ensured certain native land rights in our state. How has that legislation evolved over the decades? What does the next generation of Alaska Native leaders think of it?
A woman rowing a boat with mountains behind her.

Can Indigenous subsistence rights still be protected in Alaska?

As the 50th anniversary of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act approaches, the question still remains: What can be done to protect subsistence rights today? 

The modern treaty: protecting Alaska Native land, values

The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, in its simplest terms, provided Alaska Natives with $962.5 million and title to 44 million acres of land in exchange for the extinguishment of aboriginal land claims.