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Perseverance Theatre presents The Arsonists

KSKA: Friday, January 12 at 2:45p.m. "A truly original new piece of theatre", Jacqueline Goldfinger's haunting play filled with music, storytelling and discovery, The Arsonists is being presented by Perseverance Theatre at the Sydney Laurence Theatre. Director Art Rotch, along with the two actors from the show, Allison Holdkamp and Aaron Elmore drop by Stage Talk this week to chat about their process of harnessing three talents (acting, singing, playing guitar) into creating their characters. The Arsonists runs January 12 through the 21st. LISTEN HERE

Serious Arson Up in Anchorage

Serious arson seems to be on the rise in Anchorage for 2013. In August, someone intentionally set several fires in a heavily wooded section of Russian Jack Springs Park. And in October a man was caught on surveillance tape setting the roof of a Mountain View pawn shop ablaze. Download Audio