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The Anchorage Assembly finally set a date for a vote on a referendum that would repeal a controversial labor law last night (Tues. 1/28). It won't happen until fall.

This weekend, the Anchorage Municipal Clerk's office released updated numbers for the April 2nd Municipal Election, including for the close race in West Anchorage's District 3. By Saturday evening, Ernie Hall had widened the gap between he and the write-ins, leading by more than 300 votes. Download Audio

The Anchorage Assembly got an update on how the review of ballots from last week's election is going at last night's regular Assembly meeting. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has more.

It was hit and miss for Assembly Candidates backed by conservative Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan in Tuesday's Municipal Elections. And the makeup of the Anchorage Assembly seems as though it will be shifting.

A write-in candidate is challenging Anchorage Assembly Chair Ernie Hall for Seat D, representing West Anchorage, in the upcoming municipal election -- his name is Nick Moe. KSKA's Daysha Eaton has the story. news-20130325-04

The Anchorage Assembly voted 6 to 3 to shut down public testimony on a controversial proposal that would limit unions last night (Monday, 3/11). KSKA's Daysha Eaton has the story.

After a decade of revisions, the Anchorage Assembly passed Title 21 Tuesday night. Several versions of the Assembly have been revising Title 21, or Anchorage land-use law, for about 10 years. At their regular meeting Tuesday night the current assembly finally approved it, with more than 150 amendments.