Tag: Brown Bear

Shaggy Bear Shaguyik on the Run

A two -year-old Kodiak brown bear has escaped her enclosure at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage. Conservation Center spokesman Ethan Tyler says the female Shaguyik escaped when an electric fence surrounding the bear’s enclosure was turned off for maintenance on Tuesday.

Game Board OKs Helicopter Bear Hunt In Middle Kuskokwim Area

The state Game Board has given authority to the Fish and Game Department for helicopter bear hunting in the middle Kuskokwim area. Aerial wolf hunting was already allowed. The plan will allow the helicopter hunt starting next spring.

Bear Wakes Campers in Van by Jumping on Hood

Some campers at Starrigavan Recreation Area in Sitka received an early morning wakeup call on Monday morning: from a brown bear.

Alaska News Nightly: July 20, 2011

Foreign Workers Fuel Bristol Bay’s Fish Processing Industry, Study Shows ‘Frankenfish’ Can Breed With Wild Salmon, Alaska Businessman Won’t be Charged in Florida, Pallada Arrives in Kodiak, and more...