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Iditarod cancels 2021 ceremonial start in Anchorage

The sled dog race has called off this year’s 11-mile dash through Anchorage because of coronavirus concerns.
Packages of disposable face masks for sale at a grocery store.

Yes, in some cases, two face masks are better than one, Alaska health experts say

Even though there has been just one confirmed case of a new, more infectious COVID-19 variant in Alaska, health officials say now is the time to upgrade your single-layer cloth mask.
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Eligibility differences between state and tribal health systems frustrate some Alaskans waiting for vaccines

Anchorage's main tribal health provider is vaccinating employees of its affiliated for-profit company and nonprofit organizations without regard to their race, age or vulnerability — frustrating some of the teachers, people with underlying conditions and others enduring an excruciating wait for shots from state government.

The new, more contagious COVID-19 strain arrived in Alaska — a month ago

Identifying the strain of a positive COVID-19 test typically takes about five days. But with these particular samples, workers at a Fairbanks lab encountered a string of technical problems that delayed the results.
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COVID-19 outbreak grows at remote Aleutian fish plant

At least 15 people considered at "high-risk" from COVID-19 are being moved by ship to Unalaska, state health officials said. Two more were evacuated to an Anchorage hospital.

Alaska announces first case of more contagious strain of COVID-19

State health officials say they've detected the first case of the COVID-19 variant from the United Kingdom in Alaska, which appears to spread more easily and quickly.
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Legislative intern drove to Haines, boarded flight to Juneau after testing positive for COVID-19

A 21-year-old University of Alaska student tested positive for COVID-19 in Anchorage just before he drove to Haines with his mother during the first week of January.
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Officials expect no new COVID-19 vaccine eligibility through February

Eligibility criteria for COVID-19 vaccines in Alaska is expected to remain the same through much of February, with a continued focus on vaccinating those 65 and older, a vaccine official said Monday.
A person gets tested for coronavirus.

The COVID-19 testing crunch is over. But fewer Alaskans are getting tests — a trend officials want to change.

Supply shortages have relented. And a company built the state’s first commercial testing lab, with the ability to process 20,000 tests a day. Now, there’s a new and different problem: Fewer Alaskans are getting tested.

COVID-19 closes a third Aleutian plant, stranding Bering Sea fishermen at the dock

In the Aleutian port town of Unalaska, at least five local boats are stuck at the dock with nowhere to deliver their cod after the shutdown of the Alyeska Seafoods processing plant. One has a load of fish worth at least $10,000.
Two crew men shovel a deck full of fish on board a large boat

‘Everybody’s worst nightmare’: Bering Sea fishermen on edge after COVID-19 closes second plant

The winter fishery for Bering Sea pollock, which goes into products like McDonald's fish sandwiches, officially opened Wednesday. But two of the region's largest processors are both shut down
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Why Alaska has the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate of all 50 states

Part of the reason is that Alaska is getting more doses of the vaccine because of additional allotments for the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Indian Health Service.
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24 Alaskans die of COVID-19 as state’s vaccination rate tops nation

Only one of the deaths reported Wednesday was considered recent.
A health worker in a blue gown swabs travelers waiting in line outside the bethel airport

Y-K Delta health corporation recommends regional lockdown for third straight month

The region has recorded the highest COVID-19 rates in the state for months.

Anchorage restaurant grants to feed hungry create a ‘win-win-win’

The Restaurant Rescue program, aims to help keep restaurants busy, while feeding residents in need.
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Gov. Dunleavy issues fourth COVID-19 disaster declaration for Alaska

Under state law, disaster declarations expire after no more than 30 days unless the Legislature votes to extend them.
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Poll: Nearly half of Alaska Republicans won’t get COVID-19 vaccine

A statewide poll from late November shows that 45% of Alaskans who identify as Republicans said they won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine when they become eligible. That’s compared with just 13% of Democrats.
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The Trump administration joined with tribes to get vaccines to rural and Indigenous Alaskans. Here’s how.

After a year of pleading for access to COVID-19 testing and protective equipment, tribal health-care leaders say that a vaccine partnership with the Trump administration has brought good access to doses for rural areas and a measure of relief amid an unrelenting public health crisis.
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1,100 appointments for Juneau’s COVID-19 vaccination clinic got booked in 25 minutes

All 1,100 appointments for this weekend’s mass COVID-19 vaccination event in Juneau are booked.