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If you need to be tested for coronavirus in Alaska, it’s likely free

Here's a little bit of good news about coronavirus in Alaska: If you need to be tested, it's likely free.
Dr Anne Zink, a white woman with brown hair and dark rimmed glasses speaks in front of an American flag.

Older Alaskans, those over 60, are most at risk and should take measures to protect themselves, state health officials say

It’s just a matter of time before Alaska confirms a case of coronavirus, state epidemiologist Joseph McLaughlin said Tuesday, speaking on Alaska Public Media’s “Talk of Alaska.”

Lawmakers crafting plan to end session if coronavirus comes to Juneau

The Legislative Council formed an emergency response preparedness subcommittee Tuesday that would develop a plan for an early adjournment of the session.

Alaska Legislature restricts travel and state imposes out-of-state travel ban and freezes hiring

The state has instituted a freeze on hiring new state workers, and has suspended all out-of-state travel for state workers.

On high alert for coronavirus, services to Alaska elders roll on

One subset of Alaskans is particularly at risk from the coronavirus: the elderly. Alaska facilities that serve senior citizens likely have tough choices ahead.

Federal warnings against cruises rattle Alaska travel industry

Listen to this story: The State Department and federal health experts are now advising people against cruise ship travel. That’s led to questions over whether...

Dunleavy urges calm as a volatile economy and tourism warnings add to Alaska coronavirus anxiety

As the coronavirus continued to cause havoc for the global economy Monday in ways that threaten the stability of Alaska's budget, the Permanent Fund and tourism, Governor Mike Dunleavy called a news conference to soothe Alaskans' anxiety.

Dunleavy’s town hall meetings suspended so he can monitor coronavirus

Governor Mike Dunleavy has suspended three public town hall meetings he was planning to hold this week.

Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse canceled over coronavirus concerns

Organizers of the Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse made a decision to cancel the event over coronavirus concerns.

University of Alaska officials prepare for coronavirus

No students, faculty or staff in the system have reported exposure to the virus, and there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus, in Alaska.

Cruise ship turned away over coronavirus will be cleaned and have a new crew when it docks in Alaska

A cruise ship turned away from ports in Asia over fears of a new virus will be cleaned to federal standards and carry a different crew when the vessel docks in Alaska, officials said.

Amid national crunch, Alaska’s coronavirus test supply is adequate, officials say

There's a national testing crunch right now for the coronavirus as the number of cases rise, with Vice President Mike Pence acknowledging that there aren't enough to meet demand

Amid coronavirus fears, who decides if a cruise ship can come or not?

Alaska’s cruise ship season begins in April, and that’s making a lot of people anxious in port towns that have, so far, been untouched by the COVID-19 virus.

Is your Alaska doctor as worried about coronavirus as you are? Maybe not.

There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Alaska. The state is testing more patients everyday and medical experts say the virus is likely to be discovered in the state soon. At local clinics and hospitals, doctors are fielding lots of questions. Many say they're counseling patients to take COVID-19 seriously, but not to panic.

LISTEN: Experts answer Alaskans’ questions about coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the globe. While Alaska has not yet had any confirmed cases, the United States has, and health and emergency preparedness officials are getting ready to combat the virus locally.

Coronavirus update, March 5: Eight negative tests, one pending; school districts weigh travel restrictions

The Anchorage School District announced Wednesday it has cancelled all school sponsored out-of-state travel through April

Anchorage School District outlines plan for coronavirus preparedness

At this time, the district is taking a number of actions including suspending handshaking routines and attendance awards and increasing sanitation of schools and buses. It is not, however, allowing students to wear masks in school unless coordinated with the school nurse.

The state has tested 4 people for coronavirus, 2 tests are pending, testing approach is “phased,” medical officer says

The state has so far tested four people for COVID-19. None tested positive. Testing for two others is in progress.

The risk of coronavirus remains low in Alaska, but empty Anchorage store shelves reveal rising anxiety

Listen to this story: Although she lives in Wasilla, Ann Williams was on a city-wide tour of Anchorage stores Wednesday, looking for one very specific...

Sitka herring roe fishery closed over small fish, weak markets and coronavirus uncertainty

Weak markets and smaller-than-average fish — two factors in the premature closure of last year’s fishery — are being blamed for the move, along with new uncertainty over the spread of coronavirus in China.