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Bruckner’s Last Finale by Dick Reichman

Anton Bruckner was one of the most innovative and original composers of the 19th century. And now, local playwright Dick Reichman has brought this complex character to the stage in Bruckner's Last Finale opening tonight at Cyrano's Theatre Company. Join Dick and director Bob Pond as they talk about this oft misunderstood genius this week on Stage Talk. Friday 11/2 at 2:45 pm

Cyrano’s Theatre Company’s upcoming season

Cyrano's Producing Artistic Director Sandy Harper shares a preview of coming attractions at Cyrano's for the rest of 2012  and a sneak peek at what's in store for 2013. KSKA: Friday 8/24 at 2:45 pm

Gold Rush Girls: The Musical

Hear Lael Morgan’s story of women in the Alaska-Yukon gold rush set to music as Stage Talk hosts the creative team of Cyrano’s Theatre Company’s national premier of Gold Rush Girls: The Musical. KSKA: Friday 7/27 at 2:45 pm


This week on Stage Talk, director Stephan Golux and actor Jeff Aldrich talk with hosts Jean and Steve about Bobrauchenbergamerica opeing June 22 at Cyrano's. This delightfully dizzying non-linear play written by Charles L. Mee is inspired by Robert Rauschenberg, an artist famous for his collage combine paintings. KSKA: Friday at 2:45 pm

Ten Chimneys at Cyrano’s

It's the late '30s when famed actors Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne retreat to their estate in Wisconsin (called Ten Chimneys) to prepare for a production of Chekhov's The Sea Gull where they are surrounded by other famed actors, family members and hangers-on.  This week on Stage Talk two actors from Cyrano's production of Ten Chimneys join hosts Steve and Jean. KSKA: Friday 5/4 at 2:45 pm


This week on Stage Talk, director, Krista Schwarting and Julie Sweum who plays "Artie" talk about Cyrano's production of Eleemosynary, a beautifully written work that sensitively probes the lives and relationships of three women -a grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter. KSKA: Friday 4/5 at 2:45 pm

Love, Loss and What I Wore

Still running off-Broadway and performed by special permission from the producers. A hilarious and stirring play of monologues and ensemble pieces about women, clothes, and memories covering all the important subjects. KSKA: Friday, 1/6 at 2:45pm

Brushing Up Your Shakespeare

This month on Alaska Radio Reader Rambler, an interview with UAA professor Dr. Rob Crosman, Shakespeare buff and ultra-expert on everything Shakespeare. Learn little-known factoids about Shakespeare, his work, and his still-powerful impact on us today. KSKA: Monday 10/31 at 1:00 pm

Carnival at Cyrano’s

Local baton twirlers, plate spinners, clowns, puppeteers and jugglers will all come together on stage for Cyrano's upcoming production of Carnival. There is a juggling coach, magic coach, and voice coach - Janet Carr-Campbell who works with the puppeteers. This week on Stage Talk, Janet joins hosts Mark and Jean along with director, Bill Fabris. KSKA: Friday 9/30 at 2:45 pm

Helen (of Troy) With a Twist

What is the price of beauty? Cyrano’s Theatre Company presents a modern adaptation of Homer’s classic tale of lust and longing in a new updated version. KSKA: Friday 9/2 at 2:45 pm

Cyrano’s Upcoming Season

Friday, August 12 @ 2:45 pm This week on Stage Talk, Sandy Harper, artistic directors at Cyrano's, stops in to talk about what is coming up in the next season at Cyrano's. Listeners are encouraged to send in their favorite memories at Cyrano's.