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Domestic violence and the Alaska justice system

KSKA: Wednesday, Nov. 16 @ 2 and 8 p.m. Alaska has an alarming rate of domestic violence. Victims do not have to navigate complex legal issues alone. On today's Justice Alaska on Hometown Alaska, area experts will outline how the justice system works to protect the vulnerable. LISTEN NOW

Over 100 Communities Hosting ‘Choose Respect’ Marches

Over 100 communities across Alaska will host Choose Respect marches and rallies against domestic violence and sexual assault today. It is the third year of Governor Parnell’s campaign. He has said his goal to eliminate the abuse within a decade, with an emphasis on personal responsibility and peer pressure.

Children & Divorce

Divorce is a reality for many families and couples will decide to split for a number of reasons. But no matter the cause, breaking up is hard to do - especially when there are children involved. In this episode we ask: How can parents minimize their child's suffering when mom and dad are also in pain? Is it possible to successfully co-parent once a divorce is final? What are kids really going through when their parents end the marriage? And, how to share time on the holidays? Guests Christina McGhee and Al Levy join. KSKA: Tuesday, 12/6 at 2pm & 7pm