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Bounty to Share

From KCAW's CorvidEYE project: Experience a taste of the season's first farmer's market in Sitka by watching this slideshow with music. It was held at the ANB Hall this past Saturday. The next farmer's market will be July 30th from 10-2 at the same location.

Camp Kids Reassemble Orca Skeleton

A group of students in Sitka is working on an orca skeleton that was recovered near Sitka in March. They’re learning about the messy work that goes into preparing those remains for display in the Sitka Sound Science Center.

Alaska News Nightly: June 13, 2011

Redistricting Leads to Big Election Year in 2012, Talkeetna Woman Found, Hospitalized After Search Called Off, Vote Delayed on Bycatch Reduction Alternatives, Port Moller Test Fishery to Receive Boost, and more...