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Privatize Alaska ferries? ‘Not feasible,’ Dunleavy administration consultants say

Gov. Dunleavy has floated the idea of privatizing the system, but a report that's been under wraps for months concludes it doesn't make sense.

For Southeast Alaska school basketball teams, ferry cuts are “a significant blow”

Some teams are spending more money to fly to their away games. The higher price tag means fewer students can go.

M/V Tustumena makes its last run before winter ferry service gap

The ferry won't return to Kodiak until April.

Fewer ferry sailings means less work for many AMHS employees

Only four of the 11 state-owned ferries are currently in service, and the limited sailing schedule not only affects passengers but ferry employees as well.

Meals for Angoon school children hinge on regular ferry service

In many Alaska coastal communities, ferry service is more than just a transportation link. It can also be a form of survival.

Alaska DOT: LeConte ferry repairs to take six months; fate of sister ship Aurora unclear

The Alaska Marine Highway System says the LeConte won’t return to service until May 15, which means some Southeast Alaska communities will go around seven months without a ferry connection.

Angoon explores transportation options as AMHS works to fix its ferry dock

The City of Angoon is looking into hiring private marine transportation to shuttle residents to and from Juneau.

Future of Alaska ferry Malaspina in question as state consigns ship to ‘long-term layup’

The Malaspina was built in 1963 and is part of the original fleet of mainline ferries. Its final voyage is scheduled for Dec. 2.

Tazlina brought back into service to provide more Southeast Alaska ferry sailings

The Alaska Marine Highway System restored ferry service Friday to some of the communities that had service slashed earlier this month. The ferry Tazlina will be brought back online to make up for previously canceled sailings.

Southeast Alaska supply chains breaking down as ferry service gap enters second week

As the partial ferry shutdown enters its second week in Southeast Alaska, small communities are trying to find alternative means of bringing groceries and other essentials to their residents.

Elected officials, economic groups push to deploy Tazlina amid ferry service reductions

Several communities in Southeast Alaska lost ferry service this winter when the Alaska Marine Highway System docked the M/V Leconte for expensive repairs. Now some in the region are pushing the state to deploy the M/V Tazlina to make up for the reduced sailings.

Study examines possibilities for locally controlled Northern Lynn Canal ferry service

While the study focuses on governance and management of a local ferry authority, there are numerous other questions about how to create a ferry service. For example, where would they get the ships?

Abrupt Alaska ferry cancellations strand hundreds of people, vehicles

Some 999 passengers with 526 vehicles were affected by the Alaska Marine Highway System’s recent abrupt cancellation of ferry service across much of Southeast.

Alaska ferry LeConte repairs delayed; long gaps in winter service possible for rural Southeast Alaska

Critics said the state should’ve planned ahead and applied for more federal funds for ferry overhauls.
Passengers board the ferry Malaspina while vehicles wait to load at the Auke Bay terminal in Juneau. Travelers will no longer be able to take advantage of some discounts, due to budget cuts. (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska News)

Facing a $16M repair bill, state to pull Malaspina ferry out of service

The 56-year-old Alaska Marine Highway System vessel will be stored in Ketchikan this January, according to the Department of Transportation.

Ferry service linking Ketchikan to Prince Rupert, B.C. temporarily restored

State ferries have added two special sailings as officials on both sides of the border work on a long-term solution to an an impasse over border security.

Last ferry leaves Ketchikan for Prince Rupert

A key transit connection between Southeast and the rest of the continent is severed — at least for now.

On both sides of the border, officials chafe over looming end to Prince Rupert ferry link

Addressing the Southeast Conference forum of civic and business leaders Thursday, Alaska’s Transportation Commissioner John MacKinnon placed the blame on the feds.

Leaders attempt to keep ships sailing as Alaska ferry service to Prince Rupert nears its end

The Ketchikan Daily News reported Wednesday that Alaska Transportation Commissioner John MacKinnon met with Mayor Lee Brain of Prince Rupert Tuesday.

Kodiak villages brace for reduced ferry service this fall and winter

While the city of Kodiak has relatively reliable alternatives for transportation to the mainland, an upcoming gap in ferry service will pose serious difficulties for the some of the island’s outlying villages.