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You can still get your car from Haines to Juneau without the ferry, but it’ll cost you a lot more

Alaska Marine Lines’ (AML) barges usually move one to three vehicles per week. But after regional ferry service shut down in January, that number skyrocketed.

Alaska lawmakers seek oversight over ferry fleet’s fate

A three-line piece of legislation would prohibit the state from selling, transferring or disposing of a state ferry without express approval by lawmakers.

Angoon school asks Coast Guard to make food delivery during ferry shutdown

In Southeast Alaska, some schools have used the Alaska Marine Highway System to transport the food from Juneau. But that's not happening now.

LISTEN: It’ll take more than money to bring the Alaska Marine Highway back to life

The ferry system is completely offline right now, with residents facing empty shelves and upended plans. Temporary contractors may help in the short term, but what will it cost Alaskans and what's the long term solution?

Delays to Matanuska repairs mean limited ferry service likely to persist across Southeast Alaska

Service on the state ferry Matanuska may not resume in early March as repairs to the fleet’s sole operating mainliner have yet to begin.

Dunleavy names nine to ferries working group

A former Coast Guard admiral and pipeline executive will head Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s advisory group on the state ferry system.

As ferry disruption drags on, grocery shelves in small Southeast Alaska communities go bare

As the shutdown in regional ferry service continues, communities like Angoon, Gustavus, Hoonah and others that rely on ferries are desperately seeking options to get the things they need.

Push begins in the Legislature to restore ferry service

House lawmakers have taken a first step to bolster funding to the Alaska Marine Highway System.

In Haines, ferry chaos has made medical travel costs skyrocket

When seniors need to get to Juneau for those specialized appointments they have to travel by boat or plane. If they have mobility issues that limits their transportation options.

With Alaska ferries in chaos, island timber and fish businesses wonder who will carry their freight to market

The breakdown of the Alaska Marine Highway system has left many towns struggling to bring in building supplies, groceries and other goods. But for some businesses, the challenge of getting freight out of town is just as urgent.

From Ketchikan to Unalaska, a day of protests, anxiety and anger over a dysfunctional ferry system

Hundreds of people rallied around the state Tuesday to restore the Alaska Marine Highway System’s regional ferry service. The fleet has been largely idle since the last mainliner in service broke down last month.

With no ferry service this winter, Cordova’s economy feels the pinch

The last mainline ferry broke down last week, leaving travelers stranded. For many communities, including Cordova, the ferry is their only link to the state’s road system beyond flights.

Alaska Marine Highway shuts down regional service till March

Three ferries dock at the Ketchikan Shipyard for repairs and upgrades in 2012. All ships would tie up by early July...

Wrangell, once a town full of Dunleavy supporters, has many questions for the governor about ferry cut

The governor was planning a trip to Southeast town of Wrangell this week, but canceled because of weather. The town overwhelmingly voted the Republican official into office, but as the community readied for a visit, many wanted to make clear to Mike Dunleavy that they believe in ferries.

Dunleavy administration seeks $12.5 million for struggling ferries

The governor’s chief of staff Ben Stevens says the executive is asking the Legislature for extra money to continue work on Alaska Marine Highway System ferries currently out of service for upgrades and repairs.

State eyes private ferries for Angoon, Hoonah and Kake

The state is seeking to fill gaps in Southeast Alaska ferry service using a private charter company. It’s given potential operators less than 24 hours to answer its Monday call for interest.

Camped in staterooms, stranded ferry passengers are prisoners of the state’s hospitality

When the last of the Alaska Marine Highway System mainliners broke down in Juneau last weekend, the state chartered a pair of private catamarans to get most of the Matanuska’s passengers to their destinations. But more than two dozen people with cars and trucks remain stranded.

Pelican, Tenakee mayors ‘stunned and outraged’ at prospect of summer without ferries

Pelican and Tenakee Springs residents saw their fears come true last week in the form of the state’s proposed summer ferry schedule — a schedule that calls for zero summer sailings to the two remote island communities in Southeast Alaska.

Privatize Alaska ferries? ‘Not feasible,’ Dunleavy administration consultants say

Gov. Dunleavy has floated the idea of privatizing the system, but a report that's been under wraps for months concludes it doesn't make sense.

For Southeast Alaska school basketball teams, ferry cuts are “a significant blow”

Some teams are spending more money to fly to their away games. The higher price tag means fewer students can go.