The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement
The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement
The Key To Increasing Educational Engagement

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Allen Lavont Jefferson sits in a camp chair in front of a tent

As Anchorage debates shelter solutions, these campers propose an outdoor alternative

VIDEO: Anchorage policymakers are debating options for building more shelter space in the city. But there are still people who prefer camping in the open air.

Ketchikan’s rec center was supposed to house homeless during pandemic. An early re-opening has critics worried.

Ketchikan officials want to reopen the rec center as soon as possible in order to provide physical wellness opportunities for residents, but homelessness advocates worry that closing the shelter early could risk spreading the coronavirus.

Anchorage prepares for budget cut impacts

On Wednesday, July 24, the mayor of Anchorage declared a short-term civil emergency in anticipation of the impacts from dramatic budget cuts to agencies...

Housing for health

Over 1.5 million Americans experience homelessness in any given year.  They face numerous health risks and are disproportionately represented among the highest users of costly hospital-based acute care.  Providing supportive housing is one way to treat homelessness that can potentially improve health, reduced costs, and decrease hospital utilization. Tune in and join co-host Dr. Jay Butler and his guests, Dr. Monica Gross and Dr. Dick Mandsager for a lively discussion of Housing for Health. Thanks for listening!

Anchorage Prioritizes Federal Grants for Affordable Housing

It costs more than $1,000 per month to rent a one bedroom apartment in Anchorage according to the most recent rental survey by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. That number has convinced the city to make affordable housing the main priority in its 2014 Housing and Development Plan. That means money that used to go to social services agencies that serve the poor and homeless will be redirected to projects to help lower rental prices in the city. Download Audio

Special Shelter for Mentally Ill in the Works

Homeless advocates are working toward opening a special shelter for some of the city's most vulnerable homeless people. They're hoping to open the city's first overnight shelter for the mentally ill. Download Audio

More Safety Center Vans Deployed as Shelter Rules Tighten

This week social service providers held a town hall at Beans Cafe to discuss winter safety with Anchorage's homeless community. Keeping warm and safe outdoors is more important this winter than ever because the city's homeless shelter is going back to a rule that kicks people out if they're not making progress toward finding permanent housing. Download Audio

Early Research on Karluk Looks Hopeful

Karluk Manner, an apartment complex for homeless alcoholics in Anchorage, has been open nearly two years. Officials say the program is starting to make a difference. Preliminary findings by researchers at University of Alaska seem to confirm their observations. Download Audio

Shelter Says 30 Days and You’re Out … If You Don’t Follow the Rules

With cold temperatures right around the corner, Anchorage's main homeless shelter is reviving a former time limit rule. Download Audio