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Two white men pictureed side by side

Still deciding between Bronson and Dunbar? Here’s where they come down on major issues.

Former Air Force and commercial pilot Dave Bronson (left) and Assembly member and Alaska Army National Guard Captain Forrest Dunbar pictured...
A man stand by a felled log that is as tall as he is as he spseaks with a woman.

Could rising timber prices aid the Tongass transition to second-growth logging?

Industry experts are divided over how to best seize the opportunity presented by high lumber prices to benefit Southeast Alaska: By cutting what’s left of Tongass old-growth or by retooling to cut younger, second-growth trees.
A Mexican woman smiles in front of her expresso machine

Entrepreneur finds community and success bringing Latin American flavors to Anchorage coffee scene

Estrella Elizabeth Rodriguez-Northcutt is finding success serving Horchata lattes, cafe de olla, and Jamaica, a hibiscus tea. She says she's already converted a few customers who used to prefer their coffee black.
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Anchorage Assembly confirms city’s first Chief Equity Officer

The Anchorage Assembly confirmed the city’s first Chief Equity Officer on Tuesday, a new role dedicated to promoting equity in city government. That includes making sure municipal hiring and contracting is fair and representative of the community, tracking how municipal resources are distributed and educating the community about its role in dismantling systemic inequity.
A woman and her son hold a phone with a photo of a dog

Anchorage dog dies in trap on Glenn Highway, reigniting debate about regulations

A 13-year-old Anchorage teenager's dog was killed in a legally-set Conibear 330 trap off the Glenn Highway. Some say the incident shows the need for more regulation of the deadly traps, but trappers fear it could squeeze out their trade.
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Senate votes to remove Reinbold as chair of Judiciary Committee

The Alaska Senate voted 17-1 to remove Republican Eagle River Sen. Lora Reinbold as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday.
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Alaska to offer vaccines to visitors as part of plan to boost tourism

State officials acknowledged that the U.S.’s relatively high vaccination rate compared with other countries could make Alaska’s offer attractive internationally.
a woman smiling and standing between several COVID-19 piñatas

This Anchorage piñata maker is crafting giant COVID germs for smashing

The orders for coronavirus piñatas have helped fill a slow spot for Carolina Tolladay Vidal's business, with Alaskans eager to get their hands on a version of the germ they can easily destroy.
A man holding a book touches his head to the carpet

After a year of pandemic isolation, Anchorage Muslims return to mosque for Ramadan

After last year's celebrations were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting back into the mosque for Islam's Holy month is extra special for Anchorage's Muslims.
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For Alaska Native earring makers, the pandemic brought a boom

Beaded earrings have always been a staple in Native fashion, but the big uptick in business shows how they’ve become in-demand more broadly. Some say it helps that they are an easy way to be stylish in Zoom meetings.
wo men smile at a camera in front of a rirver

Yup’ik engineers team up to build Yugtun language learning apps

Two Yup’ik engineers are trying to push the Yugtun language into the future using technology. Their latest project opens the door for Yugtun autocorrect, grammar checkers and automatic subtitles on Yup’ik videos.
A man in a zip up windbreaker speaks at a podium in front of a float plane

Gov. Dunleavy announces national Alaska tourism ad campaign to counter ‘death grapple’ with CDC

The CDC’s position is just one federal issue that could prevent cruise ships from coming to Alaska. Another is a federal law that requires cruise ships headed to Alaska to stop in Canada, which won’t allow stops until next year.
a person drops a ballot into a secure ballot box.

Extra marks on ballots held up tabulating on Anchorage’s Election Night

Results in the Anchorage election came in slowly this year. Last year the elections center got through more than half the ballots the first night, but by Tuesday night, less than a fifth of the total ballots that had been received were tabulated. On Wednesday evening, the clerk’s office explained the early reports were held up by some unusually marked ballots.
Spring Creek Correctional Center. (Department of Corrections photo)

Judge orders state to allow in-person visits for lawyers and jailed clients, whether vaccinated or not

A judge has ordered the Alaska Department of Corrections to allow in-person visitation between lawyers and their clients in jail, regardless of an inmate’s COVID-19 vaccination status.
A man with a frosty hat and jacket.

‘A pretty tough race’: Musher Tony Browning is first to cross Kobuk 440 finish line

Long-time musher Tony Browning and his dog team dashed across the finish line around 7:20 a.m. Tuesday. The actual race winner won’t be announced until officials adjust times to account for distances traveled during a harrowing storm.
A woman stands holding a baby, while another child lays on the floor.

Community land trust helps Sitka mom build a home of her own

Sitka’s average total rent is higher than any other area in the state, which can make saving to buy a house feel like an impossible dream for many young Sitkans. The Sitka Community Land Trust wants to change that.

‘The most difficult year’: How the coronavirus pandemic changed one Anchorage city block

The Anchorage block has restaurants, a retail shop, office space and vacant storefronts. Together, they provide a view of how businesses have struggled, especially in the city's downtown core, as a multi-year recession glided into a pandemic.
A black woan speaks at a podium

Police reform legislation aims to change department policies across Alaska

The legislation consists of six bills that include a statewide ban on chokeholds and a ban on officers shooting at vehicles. Other pieces of the legislation require officers to follow de-escalation procedures and to provide a verbal warning before discharging a firearm.
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New ermine species found on Southeast Alaska island

It’s called the Haida Ermine, and it’s one of three main ermine species in the world, and scientists who studied the mammal believe there could be other animals that are also unique to this area.

We asked all 60 Alaska legislators if they’re getting vaccinated. Here’s what they said.

A survey of Alaska lawmakers underscores the depth of the state's partisan vaccine divide in Alaska. All but one Democrat said they're getting the shot, while 20 of the 34 Republican lawmakers either refused to answer or did not respond.