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Sinkhole along busy Anchorage road stalls midtown drivers

Drivers heading west along Northern Lights Boulevard are asked to find alternate travel routes while crews work to fix a large hole in the road.

“I just kept digging.” How an Anchorage man rescued a hiker buried in Flattop avalanche.

The hiker, who has not been publicly identified, is believed to have been buried for as long as an hour and able to breathe because the large pieces of avalanche debris left space for an air pocket.

A soldier tried to buy a motorcycle in Anchorage. His lawyer says he was targeted by a ‘yo-yo scam’

A civil case in state Superior Court highlights one of the ways experts say members of the military are highly susceptible to fraud.

Southeast Alaska fisherman pleads guilty to illegally harvesting $35,000 worth of sea cucumbers

A Southeast Alaska commercial fisherman has been convicted for his role in illegally harvesting nearly 7,500 pounds of sea cucumbers near Prince of Wales Island.

Battered by a marine heatwave, Kodiak’s cod fishermen may not be fishing in the Gulf for much longer

They’re now below the federal threshold that protects cod as a food source for endangered Stellar sea lions. As soon as the population dips below that line, the fishery closes. The whole federal cod fishery in the Gulf could be shut down for the season in January.

Could tiny nuclear reactors power Alaska villages?

Dan Brouillette would continue a quest to develop mini nuclear reactors, as well as renewables and carbon capture.

Q&A: Ex-Skid Row rocker Johnny Solinger to auction off star-studded guitar for Alaska vets

Huna Totem Corp. brought a Las Vegas rock and roll show to Juneau last month, and Alaska left quite an impression on one of...

Coast Guard’s VHF signal down for much of coastal Alaska

The outages are affecting Prince William Sound all the way down to Sitka and other Southeast communities.

Alaska militia leader Schaeffer Cox’s murder conspiracy sentence cut by 10 years

A judge has reduced Fairbanks militia leader Schaeffer Cox’s sentence after part of his conviction in a murder conspiracy was thrown out on appeal.

Mark Begich, frustrated by rural Alaska’s exorbitant prices, is opening a grocery store in Utqiagvik

Begich said his company, Stuaqpak Inc., will offer lower prices and better products, and be more accountable to residents than the North West Company, the publicly traded Canadian corporation that ran the store previously. But Begich’s business is launching an untested model, and it will still face competition.

State approves heli-ski permit for Hatcher Pass

Under the permit, Hatcher Pass Mountain Guides can start operating Dec. 1.

Murkowski is one of the only Senate Republicans who didn’t back the anti-impeachment resolution. Here’s why.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski says the Senate shouldn't tell the House what to do.

Whalers in Utqiaġvik can’t remember hunting this late without landing a bowhead

Some residents say this is unprecedented for the whale-dependent village that last fall captured nearly 20. Also unprecedented are this year’s temperatures: It was the warmest May through September on record in Utqiagvik.

Former PenAir owners say Unalaska crash raises questions about new operator’s standards

Danny Seybert, left, and Orin Seybert pose for a photo Tuesday outside Danny's home in Anchorage. Orin founded PenAir in the...

With flights expected to resume in Unalaska, shaken crash survivors contemplate getting back on a plane

Passenger flights, which have been mostly grounded, are expected to resume this week.

Brian Smith, jailed for murder filmed in an Anchorage hotel, charged in second killing

The new charges are connected to the death of 53-year-old Veronica R. Abouchuk, whose remained were discovered near the Old Glenn Highway in April.

As recall effort looms, can Gov. Dunleavy ease tensions with Alaska Native groups?

With a recall campaign in limbo, this week's convention could preview some of Dunleavy's next steps when it comes his tense relationship with a potent Alaska Native voting bloc.

A second set of Pebble Mine opponents to sue the EPA

Area of the proposed Pebble Mine. (Jason Sear) A coalition of groups that oppose the Pebble Mine has...

Feds: Eagle River nurse prescribed 4 million opiates in 5 years, contributed to two overdose deaths

Federal authorities charged an Eagle River nurse practitioner and a Soldotna doctor Tuesday with illegally writing prescriptions for addictive opiate painkillers for patients who didn't need them — contributing, in the nurse practitioner's case, to the deaths of two patients, authorities said.

Jesuits Investigation in Alaska | Alaska Insight

The Catholic church has been reckoning with the systematic cover-up of...