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A man and two infants stand outside a glass window with a woman inside holding a baby

‘Most mothers don’t have to deal with this’: COVID-19 makes medical travel for pregnant women even harder

Alaska women who live in rural and remote communities usually travel to city centers to give birth — against incredible geographical odds. And now, COVID-19 has made a hard trip even more daunting.
An Alaska Native woman with a baby sling aroundd her stands next to a man in a bolo tie

Josiah Patkotak elected speaker in unorganized Alaska House of Representatives

Independent Representative Josiah Patkotak from Utqiagvik will preside over the House until there’s a permanent speaker.
A whoman in a dark green jacket smiles in front of a glass window

Indigenous advocate Colleen Echohawk’s journey from rural Alaska to Seattle Mayor’s race

Echohawk, a Pawnee Indian, was raised in Delta Junction and showed an early interest in Alaska Native issues.

How an Award-Winning Alaskan musician finds hope during a pandemic | INDIE ALASKA

https://youtu.be/cnfQwMLWJrk After a year of pandemic and increased racial tensions, Ed Washington, an Anchorage musician who won...
Two peopple in black jckets embracec in the woods, while about a dozen onlookers look on. There is a white cross on the side

‘It’s everybody’s history’: Bill would protect Unangax̂ cemetery at Funter Bay internment camp

The cemetery holds the graves of Unangan people who died during World War II after the U.S. government forcibly removed them from the Pribilof Islands took them to the Southeast rainforest with only one bag apiece and no hunting or fishing gear.
Packages of disposable face masks for sale at a grocery store.

Yes, in some cases, two face masks are better than one, Alaska health experts say

Even though there has been just one confirmed case of a new, more infectious COVID-19 variant in Alaska, health officials say now is the time to upgrade your single-layer cloth mask.
A Samoan womann with baloons in the background wearing a mask

Alaska’s Pacific Islanders are being hit hard by COVID-19. But they aren’t getting vaccinated.

Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians were about 10 times more likely to die of COVID-19, but 10 times less likely to be vaccinated.

Lamenting Biden’s moves to ‘target’ oil and gas, Sullivan votes no on Yellen confirmation

Sen. Sullivan says the Biden administration shouldn't discriminate against oil and gas, and that all energy sectors matter.
A man in a buffy blue jacket and a fur hat speaks on a winter street

Fairbanks leaders plead for answers after string of unsolved missing persons cases

Eight individuals, including five Alaska Native people who've gone missing in the Fairbanks area since last May remain unaccounted for.
An Alaskan Native fmily inside a house

Sinkhole opens under Chefornak home, forcing family to evacuate

In Chefornak, a family was forced to evacuate their home because a sinkhole caused by thawing permafrost formed underneath it. That family had to move into a building intended to be a quarantine facility.
Two crew men shovel a deck full of fish on board a large boat

‘Everybody’s worst nightmare’: Bering Sea fishermen on edge after COVID-19 closes second plant

The winter fishery for Bering Sea pollock, which goes into products like McDonald's fish sandwiches, officially opened Wednesday. But two of the region's largest processors are both shut down
Two silhouetted figures in the distance around some lakes with mountains in the background

Biden immediately slams the brakes on oil drilling in Arctic refuge

President Joe Biden imposed a “temporary moratorium” on all oil and gas leasing activities in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge shortly after taking office on Wednesday, citing the "alleged legal deficiencies underlying the program."
A health worker in a blue gown swabs travelers waiting in line outside the bethel airport

Y-K Delta health corporation recommends regional lockdown for third straight month

The region has recorded the highest COVID-19 rates in the state for months.
Two people wwalk through an avvalanche shoot up a mountain

‘We live in limbo’: Haines residents displaced by landslide seek path to return home

Some Haines residents displaced by the recent landslide say they’re still cut off from their properties and in the dark about what comes next.

Sealaska Corporation says it’s quitting logging

The move by one of the region’s economic powerhouses is the latest sign of Southeast Alaska’s economic transition away from logging.
Goose Creek Prison. Photo by Ellen Lockyer, KSKA - Anchorage.

‘I don’t want to die from this’: 40% of incarcerated Alaskans contract COVID-19 despite visitation bans

Advocates, inmates, and families are frustrated about what they see as an inadequate and opaque response from the Department of Corrections.

‘I can’t just be quiet right now’: Murkowski says Trump needs to resign

Sen. Lisa Murkowski says President Trump incited the violence at the Capitol and is too angry about losing the election to govern.
As seen from a window overlooking an empty field, hundreds of protesters gather

‘Mob rule’: Alaskans at the Capitol watch unrest roiling outside their doors

All three members of Alaska's Congressional delegation issued statements on social media Wednesday afternoon, saying they were safe and condemning violence.
an old photo of a Black woman in a graduation gown

Anchorage School District’s first Black teacher and principal remembered as ‘trailblazer’

Etheldra Davis dedicated her life and career to education and community activism in Anchorage.