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No earthquake policy? Your loss may still be insured

You probably don't have earthquake insurance. Fewer than 20 percent of Alaska homeowners do. But if your property was damaged, you may still have options to get compensation.

Focus shifts to childcare needs in wake of earthquake

Childcare options in Anchorage are limited for families facing a week with no school.

After earthquake, Anchorage businesses clean up, assess damage

After a weekend of cleanup, many businesses are re-opening. But not everyone has the all-clear yet.

Earthquake recovery in Alaska’s largest city

Aftershocks from the massive earthquake that struck Anchorage and Southcentral Alaska on Friday morning continued over the weekend, adding stress to the assessment and recovery effort now underway. A lot of that damage was to major transportation corridors. How long will recovery take, especially in winter conditions?

Earthquake updates: roads under repair, utilities back, brace for weather

Officials in Anchorage say the response to Friday’s earthquake is shifting from an assessment phase to repairing damage. That task is about to get more complicated, with winter weather headed towards the area.

That guy driving the earthquake-marooned GMC? Yeah, he made his flight out of Anchorage

Tom Sulczynski was driving that red GMC that became an icon of Saturday’s earthquake in Anchorage.

Following earthquake, significant road damage around Southcentral

As of Saturday morning, the state Department of Transportation had documented over 40 damaged sites.

Fallen dishes, water leaks and borrowed shoes: Scenes after the earthquake in downtown Anchorage

“It was one of the most significant shakers I’ve seen in 40 years.” The earthquake hit just as Anchorage was beginning its day, causing widespread damage, derailing plans and snarling traffic.

Strong earthquake hits Southcentral: Here’s what we know

According to the Alaska Earthquake Center, the quake hit about 10 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska's most populous city. The event started at about 8:30 a.m., with multiple aftershocks following.