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B-17 Bomber Remains to be Airlifted from Talkeetna to Ohio

In September 1951, a B-17 bomber crashed north of Talkeetna along the Chulitna River. Bush pilot Cliff Hudson is credited with saving the lives of those on board.

Alaska News Nightly: August 1, 2011

House Passes Bill to Raise Debt Ceiling, BBAHC Blames Layoffs on Washington Woes, Trapper Creek Mid-Air Crash is Second in Three Weeks, Bodies of Plane Crash Victims Recovered from Douglas Island, and more...

Alaska News Nightly: June 3, 2011

Fuel Prices to Rise in Bethel, Lawmakers Scramble as Coastal Management Program Begins Shutdown, Washington DC Turns Attention to Alaska’s Other Minerals, an Iditarod Veteran Missing in Talkeetna, and more...